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Found 10 results

  1. Hi, I have some questions/problem about the Focus3's Wrist Trackers, just got my 2 trackers today, and plan to use those for 'object' tracking questions : -Could we have the geometric tracking ref for those? (rotation centers, and "0" position.... we just need this info instead of 'bad' measurements) -Why provide an object tracker if you can only link 2 trackers to the HMD ? (make no sense to have Hand/controller tracking OR object tracking, cause of course we need both at the same time) -Is there any possible input on those trackers ? (OG vive trackers had some possible connection for buttons/trigger/ect and a possible com link with USB.... At this point, i seen NONE of this on the 'wrist tracker'.... does it mean i have to dev mysel a BT/Wifi board and a complete api in order to get a simple 'button' on a tracked object?) -Is there any 'official' documentation for those trackers ? I'm looking for a 'real' project description for this kind of use case all i find on HTC's website is using 'OG trackers'
  2. Hi there! My team and I developed an experience for a client, and while running the experience at their in person events, they've consistently run into a 'blue screen' issue. While developing we don't have this issue, but when they're using the headset for hours at at time, every headset runs into it. Basically at one of the more intense processing points in the experience, the headset just turns blue, and needs a hard reset. It's not always consistent WHERE it dies in the experience. In trying to optimize and dig into what would cause this, we don't have a way to replicate the long usage in our dev environment, and can't replicate the blue screen. Is there any common reason for the headset going into a blue screen? Is that overheating? Is that CPU overclocking? Running out of RAM? Any help here would be greatly appreciated! We've also found that the right controller being unpaired causes massive issues in HMDs. If we playtest with just the right controller turned on, we don't have issues. If we playtest with just the left controller, things don't work, and when the right controller dies or is turned off it often can require a full restart to get tracking back. Anything we can look into to see if we're causing these issues? Is this a known bug?
  3. I've tried to find any solution online and stumbled upon many similar cases over the past 5 years, but never managed to find working fix (haven't tried to reinstall OS yet, but this will be the final solution in my case). My example: https://imgur.com/a/Ah2JDuF (you can nicely see the problem after around 20th second). Another good example from somebody else: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jy9Z-zklXUU Jittering is present in every VR application, not only in H3VR (even in the Steam UI overlay). PC is fully VR compatible, 0 frame drop below 90, frame timing never goes over 11.1ms. - 0 reflecting surfaces around. - Latest Steam/Nvidia/Hardware drivers (that's, in fact, may be the problem). Can this be related to game running from HDD? Please, share your story if you have something similar to my case. SteamVR-2021-11-21-PM_02_59_36.txt
  4. I've got a project that I am deploying to Focus 3, but I cannot get the controllers to render in device (rendering occurs in editor). I've tried overriding the RenderModelHook but nothing seems to be working. Input works and both the reticule and guideline are rendering correctly. Using Unity 2020.3.11 Using VUI 1.13.2 'Empty' project with reproduced error available. Is Focus 3 just not supported yet for this feature?
  5. Tracking is very poor, even in well lit room. Issue is for example in shooting games, like VRBrigade 1 and 2. I fully extend my gun (controller) to use. The visual representation of the gun jumps around, both back and forth and random places. My hand is steady and still. I have tested with several friends of various height and skill level. The camera or headset has trouble maintaining a steady placement in game. This makes shooting games unplayable, as my gun will jump around randomly. So i can't accurately shoot, as the gun ends up in places I'm not aiming. I'm using the beta. Also I've updated the firmware on everything, and reset the play area. I've been unhappy with this unit from the start. However, i gave the company time to fix bugs. Now it's a serious issue that needs to be addressed. I've owned the original htc vive, the vive pro, and now the vive cosmos. The cosmos has to be the worst of the 3. Is there any fix to my issue? I purchased DIRECT from HTC, not a 3rd party vendor.
  6. Hi all. Does anyone know how to get Valve knuckles in Australia? I'm thinking of biting the bullet and buying the Faceplate but I really don't want to use the Vive wands as, for me, they are very old (The HTC Vive was unveiled during HTC's Mobile World Congress keynote in March 2015 and the first consumer version of the device was released in April 2016) and out of date design and cumbersome to use according to a lot of reports, especially without thumb sticks (track pads lol). Anyway 'Nuff said" on that (roaring silence in the background) so as a alternative everyone I know and don't know recommends the Knuckles as the best alternative but they aren't available normally in Australia. Can anyone recommend a solution to circumvent this next hurdle on the roadblock to VR? 🙂 Fink.
  7. Is it possible to use the HTC Vive controllers with any VR headset?
  8. Hi All. The engineering team has done some great work to improve the controllers over the last few months for sure but as we all know, there are limits to the current design so I wonder if anybody has had a look or tried one of these Etee controllers to enhance your VR setup? One of the reasons I'm not motivated to add a tracking face plate and base stations to my vanilla Cosmos (aside from the over the top asking price) is the old outdated 6 year old clunky design controllers you have to buy with it, let's be real about it their design is old and behind the times (sorry about the anti plug) and knuckles as an alternative aren't available in Australia and if you have a problem there are warranty issues even if you do find a way to get some. I don't know, maybe Vive has something in the works already but we'll never know until they are ready to talk about it company policy being what it usually is to those outside of the company so in the meant time, this might be a good addition t your setup. Also to the Vive people on the forum what are your thoughts? I see there is a video "etee at the Vive Developer Jam 2020 London" so we know there is some knowledge and collaboration with the company to whatever degree. Unfortunately the video is crap it isn't informative at all it just has some canned music and a few people waving controllers around for a minute or so and doesn't tell you anything much better video here looks like the way forward. To any Vive people on the forum I'd be interested in your comments since they use Vive trackers at the moment. Cheers! Fink '
  9. This might be a dumb question, but I haven't found anything in the documentation on it specifically. I assume there's a straight-forward way of showing/hiding the default controller models during runtime? I guess on that same thought process is there a simple way to replace the controller models with something different if desired? Thanks Vive Focus Plus Unity 2018.4.14f1 Wave SDK 3.1.4 @Cotta @Tony PH Lin
  10. Since one week, when my 2 controllers are On, my cosmos is shutting down every time alone... But when.only my right controller is ON, cosmos is working well... Any solution to fix this new issue?! @stvnxu
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