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  1. Hi, I'm having problems with my Base Station 2.0. My base station is blinking red and i have tried to "Recover from incomplete update," but it says there is no base stations that needs recovery. When i try to "configure base station channels" it seems like it can connect but when i hover over the eye icon it says observed in prior session.
  2. I wanted to play with my Vive Cosmos Elite again so I set everything up and noticed that one base station was blinking red. I did not have any problems when I played VR around 1 year ago so I am not sure what could have broke while the base stations sat in my original box. One base station is on b and one is on c. I have tried unplugging and replugging the faulty base station and it turns green at the start but then changes to a blinking red. I can see all the dots in the faulty base station and I believe that it shows up in the SteamVR devices menu. I have not tried to test the playroom to see if I can see both base stations though. Maybe it is a visual glitch and the base station is working fine?
  3. I've been putting off a firmware update for a while cause my vive worked without needing it, if it ain't broke don't fix it. But after a recent change of residency, I figured I would set it back up. The base stations weren't discovering each other so I decided I'd finally give that firmware update a go. But when I updated it, it wouldn't even power on. I looked through some guides and reset my device connections, I even consulted a guide on fixing it and it got it to power on, but now it just blinks green and doesn't track. I've looked up a lot of guides, but now I'm hesitant to use them in fear of breaking more things. Most of the guides are older and out of date as well, which means some of the support is different than most modern support.
  4. The LED on my Base Station 2.0 is blinking red and will not connect. I have only put about 48 hours of play on them and already something is broken... Is there anyway to fix this?
  5. I've updated my Vive base stations when I first got it, and it worked completely fine. Ever since that first update in August of last year, updates NEVER work. There's always a new problem, hardware failure blinking lights that gets fixed when I roll back to original updates, the base station completely not turning on, etc. The worst part is that whenever I roll back, the tracking is terrible, constant grey screening. I can't stand it anymore. Why is it that NEW firmware updates completely break the product? Shouldn't the product keep improving with updates? I didn't expect this company to be like Apple with the whole killing the battery thing. I shouldn't have to buy new 2.0 base stations just to get the same tracking that I had when I first bought my Vive. 500 dollars going to waste because updates prevent sensors from working, what a load of B.S. Has anyone else experienced this problem before? Please let me know your solutions and stories.
  6. Hello, Both of my base stations have blinking RED LED's and, using Steam VR and to the best of my knowledge, they are both giving 10010 errors. I believe this error means that an IR sensor is not firing off correctly in both units. I have minor playability with the base station combo, but tracking will randomly be lost and my controllers or headset will move to the floor in-game and stay there until tracking is picked up again 2-20 seconds later. This all started happening back in February, two months out of my warranty, unfortunately. They have always been on a stand and both on a surge protector and have never fallen over, so I don't know how the problem developed. I am unsure of how to proceed from here, any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  7. So a while back my base station randomly stopped working after an update. It had a blinking red light and steamvr showed a nondescript error code which I couldn't find any information on. Couldn't send it back to HTC as it was past the 90-day period. Fast forward a few months and I found a video stating that if you connected the base station to your computer and rolled back the firmware to factory default it could fix some of the errors and thats what i did. Successfully installed the old firmware in the base station and it no longer had a blinking red light and was no longer showing an error code, but still would not track at all (tested with other base station off) and If I attempted to update the base station again, it would behave the same way. Does anyone have a possible fix?
