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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, my OpenXR app on Focus 3 crashes on start-up due to the following linker error: library "/vendor/app/openxr_runtime/lib/arm64/libopenxr_wave.so" ("/vendor/app/openxr_runtime/lib/arm64/libopenxr_wave.so") needed or dlopened by "/data/app/com.alvr.alxr_client-TmMRAcd2udgNGwvW9mmgTg==/lib/arm64/libopenxr_loader.so" is not accessible for the namespace: [name="sphal", ld_library_paths="", default_library_paths="/vendor/lib64:/vendor/lib64/hw", permitted_paths="/odm/lib64:/vendor/lib64:/system/vendor/lib64"] Tue Jul 12 2022 23:57:45 GMT+0300 (Москва, стандартное время):error7230/5741 OpenXR-Loader Error [GENERAL | xrEnumerateInstanceExtensionProperties | OpenXR-Loader] : RuntimeInterface::LoadRuntime skipping manifest file , failed to load with message "dlopen failed: library "/vendor/app/openxr_runtime/lib/arm64/libopenxr_wave.so" needed or dlopened by "/data/app/com.alvr.alxr_client-TmMRAcd2udgNGwvW9mmgTg==/lib/arm64/libopenxr_loader.so" is not accessible for the namespace "classloader-namespace""<br> hello_xr (both gles & vulkan versions) runs fine, I assume the reason why this happens with my app is due to my app setting the minimum-sdk api level to greater than 24/25 according to this? the problem seems to be that the path /vendor/app/openxr_runtime/* is not in the permitted_paths. I really can't make my app go lower than API level 26 without doing major changes to my code base.
  2. Hi, is it possible to access android libraries such as "android.speech.tts.TextToSpeech" for android plugin/library to be used with Unity. I was able to use the speech synthesis in my android library (aar library) and import in Unity to create an apk and run on Android phone. But if I export for focus3, I cannot hear any speech synthesis. Is this because there is no TTS engine installed on Focus3 by default? Is it even possible to install one? Thank you.
  3. Apk downloads normally, but when installing starts, 2d system window pops up so i can't do anything. How it can be fixed? Help please This is installing script. AndroidJavaClass unityPlayer = new AndroidJavaClass("com.unity3d.player.UnityPlayer"); AndroidJavaObject currentActivity = unityPlayer.GetStatic<AndroidJavaObject>("currentActivity"); AndroidJavaObject unityContext = currentActivity.Call<AndroidJavaObject>("getApplicationContext"); string packageName = unityContext.Call<string>("getPackageName"); string authority = packageName + ".provider"; AndroidJavaClass intentObj = new AndroidJavaClass("android.content.Intent"); string ACTION_VIEW = intentObj.GetStatic<string>("ACTION_VIEW"); AndroidJavaObject intent = new AndroidJavaObject("android.content.Intent", ACTION_VIEW); int FLAG_ACTIVITY_NEW_TASK = intentObj.GetStatic<int>("FLAG_ACTIVITY_NEW_TASK"); int FLAG_GRANT_READ_URI_PERMISSION = intentObj.GetStatic<int>("FLAG_GRANT_READ_URI_PERMISSION"); AndroidJavaObject fileObj = new AndroidJavaObject("java.io.File", apkPath); AndroidJavaClass fileProvider = new AndroidJavaClass("androidx.core.content.FileProvider"); AndroidJavaObject uri = fileProvider.CallStatic<AndroidJavaObject>("getUriForFile", unityContext, authority, fileObj); intent.Call<AndroidJavaObject>("setDataAndType", uri, "application/vnd.android.package-archive"); intent.Call<AndroidJavaObject>("addFlags", FLAG_ACTIVITY_NEW_TASK); intent.Call<AndroidJavaObject>("addFlags", FLAG_GRANT_READ_URI_PERMISSION); currentActivity.Call("startActivity", intent);
  4. I am using Unreal Engine 4.22 and WaveVR version 3.1.94. When I build my project and run it on Focus Plus, it crashes immediately. The error shown in the log file is below: [2021.01.28-17.34.56:666][ 2]LogAndroid: Error: === Critical error: ===[2021.01.28-17.34.56:666][ 2]LogAndroid: Error:[2021.01.28-17.34.56:666][ 2]LogAndroid: Error: Assertion failed: Result == 1 [File:D:\UEPixo\Engine\Source\Runtime\OpenGLDrv\Private\Android\AndroidEGL.cpp] [Line: 333][2021.01.28-17.34.56:666][ 2]LogAndroid: Error: ERROR: SetCurrentSharedContext eglMakeCurrent failed : 0x300d[2021.01.28-17.34.56:666][ 2]LogAndroid: Error: [Callstack] 0x0000007F6A348A58 (0x000000000461BA58) libUE4.so!FDebug::CheckVerifyFailedImpl(char const*, char const*, int, char16_t const*, ...) [][2021.01.28-17.34.56:666][ 2]LogAndroid: Error: [Callstack] 0x0000007F6D1ED19C (0x00000000074C019C) libUE4.so!AndroidEGL::SetCurrentContext(void*, void*) [][2021.01.28-17.34.56:666][ 2]LogAndroid: Error: [Callstack] 0x0000007F6D211E2C (0x00000000074E4E2C) libUE4.so!FOpenGLDynamicRHI::RHIAcquireThreadOwnership() [][2021.01.28-17.34.56:666][ 2]LogAndroid: Error: [Callstack] 0x0000007F6B0D7B30 (0x00000000053AAB30) libUE4.so!FRenderingThread::Init() [][2021.01.28-17.34.56:666][ 2]LogAndroid: Error: [Callstack] 0x0000007F6A253F14 (0x0000000004526F14) libUE4.so!FRunnableThreadPThread::Run() [][2021.01.28-17.34.56:666][ 2]LogAndroid: Error: [Callstack] 0x0000007F6A1D43C0 (0x00000000044A73C0) libUE4.so!FRunnableThreadPThread::_ThreadProc(void*) [][2021.01.28-17.34.56:666][ 2]LogAndroid: Error: [Callstack] 0x0000007F8FC25F18 (0x0000000000068F18) libc.so![Unknown]() [][2021.01.28-17.34.56:666][ 2]LogAndroid: Error: [Callstack] 0x0000007F8FBDAFC4 (0x000000000001DFC4) libc.so![Unknown]() [] Has anyone experienced this error? Any help would be appreciated. @MariosBikos_HTC
  5. Greeting, Currently I having some issues that my app will crash whenever my client are using it from his side. I tested and casted from my side here that every time, there are no crashes. But when my client using it, it will crash and specially during casting at Windows Connect at his PC and using Windows Display Wireless Adapter. Here are my client PC hardware specs are:- Lenovo p330 i7 8th, 16G memory, LEADTEK p400 display card with 2G memory. Please, if anyone with have these kind of experiences, please share your solutions. Thank you.
  6. Hi! I have started to work on a game project involving hand-tracking for Android phones. Here it is stated that any device with dual camera should be able to detect a 3D position of the hand. However, I have tried some demo app with my Huawei P20 Pro and the 3D position of the hand seems to always be in the plane that is 25cm in front of the camera. Is there something I might have done wrong, or 3D tracking is not yet possible on my phone? Thanks! 😄
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