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  1. Hello Recently my vive pro cable started glitching and do all sorts of stuff and made it impossible for me to play VR, so i decided to look for a new cable as you usually do and of course its out of stock everywhere, so i made a ticket instead to Vive support cause surely my warranty couldnt have gone out have only used for about just over one year now, so i typed to them all my problems that was obvious that a cable was the problem but nooooo i had to do all kindes of checking for nothing when they eventually said it was the cable that was the problem, so i said thank god now i can get a new cable finally but naaa apperently theres only warranty for 1 year on a cable when the whole headset if im not wrong is for 2 year warranty and how mutch i have to pay 106 euro for a cable ???? when on the shop its 51 euro ??? wtf and whats the high price for you would wonder ( labour and logistic fee) i didnt even send the cable in cause i knew it was the problem and i that needed a new one, didnt know there was bloody gold cables im getting. Well i probably wont by more vive stuff in the future thats for sure.
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