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  1. Recently I had an issue where green, red, and blue dots started showing across my right screen. This hurts the image and not sure how to fix. I have tried multiple different HDMI cables and bypassing the link cable box to no avail. Was a bit hard to get accurate pictures of the issue, but the photos below should depict the issue. The left image you can see my left screen and it is clear. The right image you can see the red green and blue dots and it is quite blurred. Any suggestions on how to resolve this, anything else I can try? Left screen with no issue Right screen where you can see the lines
  2. I was playing VRChat when suddenly my screen turned grey and my headset wont turn on anymore. I turn on a game, and I can hear sound, but I keep getting either 001, 200 or C01 errors with no display. The light is on, on the headset, but the fan won't run and the headset will not start... My Device Manager glitches out as my headset appears to be connecting and disconnecting every 5-10 seconds. I've had many issues with this headset since the day I bought it, and it's getting REAL frustrating trying to troubleshoot this headset to no avail 97% of the time. This time, I have reinstalled the software over 10 times with no fix. Overall within 2 years, I have reinstalled the software probably over 50 times. Sometimes I will plug it in USB 2.0 because the 3.0 slots won't work properly, but now the 2.0 slots aren't working with the headset now either. (Every other peripheral and device works fine in these ports) I had just bought and replaced one of my controllers which cost me almost $200, only for my VR to stop working on me in the middle of my gameplay. I have wasted TOO MUCH time and money on this headset and I need a fix NOW! I honestly would like a refund for this VR but most likely wouldn't get one. I think I deserve a refund, despite not having warranty. It has caused me too much stress and I can't afford to keep dealing with this headset nor can I afford a new one and I'd rather not downgrade to an Oculus. I have reinstalled my GPU's drivers. I have refreshed my USB ports through SteamVR. I have tried ALL ports. I have done everything I can possibly do that is mentioned in forums etc. NOTHING is working for me. This headset is the BIGGEST headache out of ANYTHING I had EVER purchased in my WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE and there seems to be no solutions or much discussion AT ALL about this headset online. Please respond to me ASAP as I am slowly but surely losing my mind here.. I didn't spend $1000 to have nothing but issues with this headset... but that's all I'm getting. The headset works great... when it works. But how is it that all of a sudden, during the middle of my gameplay, it stops working, then continues to infuriate me by not turning on at all anymore? Why is there sound, but no display? Why does it say its not detected or HMD not found, when there is in fact power and sound going through? Why does the USB 3.0 have a hard time detecting the USB from the link box? Why does VIVE console keep telling me to update when there is no update, repeating the same update over and over again... and why are there little to no discussions about this headset online? It's a great headset, it would be nice if people actually spent the time to talk about it and troubleshoot it, talking about some of the more complex issues this headset has. One thing I will mention is I spilled beer on my keyboard about a year ago. I've had issues where it seems like my peripherals and USB ports have been short circuited or something. But they still work. And MY VR has worked as well since the spill. (Since the spill, I would use 2.0 ports, because 3.0 ports would eventually cause sputtering>grey screen>crash with sound still on.. and after a while of not using my VR anymore due to a broken controller, 3.0 ports worked perfectly fine when I started using my VR again.) I have a USB expansion plugged in one of the 3.0 ports (Sometimes 2.0) and when ever I move my ps4 controller around, (lose cord), it freezes or turns off my m/kb, and I have to fidget with the USB expansion thingy, or the controller end of the USB cord to get the ports working properly again (power flow). I'm thinking I have to buy a new motherboard, or buy a USB card, would I be correct? Are my USB ports the problem? Where and how can I provide a log for detailed records on my hardware/software? Another thing I'll mention is I typically have 4 external hard drives plugged in, taking up both 2.0 and 3.0 ports. I have too many things that I use so I'm often plugging in/out my devices, switching ports.. etc. PLEASE.... if anyone could help me, it would be greatly appreciated, as I have been dealing with these kinds for issues for 2 years now. This time, it is much more complicated it seems. If USB ports/short circuited MOBO is the issue, that's easy for me. I'll just go and buy a new MOBO when I get the chance.. That beer spill could be the problem, but like I had mentioned, everything still works, but with power flow issues. If anyone has dealt with these issues multiple times like I have, please let me know what your solutions were. VIVE Cosmos GPU: RTX 3070 GAMING OC 8GBCPU: i7-10700kRAM: 16 GB 3200 mhzMOBO: ASUS PRIME Z490M+ Everything is updated. Let me know what other information I should provide. Thank You!
  3. Hey, so i just bought the vive pro 2 and when i loaded up a game i noticed that the game was extremely blurry I've measured the ipd multiple times to get the ipd accurate so that shouldn't be the problem. it is so blurry i can barely read the text that is on the screen not only that but the vive headset and the controllers are vibrating, shaking in-game. wonder what's causing that. wondering if anyone got a fix or know whats causing this
  4. I have HTC Vive Pro. I am trying to play it in offline mode. I have install Offline SteamVR library from business.vive.com. Headset was detected as a 2nd display for windows10 and I was only able to see through it as a 2nd display. I had to update my nvidia card drivers to make it detect in steamvr. Now headset is detected in seamvr, but not detected as a 2nd display in windows10. when I wear headset, it does get on (blue display gets on). How can I see seamvr media player videos inside headset or anything inside the headset.
