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Found 3 results

  1. I haven't used VR for over two weeks. And now, after I decided to connect them, I get the error "C102 BOOTUP ERROR (9)". Yesterday my USB was not detected today it was detected. Yesterday I also gave error 200 and 001, although all the wires are correctly connected. I don’t know what the problem is and the red indicator on the helmet is on, I hope you will help me.
  2. Hi, I have a Vive Focus Plus, and recently it stopped detecting one of the controllers. I have changed the batteries, tried rebooting, etc. The controller vibrates if I press the home button, but nothing is detected from the headset, and the controller white light blinks. At some point I had the brillant idea of doing a factory reset. Now not only one of the controllers is not detected, but I cannot complete the setup (I'm stuck because it seems it requires two working controllers). I thought it was a problem with the controller, and sent it to Vive to repair it, but today it returned and it's still not working (exactly the same issue). We use it for testing our products, I really really need a solution asap 😕 Any ideas? Thanks
  3. I got a new HTC vive focus plus , the controller didnt pair to the hmd out of the box (its wierd issue the controller pairs with the headset but the UI doesnt change in the headset ). tried cache clearance and factory reset . can some one share the url or upgrade file for the firmware . I got this device 20 days ago all i see is pair your controller screen , The support team guided me here, Please help
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