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  1. Hi, I have some questions/problem about the Focus3's Wrist Trackers, just got my 2 trackers today, and plan to use those for 'object' tracking questions : -Could we have the geometric tracking ref for those? (rotation centers, and "0" position.... we just need this info instead of 'bad' measurements) -Why provide an object tracker if you can only link 2 trackers to the HMD ? (make no sense to have Hand/controller tracking OR object tracking, cause of course we need both at the same time) -Is there any possible input on those trackers ? (OG vive trackers had some possible connection for buttons/trigger/ect and a possible com link with USB.... At this point, i seen NONE of this on the 'wrist tracker'.... does it mean i have to dev mysel a BT/Wifi board and a complete api in order to get a simple 'button' on a tracked object?) -Is there any 'official' documentation for those trackers ? I'm looking for a 'real' project description for this kind of use case all i find on HTC's website is using 'OG trackers'
  2. Hello, I am trying to access files on the local storage of the Focus 3, namely the Download, DCIM or any folder accessible when connecting the headset to a computer. I am using the PermissionManager from the Wave SDK to request the permissions READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE & WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE (PermissionManager.instance.isPermissionGranted return true for both these permissions), I also added the following lines in the AndroidManifest.xml <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE" /> <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE" /> but I get the following error when I try to access to the folder: 2022/01/19 18:42:26.516 7851 7893 Error Unity IOException: Permission denied 2022/01/19 18:42:26.516 7851 7893 Error Unity Rethrow as UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path '/storage/emulated/0/DCIM' is denied. 2022/01/19 18:42:26.516 7851 7893 Error Unity at System.IO.Enumeration.FileSystemEnumerator`1[TResult].CreateDirectoryHandle (System.String path, System.Boolean ignoreNotFound) [0x00000] in <00000000000000000000000000000000>:0 2022/01/19 18:42:26.516 7851 7893 Error Unity at System.IO.Enumeration.FileSystemEnumerator`1[TResult]..ctor (System.String directory, System.IO.EnumerationOptions options) [0x00000] in <00000000000000000000000000000000>:0 2022/01/19 18:42:26.516 7851 7893 Error Unity at System.IO.Enumeration.FileSystemEnumerable`1+DelegateEnumerator[TResult]..ctor (System.IO.Enumeration.FileSystemEnumerable`1[TResult] enumerable) [0x00000] in <00000000000000000000000000000000>:0 2022/01/19 18:42:26.516 7851 7893 Error Unity at System.IO.Enumeration.FileSystemEnumerable`1[TResult]..ctor (System.String directory, System.IO.Enumeration.FileSystemEnumerable`1+FindTransform[TResult] transform, System.IO.EnumerationOptions options) [0x00000] in <00000000000000000000000000000000>:0 2022/01/19 18:42:26.516 7851 7893 Error Unity at System.IO.Enumeration.FileSystemEnumerableFactory.UserFiles (Syst Has someone else succesfully access these folders? Am I missing something? Thanks in advance for the help. @Alex_HTC
  3. VIVE Manager for android - 1.0.32 – release notes Released May 13th, 2022 What’s new Now supports casting to phone directly with the latest VIVE Manager (Focus 3 software 3.0.999.418 or later is required). Now supports enterprise features for easier and faster LBE SLAM map creation. Enhancements and bug fixes Fixed an issue where username input field may not work when setting Wi-Fi. Stability improvements. Enterprise features* [Enterprise feature] Show Tracking map capacity ratio when creating map [Enterprise feature] Supports uploading ArUco profile to HMD (HMD needs to be customized accordingly with this feature). [Enterprise feature] Supports quick play area creation with HMD floor height, boundary size and forward direction. *Note: For details, please contact HTC sales through https://business.vive.com
  4. In my organization we recently got an LBE config package for Focus 3. After following all of the steps to enroll our devices, I cannot start creating a map since it is a feature that requires the mobile app device manager to work with. My problem is that our LBE config disables the headset button, which is necessary to finish the pairing process with a phone. So we can never finish pairing a headset with device manager since the headset button is not responding and we cannot confirm the pairing process. If i pair with Vive manager before enrolling the device to LBE, it will never show the "Enterprise features" option in settings. Even after having enrolled the Focus3 on LBE mode. Thank you very much in advance for your help
  5. Hello, I'm having a problem getting Unreal projects using OpenXR running on the Focus 3. (I'm in the beta program.) In 4.26, 4.27 and 5.0, I get the following behavior: Launching appears to work, editor popup says "Running [project] on [device]", but nothing appears in the HMD Builds package and install to the Focus 3, but they aren't detected as normal - they appear under the 2D section of the Library Any guidance? Thanks.
