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  1. Hello HTC community, I am a new HTC Vive owner and have been blown away by the immersive VR experiences that it provides. However, as with any technology, I want to make sure that everything is working properly so that I can fully enjoy my VR gaming sessions. Specifically, I want to make sure that my Vive controllers are functioning as they should. Can anyone provide a step-by-step guide on how to test the functionality of the Vive controllers? I would greatly appreciate any information on the process, including any tools or software that may be needed to do so. Furthermore, are there any common issues or troubleshooting tips that I should be aware of when testing my controllers? For example, are there any specific error messages that I should look out for or any common issues that could affect the controllers' performance? I have done some research on this topic, but I would really appreciate the advice of experienced HTC Vive users who may have encountered similar issues before. Any assistance or insights that you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your help!🙏
  2. I would like to clarify that I am not looking to engage in any deals or transactions on this subreddit. I just wanted to share my observation and ask a question. I am in the market for at least two Vive 3.0 trackers and have been searching for them on online marketplaces like eBay, Mercari, and Marketplace. I am interested in purchasing a tracker in good condition at a price lower than retail, but I have noticed that the model numbers, UPC numbers, and graphics on the boxes of some of the trackers differ from one another. I am wondering if there is any difference between these two versions of the trackers. Specifically, I have noticed that one version has the model number P/N:99HALM003-00 and appears to come with a 2.0 dongle, but still connects to SteamVR without any issues. The other version has the model number P/N:99HASS001-00. Has anyone else encountered this issue? Is there any difference between these two versions of the Vive 3.0 trackers, or are they essentially the same? I would appreciate any insights or information that the community may have. Thank you for your help and support.
  3. The Vive wireless adapter consists of three crucial components: the wireless link box, the WiGig card, and the wireless transceiver that links the WiGig card to the coaxial cable. The wireless transceiver is attached to the WiGig card through a coaxial cable that connects to a chip beneath the heatsink. Unfortunately, I encountered a problem when moving my computer. The wire that connects the female coaxial cable to the chip in the card got detached, and I had to investigate. Upon removing the heatsink, I found that the wire was soldered into a specific slot, which it got dislodged from. Despite the incident, the WiGig card remains in good condition, as the light is still on. I'm seeking advice and guidance on what to do next. I've come across reports of people who have had their cards repaired, but I also have the tools to repair it myself if possible. Alternatively, is it possible to obtain a replacement WiGig card? I would greatly appreciate any help or suggestions offered.
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