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  1. I had the same problem. Uninstalling "Vive Business Streaming" fixed this XR_ERROR_HANDLE_INVALID issue. But also many other issues like "DllNotFoundException" errors I've been having for a long time. When pressing "play" button in Unity Editor + Quest 2 via Link. My workaround was to Press Play button in non-VR, Stop. connect Quest Link, then Press Play button to play in VR.
  2. Thank you, you really helped ! We forgot to sign the app. Was simply that. We were running on debug key. 😅 I was focusing my effort on the android manifest as the error message says, thinking there was something wrong with it. (Signing the app has something to do with android manifest ? I'm not an android dev) You could probably add "Make sure app is signed" in the error message, even if this sounds obvious.
  3. Oculus Touch controller & XR Elite controllers have completely different device/grip position. And I couldn't find a way to differentiate them (so I could offset manually). Oculus grip position seems OK. While XR Elite device/grip position is on top of the controller (Not OK) : Old Vive wand looks OK. Am I missing something ? How can I know which controller is used ? I'm using XR Elite Dev Kit and regular Quest 2 and old (2016) Vive Unity 2021.3.24 Packages: Input System 1.5.1 OpenXR Plugin 1.7.0 VIVE OpenXR Plugin - Windows 1.0.10 Tested on PC VR with SteamVR as default OpenXR environment runtime. Screenshot from OpenXR plugin's ControllerSample test scene. You can reproduce by installing the packages above, and install "Controller Samples" in Package Manager -> OpenXR Plugin -> Sample -> Controllers
  4. I'm using an XR Elite Dev Kit 2. When I set the background to be "Passthrough" or enter the "Mixed Reality" room setup, the fan speed increase and make a lot of noise. Then I start to have glitches on screen, until the mixed reality set up closes on its own. I'm making a game in mixed reality, but I only have time to make walls in the room until it stop working. Is it a known problem ? Any workaround maybe ? Thank you.
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