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  1. So I wanted to use my headset to play but It had an gotten error 201, I then tried to see what was causing said error, so I went into the re-setup area and found out that in said area once I had gotten to the 4th step with setting up the headset it would tell me that the DisplayPort was not having a proper connection towards my computer, I have an msi graphics card so I haven't got a clue how to solve it since everyone else has Nvidia (will show a picture of said graphics card due to me not knowing the model of the thing due to me not being able to find in on their website and me not writing it down when I built the computer) ( think it might have just came with the B450 gaming plus max mother board) but it would be most helpful if anyone could help me figure out this issue, thank you and sorry for needing help in advance and again, Thank you for your help
  2. For preface, this is a negative review of the Vive Cosmos Elite headset, firmware updates and Vive's means of "repairing" base stations based on my personal experiences. — I purchased an HTC Vive Cosmos Elite headset and accompanying accessories in October of 2020 as a birthday present to myself. Set up and install is fairly straight forward. After it's all up and running everything seems to be working perfectly and I greatly enjoy my experience. That was until January of 2021. I have no idea what caused it but I suddenly began receiving an error from my Vive Console, "Plug into a USB to a 3.0 or higher then restart the headset" accompanied by suddenly having no mic input. I find this strange considering my laptop has nothing but 3.1 USB ports. I never changed which port my headset was plugged into. This error seemingly came out of nowhere. (Keep in mind I still have this error pop up every single time I use my headset. It has never gone away.) I dug further into this error and figured out that I am having a USB driver error and it is essentially telling me that I don't have enough USB endpoints/resources to complete some function. I'm not terribly tech savvy but I did everything in my power to understand and fix this issue, however I was unfortunately never able to fix it. I do not recall if my laptop had an update that altered my drivers, but even if it had, I tried rolling-back and updating my drivers repeatedly with no luck. I'm annoyed, but there's nothing I can do about it, so I just deal with it. I don't use the mic anymore (because I literally can't). After who knows how long I began to run into more issues. This time I have no audio output from the built-in headphones. I don't receive any new errors, it seemingly happens for no reason. I check to be sure the output device is in fact set to the HTC Vive Cosmos Elite headset, and even if it is, there is still no output. I have to unplug then re-plug-in the headset 2-5 times every single time I start it up to receive audio output. I don't know what's causing this. I rolled back and updated my audio drivers to attempt to fix this with yet again no change. I still have no explanation for why it does this. Frustrating, but manageable. However eventually I yet again ran into more problems. This is where everything began to spiral into a torturous carousel. Not only is the built in mic entirely unfunctional and I now have to repeatedly un-plug and plug-in my headset to receive any audio output, now I am starting to have momentary grey-outs after 15-30 minutes of play. I am even more frustrated, but I have enough patience to wait it out until my display comes back. Not too long after this, my right controller now isn't properly tracking and will drift off into the abyss. Great, absolutely fantastic. After dealing with dodgy tracking for a hot while I finally get a notification telling me I need to update one of my base stations (I have two base stations. One of them has never encountered any issues). I do so then notice a red blinking light coming from the now updated base station. I receive an error telling me that my base station has "encountered an internal hardware issue". I didn't know what to do about this and at the time I did not check my warranty status, so instead of sending it to be repaired under warranty I simply ordered a replacement. July of 2021 I order the replacement and promptly after switch the broken one out. The replacement works perfectly fine. I have decent tracking, no mic input, temperamental audio output and occasional grey-outs. Annoying but I'll tolerate it, I spent a lot of money on this after all, I may as well make the best out of it. Eventually I get a notification telling me that there is a base station update available. So, I update the base station firmware. Uh-oh, suddenly the replacement base station that I exclusively purchased to replace the one that received "an internal hardware issue" has now encountered "an internal hardware issue" immediately after the update. I do a little research about this and why it was happening and figure out that I wasn't the only one having this issue. Evidently, there was in fact absolutely nothing wrong with my base station, it was just Vive's update that apparently constantly breaks people's base stations. I look at reviews and pleas for help from multiple people online to see if there is actually a solution to this problem. I read one forum post that explains that