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Found 6 results

  1. Use a small phone to type with a keyboard on a big screen in VR. Focus to type email, read email, morning to do list, or write to concentrate in the flow. Bluetooth Keyboard paired with phone can type while mirroring app to flow. Move phone as mouse like laser pointer clicking menus, bold text, scroll. Open google docs, chrome, type in app while mirroring. Bluetooth mouse paired with phone will not work. Mouse click not recognized cursor, moves but cannot click. Only phone works as mouse. Mirroring latency when typing but get used to. Scroll jumps down a certain length. Select text with keyboard but not phone as mouse. Can switch horizontal or vertical app view using flow menus. Less screendoor than quest 1 text a little easier to read but not as clear as a computer screen. Turn on blue light filter on the flow helps reduce the bright white background while typing. Phone samsung a42 5g. Posted this while wearing the flow, mirroring chrome, typing on a keyboard. Use phone apps while using the flow.
  2. My wife says no way I can use this thing without headphones. The speakers are too loud with anyone nearby. Is there a way to select another audio option?
  3. I've been looking for entries on a problem like this, and never found any. I finally resolved my problem and want to share the solution I found. The issue is this: While using the wireless adapter, the image is solid when my head is still, but "jerks" every 3 to 5 degrees when turning my head. I have no problems tracking the controllers, and have the luxury of having 4 base stations (oh blessed retirement!). NO issues when wired, but I turn way too much when playing Skyrim VR or Swords and Sorcery, and get tangled up: (at my age, tripping and falling is NOT an option). I didn't have this issue before, and swapped out drivers and displays, even upgrading to dual 2080RTXes, to no effect. The problem actually has two components, making it extremely difficult to solve in the first place. Issue #1 solution: built-in (motherboard mounted) and add-on bluetooth adapters DON'T WORK. Like it or not, keep using the Link box, since the software seems to be looking FIRST for that device's bluetooth ID, and interfaces directly with the hardware to get the delay down, then settles for other bluetooth receivers but has to go through the bluetooth drivers, adding overhead that is enough to throw off the timing. Tight Specs, I must say. Issue #2 solution: Link box CABLES. I had too many USB A to A cables and seemed to have accidentally used a USB 2.0 speed cable instead of the vive USB 3.0 cable. It makes sense that if the timing is so critical that going through the standard bluetooth drivers can throw off the timing, using slower cables would have the same effect. Obvious Warning: not every USB cable with blue plastic is true USB 3.0. (Like Duh). I hope nobody else has this problem, but here's the solution that I found. Hope it helps.
  4. Dear all, we recently acquired a Vive Pro with the Wireless Adapter and two Base Station 2.0. The setup went well, wired at first and then switching to wireless. The system for the most part works fine, both Base Stations are found and tracking works. Firmware was updated to the newest version as proposed by StreamVR via Bluetooth. However, I wanted to use the Standby feature via Bluetooth to turn off the Base Stations when not in use. In doing so I discovered that the system can only connect to one of the Base Stations, the other is showing an error and can't connect via Bluetooth. Consequently, only the working one is turning off an on when SteamVR is stopped/started, the other one stays on. Whatever I tried, I was not able to get the BT connection to the second Base Station working again ­čś× I suppose this was once working and was somehow bricked by the firmware update? To enable BT, I have the Vive Pro Link Box connected via USB and have Power attached (and turned on, of course), but no Display Link connected. The error message shown is in German and roughly translates to "LHB-21F01DC5 needs a device update to enable channel configuration" ("LHB-21F01DC5 ben├Âtigt eine Ger├Ąteaktualisierung, um die Kanalkonfiguration zu aktivieren"). Please see the attached screenshots and the generated system report. What should I do now? PS: Other Bluetooth functions like identifying the Base Station or selecting a channel also only work on just the one Base Station and not on the other. Kind regards, Stefan Krupop SteamVR-2020-01-29-PM_03_40_23.txt @Synthesis
  5. Hi everyone I am having problems with our VR Setup since we ordered the base stations 2.0. I know that our gear could be incompatible from this https://www.vive.com/us/support/vive-pro/category_howto/which-vive-hardware-are-compatible-with-base-stations.html But I don't know how to determine what hardware versions we have. I created a system report with one Controller and one Tracker connected: For our game we use 4 Trackers + 4 Dongles For the room setup a Vive Controller. Thanks for your help! Device 2 - LHR-FFE59F44 Controller Vive. Controller MV HTC Device Path: /devices/htc/vive_controllerLHR-FFE59F44 Best Alias: /user/hand/right Firmware: 1533720215 htcvrsoftware@firmware-win32 2018-08-08 FPGA 262(1.6/0/0) BL 0 VRC 1533720214 Radio 1532585738 Hardware Revision: product 129 rev 1.5.0 lot 2000/0/0 0 Hardware Id: 0x81010500 Watchman Firmware: 1533720215 / 0 (2018-08-08) Watchman FPGA: 262 / 262 (1.6) VRC Version: 1533720214 / 1533720214 (2018-08-08) Radio Version: 1532585738 / 1532585738 (2018-07-26) Dongle Version: 1461100729 / 1461100729 (2016-04-19) Attached Device ID: Supported Buttons: 0 Axis 0 Type: 1 Axis 1 Type: 3 Axis 2 Type: 0 Axis 3 Type: 0 Axis 4 Type: 0 Connected Dongle: 2E9E0E8D81 Version: Unknown Version Device 3 - LHR-B0D7F2D6 Tracker VIVE Tracker Pro MV HTC Device Path: /devices/htc/vive_trackerLHR-B0D7F2D6 Best Alias: /user/hand/left Firmware: 1541806442 RUNNER-WATCHMAN$runner-watchman@runner-watchman 2018-11-10 FPGA 531(2.19/7/2) BL 0 VRC 1541806442 Radio 1518811657 Hardware Revision: product 132 rev 2.0.6 lot 2000/0/0 0 Hardware Id: 0x84020006 Watchman Firmware: 1541806442 / 0 (2018-11-10) Watchman FPGA: 531 / 531 (2.19) VRC Version: 1541806442 / 1541806442 (2018-11-10) Radio Version: 1518811657 / 1518811657 (2018-02-16) Dongle Version: 1461100729 / 0 (2016-04-19) Attached Device ID: Supported Buttons: 0 Axis 0 Type: 0 Axis 1 Type: 0 Axis 2 Type: 0 Axis 3 Type: 0 Axis 4 Type: 0 Connected Dongle: 42BD820598 Version: Unknown Version
  6. Hello, one of my basestation stopped working with Power Managment. Under 'Managed Base Stations' one of my stations has yellow triangle with exclamation point. SteamVR says "Connection failure. Click 'Refresh' to try again". Pressing that button didn't helps. Also tried restart PC, linkbox, SteamVR, basestation. @jagibson
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