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Found 9 results

  1. When using my Cosmos Elite the display is upside down, I wondered if there was a way to tell my computer to flip the output to the vive. AND I MEAN FLIP I'M WELL AWARE YOU CAN ROTATE, THIS IS USELESS!
  2. UPDATE: The issue has been addressed with Beta released. Here is how to change to the the BETA stream. -------------- There is currently an issue where Cosmos Elite users will get a crash when running applications that were built using Unreal Engine 4.24 or 4.25. We are now tracking the issue and will report back whenever there is an official fix for it. However, you can apply a temporary workaround for the issue as reported here: https://answers.unrealengine.com/questions/953996/does-the-unreal-engine-support-the-cosmos-elite.html The workaround is quite simple but it can't be considered a final fix cause it may impact performances for low-end GPU users. For game/app end users: Just go to %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\{ApplicationName}\Saved\\Config\WindowsNoEditor\ and open (or create if not present) the file Engine.ini. Then add the following lines at the end of the file: [/Script/Engine.RendererSettings] vr.HiddenAreaMask=false For Developers: Do the same thing by editing the file DefaultEngine.ini (config folder) and restart Unreal Engine
  3. I was wondering if the HTC Vive Cosmos will ever get an elite kit that wont make it more expensive than just getting the HTC Vive Cosmos Elite already. I already have the Cosmos and don't wanna shell out another 900 bucks when that is the price of an entirely new headset and all. I don't understand the pricing of this stuff at all. 2 Base stations are $134.99 each, both being $269.98...2 controllers are 129.99 each or 259.98 for both and the faceplate is $199.99. IN TOTAL ALL OF THIS IS $729.96. THAT IS MORE THAN I PAID FOR THE COSMOS ORIGINALLY. If you had to spend the extra money on this stuff just to upgrade this way you would be spending a total of $1,429.95.Why why why is there no upgrade kit. If i had to pay that much just to UPGRADE to the elite I'd rather just get the valve index.
  4. Hello everyone, looking for some help with an error I have been getting lately. The vive console software gives me a "Error 210: The compositor was disconnected. Restart vive console to fix this." To preface, I will go ahead and list my pc specs as well as some troubleshooting steps I have taken so far. I have looked at several threads on this forum for the same issue but no fixes I have found in those have fixed the issue for me. PC specs: CPU- Ryzen 7 3800x. GPU - RTX 3080 10GB. 32gbs of DDR4 memory. Windows 10 64-bit. Vive Cosmos Elite VR headset. Also, I dont know if this matters but I have a 4 monitor setup, my graphics card has 3 display port slots, and 2 hdmi port slots; 2 of my monitors are hooked up by hdmi, 2 are hooked up by display port, VR headset is hooked up by display port. I should also mention that I have had this headset for a few months without issue, but I recently had to reinstall my windows OS. The issue began when i tried to reinstall the vive software after the fresh windows installation. Trouble shooting steps I have tried: 1. Checked and secured all connections. Connections are fine, I have also tried all 3 of the display port slots on the back of my GPU, as well as every USB 3.0 slot available. 2. I have contacted the customer support here. They basically had me reinstall the software from a special link, this was the same installer I was using already. After a fresh installation of the software the error persisted. 3. Someone in another thread recommended that I make sure the PhysX configuration is correct on the NVIDIA control panel. below is a screenshot what it shows. I believe it is setup right but honestly im not for sure on this. 4. I have updated my gpu drivers to the latest version. Someone in another thread said their issue was fixed by updating the VBIOS in NVIDIA control panel. I am honestly not sure how to go about doing this, in the thread they mentioned they contacted the manufacturer of their laptop and they provided them with a update. Although, my VBIOS version is newer than the one they used to fix theirs (they had like version 86.something, mine is 94.something..) Below is a screenshot of my VBIOS version. 5. Another thing I should mention is that when I use the "Display VR View" option on Steam VR, I can see what the headset is supposed to see, even while moving around. Although there is no display showing on the headset. 1 of my base stations is out of commission at the moment while its being repaired, but I was told that one station is fine as long as im on the "A" channel, so I dont think that is causing my issue. After contacting the support team, and trying to reinstall. I was asked for the headsets serial number. Having to have had to return a base station, I assumed the support tech was going to try to get me to send the headset in for repair. I told him to hold off on that for now while I tried to find a solution on this forum. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance.
  5. Howdy. A quick question, can you access Origin using Vive tracking system but with Valve controllers or not? Thanks Fink.
  6. Hello. I need help with my controllers, they don't track traffic. Tried unpairing, disable and enable, uninstall and install SteamVR + Vive, install software on another computer, driver updates, computer format. Nothing works, the controllers are still fully charged, paired correctly (green light), but it gets information that the controllers are not tracking movement. I have HTC Vive Cosmos Elite, 2x Base Stations 2.0, 2x HTC Controller (gray) - All new from the store.
  7. Day one with the elite was a win! Family and I had a blast with saber, but how much better would it be for those not playing to watch on the big screen! Advice on the best way to mirror/project Vive view & sound to the TV? Laptop: GU502LW Sound: HEOS through Marantz receiver. TV: LG C8PUA 4K HDR Smart OLED TV w/ AI ThinQ®
  8. Hey all! Got a Vive Cosmos Elite today and I'm either A: Having the Vive work well from a hardware perspective BUT the X and Y axis are BOTH mirrored so not only is the image upside down but the text is backwards! B: The same as A but the WHOLE HEADSET is flickering white. Usually if I reset the headset a few times (Reseating cables then running a reset from the Vive console) it EVENTUALLY works but I've yet to track down WHAT causes or fixes it I've tried researching but all I've found is a forum post that's ongoing between a few people and who I'm guessing are Vive Devs going "Huh that's weird" Anyone encounter this yet and figured out a workaround?
  9. It would be good to hear what new users of the Cosmos Elite think of it. I'm sure it will be a great addition to the Vive Cosmos lineup.
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