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Found 3 results

  1. HI! I'm using HTC Vive Pro Eye in Unity with SRanipal to track user's ocular movementes. I can save at 120HZ gaze direction from both eyes. Gaze Direction is a vector3 that return data between -1 and 1.Is it possible to covert this value in pixels? Best Regards, Mattia
  2. I want to perform something like the video Raycasting video where using raycasting , I could get the object display name in unreal. In this video, I used first person camera to get the world Location and world rotation. Now, I would like to do the same using user gaze data to observe at which objects the user is gazing currently. I have used many blueprints using getGazedata but nothing seems to be working efficiently like the video above. I have attached a blueprint as an example of what I am currently trying to do. Gazedata blueprint Please tell me how can I get something like the video above using the Sranipal eye tracking data using blueprints in unreal.
  3. Hi, I am trying to convert gaze direction into angle. However, I cannot find any information regarding the explanation about normalized gaze diretion x, y, and z. What does this normalized gaze direction mean ? is it in radian or what ? is it in the range -1 and 1 ? Is there a way to convert directly into angle ? Thanks for your help in advance Ihshan
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