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  1. Hello! I hope this is the correct place for asking this. I am working on a project in Unreal 5.3.2, which is supposed to use the Ultimate Trackers with a third party HMD via the Beta Programm. I have tried using the example project provided here: https://developer.vive.com/resources/openxr/unreal/unreal-download/latest/ However, when starting the Ultimate Tracker Map, the trackers will not appear in Unreal at all. The trackers are connected to Vive Streaming Hub and are all shown as tracking. The firmware is up to date, too. They also appear in Steam VR and can be seen in the HMD. I am using a Meta Quest 3 as an HMD, which I also used during the setup process of the trackers. I have also tried using the trackers with Unreal's VR template, but when selecting "Ultimate Tracker 1" etc. as Motion Source, nothing happens. I did, however, get them to work using the OpenXRViveTracker Plugin, by assigning them roles in Steam VR and selecting matching Motion Sources. So far, I got it to work with RightShoulder, LeftShoulder, RightFoot, LeftFoot and Chest. But as far as I understand from looking at the sample project, this is not the intended way of using them? Am I missing something? Is using "Ultimate Tracker" as a Motion Source not yet supported for PCVR with third party HMDs? Thank you in advance! Software and Hardware used: Meta Quest 3 Unreal Engine 5.3.2, with OpenXR and Vive OpenXR Plugins, + OpenXRViveTracker Plugin Vive Streaming Hub 1.5.11 SteamVR 2.5.5 Meta Quest Link
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