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  1. I pretty much dont know, how I could improve the wireless setup further. I couldnt even read out the MAC-adress, only after resetting the goggles, I could get to it, now I cant update the goggles and the connection is even worse than before. 10 ms is pretty much nothing up to 50ms a "normal" human cant notice that VGA over old tech has that latency and its for flying speed-drones, which I also do. The problem espescially the lag-spikes, and those are brutal, and yes I have dynamic graphic quality activated and its just plain unusable without, and the graphics are pretty much very bad. Without dynamic graphics, the resolution is high, but the glasses cant render fast enough and I get black bars while turning my head and its like moving through honey, no way to win a stand out game like that. I dont have any devices other than the cable-modem connected directly to the router. That Router is like the Ferrari of gaming routers for normal consumers, I dont use industrial tech. If you sit stationary in front of the computer, it works more or less also with a higher resolution, but not max. It seems to be the wireless connection of the goggle, and if that doesnt work..., where is the sense in wired wireless mixed reality goggles, pretty disappointing.
  2. Im using an ASUS AX11000, everything in my house has 1200 mbit/s connection issues are not known. I have a playspace, right next to my router, an ASUS AX11000, a totally overkill gaming router, with near zero latency, lets say 10 ms. Which is REALLY strange, I can run the glasses for some time, lets say 2 or 3 minutes with 200 mbit/s, I get a crystal clear picture ( as youd expect to ), aside from some tracking issues and lag, then the connection drastically reduces down, picture quality dies down to mechwarrior 2 style 640x480 VGA, and stays there, the lagging gets worse and so on, its just no fun. The machine running Steam VR is a STRIX RTX 3080, with plenty of power. IF I tune down the mbit/s to 100, everything is fine 95 % of time, but with that resolution I could just use my old HTC vive goggles, which had far superior tracking. What is going on ? I have a really good, really fast wifi, with no other strong signals nearby. I dont connect my computer via LAN to the router, its just not necessary, I get over 1200 mbit/s out of there, and the router is in direct line of sight 4 metres away. Is there ANYTHING I can do ? So far I tried : - reducing the connection mbit/s ( kinda works, but is not acceptable ) - enhancing the wireless connection with some exclusive channels for the goggles ( which should be necessary actually) - closer Playspace ( 6 or 3 metres make absolutely no difference) - updating the goggles ( no more updates available ) - trying to work with vive streaming hub instead of vive business streaming, which didnt work at all. - updating the router, which didnt change anything - complaining about the glasses at my neighbours, most of the time, this is a viable solution, but didnt work in thise case. Stay away with cable ideas.... . The product is a WIRELESS pcvr advertised for that, and for pretty much everything else you COULD do with vr and mixed reality glasses, I can just use my vive pro glasses with new controllers and a cable connection if I want that solution aside from mixed reality. So, what do I do now Vive ? You got any ideas ?
  3. That is something I ALSO would love to know.
  4. The tracking of the controllers seems to be off. I have a vive pro with base station tracking. The controllers are tracked very exactly and smoothly. I hoped, that the tracking of the XR Elite would be minimum as good, but it isnt, the controllers make micro-movements and vibrations most of the time. Reacreation for example with the game Space Pirate, is not working, the Blaster goes all over the place. Is this a bug ?
  5. So, I watched a bunch of Videos, in which it was possible to set up a virtual Office, which is one of the main reasons I bought these glasses. I can use passthough. I can set up a workspace, doors and windows and even cubicle furniture. I can*t put a screen with information on a wall, or place it in a room, to constantly show content on it. I cant seem to find the right program. Im not talking about virtual desktop, or a virtual room to import, im talking about Mixed reality. Where is the promoted Virtual Desk ? https://www.vive.com/us/product/vive-xr-elite/overview/ I want to stand in my room, and work with these glasses. Not even my phone is working with it, its a samsung galaxy s22 ultra.
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