Vive sent them instructions to go into their own computer files in order to fix the base station. "No way", I think to myself. That sounds absurd. I find no means to fix my base station online so on May 11, 2022 I finally contact HTC customer service for help. I explain my situation and am told that my warranty for the replacement base station is still valid. I pack up my broken base station and send it off to be repaired. I receive a new base station on May 24th. I plug it in and test it out and it works perfectly! I play for a little bit then finally decide to hop off for the night. I don't touch anything. I don't get an update notification, I don't restart anything, I simply close out of Steam VR and the Vive Console. I get up to play again the next day and I noticed a clicking noise coming from inside the base station. The base station had a blue light and was making a clicking noise. I contact customer support again and explain this strange issue. They tell me that we can, "try to do a firmware rescue to try to make the device react". No idea what that implies, but sure, I'll try anything at this point. They forward me a .pdf file labeled "Firmware Rescue". I look at the instructions and I discover that the forum user was in fact telling the truth. I would have to dig into my own data files and repair the base station myself. I follow the instructions to repair the base station. This does nothing. Customer service suggests I uninstall then reinstall Steam VR entirely before they resort to having me send the base station back. I follow the new .pdf document labeled "SteamVR Reinstallation" and... Nothing changes. I continue with the repair ticket to send the base station back. I suddenly remember that I still have the original base station that initially encountered the "internal hardware issue". I decide to try the Firmware Rescue on it and it works! Unfortunately, it no longer syncs with the other base station. I look up what to do if they cannot optical sync and the HTC support website tells me to use the sync cable that came with my headset. My headset did not come with a sync cable. Not only that, there is no sync cable listed anywhere on Vive's accessory store. I get a notification that I need to update. I reluctantly do so, fully expecting to suddenly receive an error, which I do. I do the repair again with the same result: Seemingly operative yet unable to sync. Finally, after three separate base stations malfunctioned and needed to be replaced, I receive base station #4 on June 26th. I plug it in and I find that it won't sync with the original base station just like the original can't. Oh no, it tells me to update. It wont be able sync without the update, but updates tend to make them unusable. I wince and click update device. ... Base station #4 ... Syncs. It's tracking. Fully up to date. Even after the cursed updating it is functional. Hallelujah. — The question is: Will it suddenly break itself after I try to play again?
  3. About a year ago I bought the Vive wireless kit and connected it to my 2016 Vive. It's been working great. I just bought the Cosmos Elite headset and realized that it uses a different cable layout than the wireless adapter I have. The Cosmos Elite uses a single cable, whereas the Vive Wireless I have has 3 (HDMI, USB, and Audio). Is there an adapter to make my Vive wireless work with my new Cosmos Elite headset?
  4. I've always found the Vive Cosmos to be too dark when using the wireless adapter. In the past, I've adjusted this through config file changes. The file I've changed was: C:\Program Files (x86)\VIVE\Updater\App\ViveVRRuntime\ViveVR\ViveVRServer\config\default.vrsettings In the htcvr JSON block, there are contrast and saturation settings. "htcvr" : { "Contrast" : 0.004, "Saturation" : 1 } By changing the contrast setting from 0.004 to -0.1 or lower I've been able to adjust this in the past. However, when I tried recently these settings don't appear to make any difference anymore. I've tried in both the standalone version of the Vive Console software and the Steam version (same file, different path). Is there a different setting in this file or any other config file that still allows you to manually adjust the brightness? Thanks.
  5. VIVE Software – Public Release Notes Released October 8th 2021 Vive Console [General] Fixed a performance issue after playing certain content over long period Fixed a bug where VIVE console doesn’t show up when SteamVR monitor is minimized Hot fix for specific AMD GPUs that crashed with Vive Software update [Cosmos] Bug fixes on Vive Dashboard (Lens) Fixed a bug where Vive Lens in a rare chance will not display properly when enabling motion compensation on some workstation [Cosmos Elite] Added localization to headset button function under advance tab [Vive Pro 2] Added DSC support for newly released GPUs Fixed a bug where users may not able to select Ultra/Extreme mode when installed multiple GPUs on one system [OpenXR] Added OpenXR runtime option in Vive Console (click Menu -> Advanced -> OpenXR Runtime) Fixed an error which causes game engine to crash between the switch of editor mode and play mode Re-map VIVE Cosmos Controller to other controllers
  6. Sorry if this is a dumb question but I cant find out if I need both for cosmos series, or is it even compatible with it? Also is the 1.0 vive pro cable not being made anymore? I feel like its been out off stock for months unless I'm a dumb and just haven't seen it in stock. ty
