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  1. Issue seems to be resolved now! Figmin XR is in my library. Thank you! 🙂
  2. Update: I just checked my games library and Figmin XR is there! So looks like the issue solved now. Thanks VIVE! Excited to start playing. 🙂
  3. I've been having this issue since the end of March. I messaged support and explained the situation. They told me Figmin XR was not yet published. This is incorrect, of course. I tried to follow up, but after many days, I still have not heard back. I'm frustrated by the lack of communication here. I just want the issue acknowledged. My hope is that refunds will be issued to everyone who has bought Figmin XR within this preorder period. It is simply wrong to bill people for buying it now. I am sure there are many unaware it should be free.
  4. I received a similar response. It’s odd for them to make this claim because from what I see, Figmin XR is very much published and can be purchased via the headset like any other app. It makes me think there is an issue / miscommunication somewhere that is not getting addressed. Hoping it is resolved soon.
  5. Good to know I’m not alone. I currently have a ticket open, but I don’t expect it to get resolved over the weekend. I at least hope VIVE refunds anyone who decides to buy Figmin XR right now.
  6. My device went into a boot issue like this as well. I think it had something to do with how dark it was in my room. As soon as I turned on the lights it loaded right up. Others have said the same thing on reddit. VIVE team should place a clear message on the screen that tells the user to turn on the lights if that is the issue. (or just allow the device to boot normally with a warning message about potential issues). I bet a lot of people are returning this item and/or giving negative reviews because they think their device is broken. That's what I thought. It gives a really bad first impression. Communication is key.
  7. Figmin XR was listed as one of the free preorder bonus apps. I see that it is now listed in the store, but I can't seem to claim it. Am I missing something? Thanks in advance! - Spencer
  8. Ah, I see now. Thanks for clarifying! It's a shame many of the currently uploaded VR180/360 videos on YouTube are not configured this way, but it’s great there’s a work around. Thanks for sharing! 🙂
  9. Hi Alex. Thanks for the response. The VIVE Browser is great at playing flat 2D 360 and 180 degree videos, but the problem is that most of the VR180 YouTube videos are actually also in 3D, which is not supported by the browser. Here’s an example. This is a VR180 YouTube video that is also in 3D. If I use the official YouTube app on my phone and enable VR mode, the video will display two unique images, one for each eye. (I circled an area in the video where this is clear.) This would create a 3D depth effect in a VR headset. However, if I were to watch this video in the VIVE Browser, there is no depth effect. The VIVE Browser displays the same image in each eye. I think this is a YouTube limitation rather than an issue with the VIVE Browser, so hopefully Google has something planned. -Spencer
  10. I also had this issue. I was able to update the VIVE Browser via VIVEPORT and can now launch it normally, but the app still crashes on launch about 50% of the time.
  11. Is there a YouTube VR app in development for HTC VIVE XR Elite? If not, the VIVE team should work with Google to get YouTube VR on VIVEPORT. Seemingly, the only way to watch VR180 videos on YouTube in stereo 3D is via the official YouTube VR apps. The supported browsers on HTC VIVE XR Elite can play 3D YouTube VR180 videos in 180 degrees, but there is no current way to watch them in 3D (as they were intended to be viewed). Since YouTube VR is the most popular app on Quest right now,, I think it makes sense to consider this at some point.
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