  8. When I was setting up my base stations one of them is vibrating quite loudly compared to the other one. This is a known issue as I have seen the other forum posts regarding this. The problem is Vive expects me to pay for shipping to their repair center for a problem they caused. What kind of customer service is this where I pay over $1,000 for a device and not only did you send me a broken device but you expect me to help pay for you to fix your mistake. This is a really terrible way to treat your customers Vive. @Synthesis
  9. So I updated my base station after a while of not using it. The other one worked fine with no issue, but the first one refuses to turn on or even show a colored light. Does anyone know how to fix this? @VibrantNebula
  10. Hi everyone I am having problems with our VR Setup since we ordered the base stations 2.0. I know that our gear could be incompatible from this https://www.vive.com/us/support/vive-pro/category_howto/which-vive-hardware-are-compatible-with-base-stations.html But I don't know how to determine what hardware versions we have. I created a system report with one Controller and one Tracker connected: For our game we use 4 Trackers + 4 Dongles For the room setup a Vive Controller. Thanks for your help! Device 2 - LHR-FFE59F44 Controller Vive. Controller MV HTC Device Path: /devices/htc/vive_controllerLHR-FFE59F44 Best Alias: /user/hand/right Firmware: 1533720215 htcvrsoftware@firmware-win32 2018-08-08 FPGA 262(1.6/0/0) BL 0 VRC 1533720214 Radio 1532585738 Hardware Revision: product 129 rev 1.5.0 lot 2000/0/0 0 Hardware Id: 0x81010500 Watchman Firmware: 1533720215 / 0 (2018-08-08) Watchman FPGA: 262 / 262 (1.6) VRC Version: 1533720214 / 1533720214 (2018-08-08) Radio Version: 1532585738 / 1532585738 (2018-07-26) Dongle Version: 1461100729 / 1461100729 (2016-04-19) Attached Device ID: Supported Buttons: 0 Axis 0 Type: 1 Axis 1 Type: 3 Axis 2 Type: 0 Axis 3 Type: 0 Axis 4 Type: 0 Connected Dongle: 2E9E0E8D81 Version: Unknown Version Device 3 - LHR-B0D7F2D6 Tracker VIVE Tracker Pro MV HTC Device Path: /devices/htc/vive_trackerLHR-B0D7F2D6 Best Alias: /user/hand/left Firmware: 1541806442 RUNNER-WATCHMAN$runner-watchman@runner-watchman 2018-11-10 FPGA 531(2.19/7/2) BL 0 VRC 1541806442 Radio 1518811657 Hardware Revision: product 132 rev 2.0.6 lot 2000/0/0 0 Hardware Id: 0x84020006 Watchman Firmware: 1541806442 / 0 (2018-11-10) Watchman FPGA: 531 / 531 (2.19) VRC Version: 1541806442 / 1541806442 (2018-11-10) Radio Version: 1518811657 / 1518811657 (2018-02-16) Dongle Version: 1461100729 / 0 (2016-04-19) Attached Device ID: Supported Buttons: 0 Axis 0 Type: 0 Axis 1 Type: 0 Axis 2 Type: 0 Axis 3 Type: 0 Axis 4 Type: 0 Connected Dongle: 42BD820598 Version: Unknown Version
  11. Hello, one of my basestation stopped working with Power Managment. Under 'Managed Base Stations' one of my stations has yellow triangle with exclamation point. SteamVR says "Connection failure. Click 'Refresh' to try again". Pressing that button didn't helps. Also tried restart PC, linkbox, SteamVR, basestation. @jagibson
  12. encountered the dreaded flashing red light on one of my base stations today. I am familiar with how the devices function, and have never moved, jostled, hit, etc the unit, understanding the results would likely be catastrophic. I was very careful when mounting them, they are mounted on a 10ft ceiling, and have not been touched since initial installation. Until this morning, I hadn't played VR in a few months due to life getting in the way, and was thrilled to have the chance to play this morning. My hopes were quickly dashed when Steam VR informed me one of the base stations likely had a hardware error. With dread, I looked up and saw the blinking red. I used my phone camera in the dark to verify that the 2nd purple dot that should be present in the image, was not. I contacted customer support, because I did not know my warranty had expired. After a cursory search, I found many other cases of people having this specific hardware issue right after the warranty expired, along with a myriad of other issues with all parts of the kit. They informed me I would have to send it in, pay $90 and shipping, and wait a month to get it back. If I was so inclined, I would just purchase a new one! Which brings this missive to a close. After this incident I decided that HTC had lost me as a customer. And, since I believe you make a better product (QA issues notwithstanding) than Occulus and all the other headsets out there, it saddens me. No action I took could have possibly caused the damage to the unit. So either it was damaged in transit and just manifested now, or your prod lines are cheaping out on components and quality assurance. In light of these facts, I don't think it would be outrageous of me to ask that the recently expired warranty be honored, and I send it in for repair, or if you're feeling extra generous, you could just send me a new one. I understand if the second option is a bit much. However, if you want to retain a customer, one of these steps must be taken. I really loved that device, but sheer principle prevents me from giving HTC any more of my hard earned money unless this issue is remedied. If it is, I'd likely buy the Vive Cosmos day 1. If it's not, the valve Index is starting to look appealing.... I apologize for this diatribe and its somewhat hostile tone. I am just so frustrated with this situation.
  13. I am having this repetitive issue as of late with one of my base stations in particular where it keeps switching from the standard green light to blue and will flash back and forth eventually causing the other base station to have a purple light. I will then get a message stating that I have a base station error and then the light will go out for the specific base station then both. I haven’t touched or moved my base stations it all and it was working fine last week yet now all of a sudden they aren’t working properly. I have tried switching their locations, turning them off and on again, moving them in the room, and switching the letter inside of them yet nothing seems to work. It seems like perhaps the base stations aren’t able to see each other as I’ve seen to be only issue yet I thought they were supposed to be facing downwards towards you and, yet again they’ve been in the same positions for over a year now but now all of a sudden can’t see each other… Sometimes they will occasionally both turn back on but they won’t both be working for more than 5 minutes. I haven’t looked to much into this with the actual headset on as I noticed it going out on my desktop but I do see flashes of grey and then the screen will go pure black.
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