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  1. I lost 20+% of perfomance after update on On 4090. Can I return in How?
  2. @sneaky90Hz works much better than 120. But still I have some huge stutters 1-2 times per minute, which I don't have on 3090. But may be it's new NV driver problem, I don't know. I need 120Hz, so I sit on 3090, I don't know how 90Hz behaves on different NV driver... I checked lastest 531.18
  3. Framedrops (reprojection cadres) also still there, but not so many as on start.
  4. 4090+Vive Pro2 here. I live with 3090 (works perfect) and turn my 4090 to PC from time to time for testing. (Which I buy 5 month ago and still can't use, thanks HTC) So. SteamVR beta 1.25.4, Vive Console beta, last nv drivers 531.18 (clean install thru DDU). 120Hz mode. Screen tearing and world lag is horrible. Nothing has changed.
  5. Attempt number two. Anybody have code for this branch? I want to use my videocard finally.
  6. It related somehow with 4090 problem? I can't every time change video card in my PC to check how 4090 works then new release coming.
  7. So, 4090 tests here, with Vive Pro2 and Windows 11... (Sorry for my english, it hard to me) Settings which 3090 takes easily. Extreme 120Hz (I play in competitive game and I don't want 90Hz), 3300x3300 per eye. Frametime always about 5-6ms - there is a margin of performance. 4090: - tracking lag, lot of orange cadres on steamvr performance graph, lot of stutters in games. - Clean install SteamVR, Vive Console, last nvidia drivers (thru DDU). First start - no tracking lag, no orange cadres, but tearing (not so big as on .6, but still). In game no orange cadres at all, but I see how vive reprojections works - visible plumes of cadres and so on (it's not on 3090). So I set "FPS Preference" to "disable", reboot Vive console... and receive tracking lag, stutters and A LOT of screen tearing. I set it in Auto back.... and tracking lag not disappeared. Rebooted PC a lot of times, but tracking lag is here. And screen tearing so, as if I returned on previos version... I don't know what going on and how it's possible - it works after first boot and don't work after next, but fact. Room calibration I did one time and it not appears again. But I have A LOT of blue screen/hard reboot (black screen and restart PC, like I press hard reboot button) - at the moment when I close Vive Console, at the moment when I close game and so on... I don't sure that it connected to Vive console, but I install again and no blue screen/reboot now... So, how 23.1 works with 4090 gives hope, but still it now now playable at all - very unstable and bugs appears and dissapears chaotic, and most of times it just don't work. I switch console to 22.4 and 4090 to 3090 again, which works just perfect. Sad.
  8. 3090 works much better on any build, so I stay in it and my 4090 stay in box about 4 month. Say that I'm not happy - it's nothing to say. I hope only on Pimax Crystal, I don't believe that HTC want and can fix their software. It they wanted, they would have done it long time ago.
  9. 4090 still have tracking lag and reprojections?
  10. On this version - tearing even in 3090, even in SteamVR Home. It was in beta 1 month with same issue. Do you read users feedback? How it able to entered to release????? Headset Vive Pro2. I can't use it anymore... My 4090 in box almost half of year, due it not work with Vive Pro 2. Thanks for broke my 3090 too.
  11. Only (current beta). Previous version works perfect with 3090.
  12. Yes, I spent a lot of time to change my 3090 to 4090 and back, since HTC asked me sent them tons of log, check tons of settings and so on... ZERO results... BTW, in last beta console ( even perfectly worked 3090 don't work anymore. If it going to release, Vive Pro2 turn into a brick (in Steam you can't return on previos version...)
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