  7. I can't get the device to work. There is constant red light on the headset and it displays no image (black screen). Error code I get is 209 which is about the 2.0 usb cable but when my headset was working a few weeks ago it was plugged into the 2.0 ive even used the 3.0 port also. after several restarts it says everything is OK but still no display. The controllers and tracking work fine. I was able to configure the room and when I display the VR view on PC, I can move around the headset and controllers to see proper reaction. When I turn off the Direct Mode in SteamVR settings, headset displays my desktop but it's upside-down. It makes me think that the headset is not broken. After turning Direct Mode back on, I get the black screen back again. When I get a green light and it actually stays on the display in the vr is upside down I then reset the headset and then I'm back to the red light again but in vr view the screen is the right way it should be Sometimes, while booting VR, the LED flashes green for a brief moment, the sound switches to headset's headphones and after a second or two, the LED turns red and the black screen remains. Things I've tried and didn't help: - Updating everything including MOBO drivers, GPU drivers, Viveport, SteamVR, Windows to the newest versions, even tried BETA versions - Disconnecting and reconnecting every cable available - Switching USB and DisplayPort ports - Rebooting both PC and VR headset multiple times - Reconfiguring the whole kit from scratch several times - Reinstalling the whole software from scratch - Changing PC power management - Disabling the firewall and antivirus - Enabling motion compensation I have had a case open but all I'm getting is unistall this reinstall that unplug it and back in getting no where my case number is 50327323 and my trace number is 20210826165129
  8. Hello, I'm writing a translator. Please understand. I am a Cosmos Elite user. The first time I connected it to the computer, the headset lit red. I got a red light even when I connected to vr. (The guide did not detect a USB connection.) A few days later, when I reinstalled the Vive software with Steam, When I connected to SteamVR, the green light came on, so I played well. (USB connection was made in the guide.) Again, a few days later, connect to the console and SteamVR, The console says 'Connected to SteamVR' and the headset is switched off. The screen was black, and when I moved the headset, it turned white. I reinstalled and reinstalled the Vive software. A few days later, the same thing happened. If you delete Steam and Vive software and reinstall it, The console says 'Connected to SteamVR' and the headset turns off. (The guide did not detect a USB connection.) Sometimes error 001 appears on the console. Restarting will result in 'Connected to SteamVR' and the headset will turn off. The screen is black and white when you move the headset. Why isn't USB connection detected? Is there a problem with the USB port? Or is it a chipset problem? Installing the graphics driver does not solve the problem. Even now, if I check the guide connection, I can't detect the USB connection. Please, I want to solve it. Please help me. (Attached file is a photo that does not detect USB connection in the guide. I also attached a console photo with the words SteamVR and 'Connected to SteamVR'.) I'll post a post and go to bed.
  9. I have just purchased and set up a Cosmos Elite but the headset has no display and no sound. All units in the box have been through an update to run on the latest firmware, and i can confirm that the headset is tracking correctly. Does anyone have a simple bit of advice in case i have missed something during set up? I am start to think i have been sold a duffer and the headset cable is out of commision
  10. Hi there, I recently got the Cosmos Elite so I can try out my wireless adapter with it (previously using it with the Vive Pro). While the Cosmos looks fine when I'm connected via the wired connection, when I switch over to the wireless I get a difference in the brightness. The picture quality looks fine, but the backlight appears to be visibly dimmer. This results in the color being somewhat muted and some scenes being too dark to make out all the details. I've tried it with two different headsets and I got the same result on both. Wired looks great while wireless looks dimmer by comparison. I've tried using both the official battery that's included with the Cosmos wireless adapter attachment kit as well as with my Quick Charge 3.0 compatible Anker battery but I get the same result. Any ideas? I've got a couple replacement USB cables coming to see if that makes a difference. Thanks.
  11. About 2 days ago I had this error pop randomly while playing, headset visuals went black 3 times but returned each time. Error continued to display but no problems occurred. Now it has started crashing regularly. This headset was bought in August. My PC is custom built with an asus rog strix z370-e gaming motherboard I have ensured that the USB ports I have tried, which is all of them, are 3.0 It is a Cosmos Elite Headset, and I am using all the original cables and pieces of hardware. I have also uploaded an error report with the trace number of 20201219185825 if that helps.