  5. Hi. I’m sort of annoyed and confused right now. I ordered a HTC VIVE cosmos even if comments about it were pushing me off buying it due to tracking errors etc. But I bought it out of good will to try it out myself. it came today and I was excited to actually use it. I installed everything. I started using it in the starter area for around half and hour to get used to it (the area with the RC car and such) then all of a sudden my right lens flickered and went black. Then following that was my left lens. Now I have no display whatsoever. I tried everything I’ve been on a ton of websites to see a fix. Bare it in mind this is a brand new device I literally ordered it from PC world. 6 hours later and I’ve honestly given up. The fact I spent £704 on this for it to stop working within the first half hour. I didn’t think it was that bad. I can hear sound. The tracking is perfect. The Controllers connect. Just no display. I’ve unplugged all wires and reseated them. NOTHING so please do not tell me to unplug these wires as I’ve done it a lot. this is honesty so bad considering the price I paid for it. Does anyone have a fix or at least some knowledge on why it’s doing this? Worse thing is I can’t take it to PC world to get a replacement due to them being closed because of COVID.
  6. I have just purchased and set up a Cosmos Elite but the headset has no display and no sound. All units in the box have been through an update to run on the latest firmware, and i can confirm that the headset is tracking correctly. Does anyone have a simple bit of advice in case i have missed something during set up? I am start to think i have been sold a duffer and the headset cable is out of commision
  7. Hey, someone here have the same issue? Recently a lot of green dots have appear in the display of the my htc vive, its the first version, not the pro or the cosmos. they just appear there one day, the vive haven't drop or something, just one day all good, another day, its there :v @Synthesis @VibrantNebula
  8. Hi, I'm working with a HTC Vive Pro Eye headset. I need to know the distance value between the gaze origin and the lens (segment a) and the distance value between the centre of the eye and the lens (segment b) as shown in the schema attached. Is there the possibility to have a documentation with all the other technical specs of the hardware building? Thank you.
  9. I've recently picked up my Vive again after a few months of not using it (last used in early October with no issues), although I've come across strange issues that render every game unplayable, where they weren't before. Every VR piece of software has an unusually high latency even with Legacy reprojection on, and constant display errors where there weren't any before. My system didn't struggle prior, except in Vivecraft - although even then that wasn't wholly unplayable, as with every game regardless of how graphically intensive it is - even Superhot/The Lab/SteamVR home struggle. I've attached some screenshots of the frame timings, where all I am doing is looking "outside" in SteamVR home, causing massive spikes in display errors. The blank space of green in the first image is the default loading screen of SteamVR. The issue persists even if the only running processes are Steam and SteamVR. I am running an i5-4690K with no overclock, an R9 380X with no overclock and 12GB of RAM. I've tried: updating my GPU drivers, rolling back to both a May (20.5.1) and September (20.9.1) version, disabling motion smoothing running Windows Defender for antiviruses, to find none reinstalling bluetooth drivers, disabling bluetooth connection of the lightboxes, reinstalling SteamVR, reinstalling my VR games, reinstalling GPU drivers with a clean post-DDU install, changing from optical sync to cable sync on the lighthouses, changing my link box port from USB 2.0 to 3.0, reinstalling the USB drivers for the VR headset rolling back my CPU overclock from 4Ghz to the default 3.5Ghz and updating my Windows 10 to the latest version. Frankly I have no idea what's going on here. Any help would be appreciated, and let me know if I'm missing any information that could be useful 🙂
  10. Hi all, I'm checking the display timing accuracy of HTC Vive pro and Pro Eye. When I do "Black to White Blank Display Test" that is a test for display timing & duration accuracy, the duration of last frame becomes always much longer. Please see attached image. For example, If white blank is presented for 4 frames (44ms) repeatedly, white blanks should be always 4 frames, but the last white blank become always much longer such as over 100ms. This problem happens in every duration such as 11ms....500ms. My PC is Windows10 64bits with NVIDIA Quadro P5000. Refresh Rate is 90Hz (11ms per 1 frame). Could you tell me the reason why and how to fix it? Thanks
  11. So long story short, i brought a wireless adapter about a year ago, two months into using it the display decided to stop working. I got no joy from HTC or Amazon in terms of support so i just wrote off the cost of it and put it in a cupboard, this bring us to today when i wanted to give it another go and see if i can fix it.... I cannot. The Vive headset works perfectly when using the link box, I have connected it to the link box with both the standard cable and the shorter wireless cable, both provide display, audio and tracking. When i switch to the wireless unit i have used the standard cable and the shorter wireless cable and get tracking, audio, but no display. This says to me the cables are not at fault but rather the wireless unit itself, i do not have the correct sized torx bits to take it apart right now but that is on my list to do. I am on the verge of just buying another wireless unit but do not want to waste a second load of cash if this is just going to come back and haunt me again. Has anyone experienced this issue? if so how did they fix it?
  12. For a little while now, my headset's display has had times where it would glitch out and the display would become pretty wonky. One eye would be normal, while the other would contain a bit of both eyes, I guess? This problem appears to be directly related to the wiring that connects the headset to the linkbox, because if I were to grab a part of the cable and hit it onto the floor, the screen would fix itself and I could continue playing normally. Recently, it got more frequent and has now caused an issue with SteamVR: "Headset Display Disconnected (Error 208). This started to happen likely as a result of the countless number of times the cabling tangled itself, so I'm really not sure what I can do, if anything, at this point. Cheers, Indy
  13. Hello, For a research project, we would like to know the the optical distance between the lenses and display in the Vive Pro headset. Alternatively, the physical distance and the focal power of the lenses (which we would then plug into the lens makers' equation). Could you please advise? Are there specs available online? Brooke @Jad
  14. I have an MSI laptop with a MiniDP. I used an adapter to connect, recently found out it doesn't support 1.2, and failed. I'm now purchasing the Vive recommended 3 foot 1.2 MiniDP-MiniDP. The laptop I am using is an MSI GP73 Leopard 8RE with the 6gb 1060. I have factory reset my laptop as I have read of driver issues, is there anything else I should do or can do?
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