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  1. Can confirm. Phone mirroring has its own backgrounds, and I don's see an option for pass through or home.
  2. No, just phone mirroring, like listed for the other Xiaomi phones.
  3. Can there anything be said, about passthrough support for Phone mirroring and VIVE Browser in the future? This would be a feature I really hope to see, given the MR capabilities of the XR Elite.
  4. I've just checked the linked list of compatible phones and have seen that the "Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro" is not listed. I can confirm that it works perfectly fine, on mine at least.
  5. I had the same problem. I've just reinstalled it, and after that everything was also working perfectly fine.
  6. There are USB 3.2 gen 2x1 ports that are USB-A and support USB-PD, which means 10 Gbps data rate and up to 100 Watt power delivery. But I have to agree that you don't see them too often. And now that I'm thinking about it, if a device has no USB-C port, it's probably unlikely that it has one of those.
  7. My current feedback on this is It works, but it kinda sucks. Don't get me wrong, it's definitely usable and not a bad solution. But after testing with a dedicated router, which is only Wi-Fi 802.11ac, my experience improved from "okay but a little disappointing" to "I think it works perfect". So if someone is not sure which way to go, I'd definitely recommend getting a dedicated router. But I'm happy to here, if others have better experiences going the hotspot route.
  8. While I think there is still a fair part that Vive can improve their streaming solution, by tweaking my setup, I was able to improve my experience from basically unusable to near to if not perfect. The first thing you need to know is that speed does not equal connection quality. My network speed also was perfectly fine the whole time, but the difficult part here is not pure sped, it's more routing, response time/ping and stability/sync. For example, you're talking about "near zero latency", but then about ~10ms. In terms of network delay in a LAN, everything over 1ms is not near zero. You saying "I dont connect my computer via LAN [Ethernet] to the router" basically means that you double the latency, you could have when using Ethernet instead of Wi-Fi. "The connection drastically reduces down, picture quality" sound like you have enabled 'dynamic bitrate' in the settings of vive streaming hub. My guess as a software developer would be, that one lag spike results in it being scaled down and the upscaling is probably not aggressive enough to regulate it back up. Try turning it off. This will not help against the initial lag, but could solve the bad picture quality afterward. One of my problems actually was too many devices connected to the same router, and I'm talking about 0 additional Wi-Fi connections, just a lot of traffic over Ethernet. This never had any impact on my speed, but seems to make problems with routing the VR stream stable enough.
  9. This feature is integrated in the OS as part of the MR support, so the "platform" is there. But afaik there is no app yet, that utilizes it for a productive/working environment. I think 'Figmin' supports it, but I'm not 100% sure. Down the line, I'd assume that 'Virtual Desktop' will probably support it at some point, but maybe not on the initial release. What I can't say, is if Vive is planing to release some first party app for that kind of use.
  10. I've actually tested around with this type of adapter. I got some from Syntech I've ordered a while ago, so I was curious if it would work. While it wasn't really intensive testing, my personal experience was, that it seems to work perfectly fine as long as the USB-A Port is able to deliver enough power.
  11. You only need Streaming Hub and SteamVR. Virtual Desktop is just an VR App that also has its own Solution for streaming over network. But the version of Virtual Desktop is yet to be released, but this also shouldn't be too far in the future. There is a full video guide on how to set everything up: I think that explains everything you need. If this doesn't help, let me/us know. Then it's probably something about your hotspot setup.
  12. Plugin in to the battery pack works perfectly fine for me. I just bought a USB C 3.2 Gen2X2 cable, and it was a great experience. As a software developer, my technical guess would be that there is not enough power behind the signal reaching the battery pack, but just enough to work directly plugged in. You could check if both your cable, and the port you're using are designed for high power. And, I'm pretty sure, VIVE can help you to resolve this next week. Technical support really helped me so far.
  13. I currently have problems with streaming over Wi-Fi, which I'm in contact with support to resolve. But seeing that this still has no answer, I wanted to give you at least the information I can. My general experience with PCVR(USB streaming only) was great. While not having played Population One specifically, I personally had no problem with faster games and overall a good experience. The only thing you should, may think about, is that this is not a headset made for PCVR, it's an XR Headset that can run PCVR. If you're only interested in PCVR games and the XR and standalone capability are just an additional gimmick to you, you may be better off with something else. But I can say, even while currently having some issues, I'm absolutely happy with the XR-Elite and can't wait for more software actually harnessing the true potential of it.
  14. While currently having other problems with streaming over Wi-Fi. I can confirm that connecting to the hotspot(Wi-Fi 802.11ax) and establishing a connection to streaming hub in general works. And the problems I have, are also there when I'm using my intermediary router (Which is only Wi-Fi 802.11ac), so I guess it should work, if streaming over Wi-Fi works in general for you. May I can fully confirm this, once I will be able to resolve my problems with the help of VIVE support.
  15. I can confirm it's the same for me.
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