  12. So i got a HTC Vive Cosmos Elite on cyber monday, but it appears i dont have a USB 3.0 port on either of my 2 laptops. everything else is good, plugged in. is there a adapter or converter that could allow me to access my motherboard without using a USB 3.0? goal is to skip the USB 3.0 port since i dont got one. i might need a converter to try any VR unless i get a higher end desktop PC, which i could do but that's very high cost just for VR. the plug i need is marked L2 model 2Q2R500 INPUT:12VDC= 2.5A pc specs for the better laptop: MSI GS63VR-6RF stealth pro laptop windows 10 intel (R) HD graphics 530 intel (R) core (TM) i7 6700 HQ CPU @2.60 Ghz (8 cores) 64 bit Steam VR performance test says: your system is running well enough for recommended high quality VR! average quality: 7 (high) 0 frames below 90FPS customer support said: "To be honest with you, the USB 3.0 is pretty important to make the vive work, and we can not recommend a converter since it can affect the device performance. I have seen cases where there's no display at all. or just not a good resolution, tracking issues.. the USB you are missing is a USB 3.0" i can return this up till December 30th so i guess the question is: Is there a adapter or converter device that would allow me to use my VR headset without buying a desktop pc?
  13. Hello. I found a description of Cosmos Elite on "Improvements to VIVE Hand Tracking SDK for VR developers" in Developer Blog. Is the camera function already supported? If so, it would be helpful to know how to use it. (I use an early Vive set with a Cosmos Elite HMD.)
  14. so i keep getting this error pretty regularly, it usually happens the second i load into a game fully, but if i sit long enough in the steam home itll start doing it as well i just recently got my cosmos elite, probably about a week ago, i got a few hours of good gameplay in before i started getting these errors. i have currently tried reinstalling pretty much all of my drivers, including usb drivers. i've moved base stations around, i disconnected bluetooth, unplugged my link box several times, reinstalled steamVR and vive console, turned off power saving to my usb ports, tried both 2.0, 3.0 and 3.1 ports, and i have restarted my computer multiple times. anyone have any other advice on this error? i have sent several tickets in with customer service but nothing seems to be working and im about to throw this headset in the trash i am currently using: AMD ryzen 5 3600 NVIDIA rtx 2070s 8gb 16 gb ram msi b450 tamahawk mother board 650w power supply
  15. Hello. Because of my room environment, I mounted the VIVE BaseStations(2.0 / 4ea) upside-down. So, the LEDs of basestations face to the floor Now. After the STEAMVR Room Calibration, only two of basestations seem to be in place in VR. The others seem to be connected to STEAMVR, but they are not in place in VR. Do I have to make sure to mount the basestations upright?
  16. so we got an cosmos elite bundle, we got a face plate coming and the elite headset stand alone are we going to get a face plate bundle? Because that's a lot of individual tech early adopters to the cosmos series have to buy to improve their tracking experience particularly if you don't own a vive og. If the cosmos elite bundle is $1699(aud) and a cosmos without a face plate is about $750 (the elite headset $1099 minus the face plate $349) so $1699 - $750 = $949 worth of needed tech, purchasing theses separately from the store is over $1,148.96 + what ever the converter cable costs( face plate $349 + controller $199.99 + controller $199.99 + base station 199.99 + base station $199.99) so that an extra $150 or so we have to pay to be on par with an elite....(I'm in Australia so sorry but I'm doing everything aud but the point is the same) its better to sell my cosmos and buy a elite bundle plus a little cash because buy the looks of things i could buy the og cosmos controllers and face plate after and have it still end up cheaper (og cosmos controllers x2 is $358 + $750 for a plateless head set + pro link box $86.99 = $1194.99 - $1299 = $104 but its the same price as the other face plate at $349). So if you want to upgrade your tracking from og cosmos its gonna cost you $2447.96 all up including you original cosmos purchase or if you bought the elite for $1699 and wanted base station freeless for some weird reason it be $2406 and just to make an additional point buy an og vive estimate 900(they aint that much but what ever) + og cosmos controllers x2 $358 + elite headset only $1099 + cosmos face plate 349 = $2706 it is literally cheaper if u own a og cosmos to buy an og vive new and an elite face plate for about the same as buying all the the other tech then you still have the option to sell the brand new og vive headset for a profit and yes you can still find them lol you can buy the vive pro starter kit for $1299 or upgrade your cosmos og to elite for + $1148.96 thats fairly brutal hell you could buy the kit sell the head set buy the face plate profit damn was only gonna see if there was gonna be some bundle for us early cosmos adopters but I'm almost certain i just convinced myself to buy a vive or pro kit new or refurb then sell the head set and buy the faceplate ....
  17. I am about to buy an HTC vive cosmos elite and need it by Friday, is there any shipping and/or delivery delays i need to know about because the Microsoft store is my only other option and there are shipping delays there. I am getting 2 day shipping @jagibson
  18. I just received my express today. I try to play games without using the base station, but if I don't use the base station, I can't see any pictures.I know the Cosmos doesn't use base stations.What about Cosmos elite? Can I not use the base station?
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