  6. Hey, I'm very happy to get in touch and also hopefully get some feedback/help. We are currently experiencing couple of issues when porting our application to Focus 3 using the WaveVR plugin for Unreal Engine. We might be able to workaround some of them but it would be great to know if they are known, solved or any thoughts on the matter. Setup Unreal Engine 4.26 - WaveVR Plugin 4.1.1-r.3.1 - OpenGL ES rendering backend VIVE Focus 3 Devkit - system 2.0.999.132 kernel 4.19.81-perf-dirty Issues Whenever a Text Input field is focused an overlay input box appears and the screen darkens even though we have our virtual keyboard input system in place. Also this overlay is not properly stereoscopically rendered, appears in both eyes separately and is flipped upside down. We could never see it whole but it looks like some blank default with just an Input field and OK/Cancel Buttons. I struggled to connect our DevKit to the PC correctly only to find out that some of USB ports don't interface with the device at all. There is a post on this forums that mentions that system version 3.+ would solve this issue and should be already release. The post was quite old and my device is still telling me that it is running the latest version of the system which is 2.0.999.132. Do I have an outdated device? Changing WorldToMeters setting in the WorldSettings does not update the HMD transformation. We are using this value on other platforms to scale the world around the player up or down appropriately to his needs. Is there a way to debug running application on the device? Our shipping builds are randomly crashing in the OpenGL ES rendering backend. This is the issue we might not be able to workaround and I'm struggling to find out what is causing it. It looks like texture streaming code might suffer some race condition? Our project doesn't use anything fancy, no complex materials, only simple opaque and masked, no crazy texture swapping or custom render passes. The engine is clean without modifications. Any clue or idea is very welcome. 07-27 21:18:42.423 25459 25459 F DEBUG : Build fingerprint: 'HTC/kona/kona:10/QKQ1.210319.001/2557:user/release-keys' 07-27 21:18:42.423 25459 25459 F DEBUG : Revision: '0' 07-27 21:18:42.423 25459 25459 F DEBUG : ABI: 'arm64' 07-27 21:18:42.424 25459 25459 F DEBUG : Timestamp: 2021-07-27 21:18:42+0200 07-27 21:18:42.424 25459 25459 F DEBUG : pid: 23105, tid: 23289, name: RenderThread >>> com.mai.bodymap <<< 07-27 21:18:42.424 25459 25459 F DEBUG : uid: 10138 07-27 21:18:42.424 25459 25459 F DEBUG : signal 11 (SIGSEGV), code 1 (SEGV_MAPERR), fault addr 0x8 07-27 21:18:42.424 25459 25459 F DEBUG : Cause: null pointer dereference 07-27 21:18:42.424 25459 25459 F DEBUG : x0 0000000000000000 x1 0000007d99794240 x2 0000000000000000 x3 0000000000000000 07-27 21:18:42.424 25459 25459 F DEBUG : x4 0000007cd3dc0580 x5 0000000000000000 x6 00000000ffff7aea x7 00000000ffff7aeb 07-27 21:18:42.424 25459 25459 F DEBUG : x8 0000000000000000 x9 0000000000000000 x10 0000000000000001 x11 0000000000000058 07-27 21:18:42.424 25459 25459 F DEBUG : x12 0000007d310cd1e8 x13 0000007cd3dc0580 x14 00000000ffff88cb x15 000000000000806f 07-27 21:18:42.424 25459 25459 F DEBUG : x16 0000007d9144ad58 x17 0000007e2d83d080 x18 0000000000000038 x19 0000007d99794240 07-27 21:18:42.424 25459 25459 F DEBUG : x20 0000007d310cb140 x21 0000007d08c5f708 x22 0000000000000001 x23 0000000000000000 07-27 21:18:42.424 25459 25459 F DEBUG : x24 0000000000000000 x25 0000000000000001 x26 0000000000000000 x27 00000000ffffffff 07-27 21:18:42.424 25459 25459 F DEBUG : x28 0000000000000000 x29 0000007d08c5f6e0 07-27 21:18:42.424 25459 25459 F DEBUG : sp 0000007d08c5f550 lr 0000007d911db3b8 pc 0000007d911db3d8 07-27 21:18:42.487 25459 25459 F DEBUG : 07-27 21:18:42.487 25459 25459 F DEBUG : backtrace: 07-27 21:18:42.487 25459 25459 F DEBUG : #00 pc 000000000020e3d8 /vendor/lib64/egl/libGLESv2_adreno.so (!!!0000!4ecf3032464df959aad423cba1a73c!6a8731606c!+456) (BuildId: 3331a15a9595b2e7053655a8f2b8b19b) 07-27 21:18:42.487 25459 25459 F DEBUG : #01 pc 0000000000225eac /vendor/lib64/egl/libGLESv2_adreno.so (!!!0000!8a230fae9f27181d9d97eb278ea540!6a8731606c!+220) (BuildId: 3331a15a9595b2e7053655a8f2b8b19b) 07-27 21:18:42.487 25459 25459 F DEBUG : #02 pc 0000000000131188 /vendor/lib64/egl/libGLESv2_adreno.so (glCompressedTexSubImage2D+144) (BuildId: 3331a15a9595b2e7053655a8f2b8b19b) 07-27 21:18:42.487 25459 25459 F DEBUG : #03 pc 00000000089429e4 /data/app/com.mai.bodymap-962817ni2jt3PKrf6AU6bw==/lib/arm64/libUE4.so (TOpenGLTexture<FOpenGLBaseTexture2D>::Unlock(unsigned int, unsigned int)+580) (BuildId: 6c875daccdc7e65c57d4cc0664fa4156f17e40d0) 07-27 21:18:42.487 25459 25459 F DEBUG : #04 pc 0000000008946b94 /data/app/com.mai.bodymap-962817ni2jt3PKrf6AU6bw==/lib/arm64/libUE4.so (FOpenGLDynamicRHI::UnlockTexture2D_RenderThread(FRHICommandListImmediate&, FRHITexture2D*, unsigned int, bool, bool)+768) (BuildId: 6c875daccdc7e65c57d4cc0664fa4156f17e40d0) 07-27 21:18:42.487 25459 25459 F DEBUG : #05 pc 00000000083560d4 /data/app/com.mai.bodymap-962817ni2jt3PKrf6AU6bw==/lib/arm64/libUE4.so (FTexture2DStreamIn::DoUnlockNewMips(FTexture2DUpdateContext const&)+188) (BuildId: 6c875daccdc7e65c57d4cc0664fa4156f17e40d0) 07-27 21:18:42.487 25459 25459 F DEBUG : #06 pc 0000000008368fd4 /data/app/com.mai.bodymap-962817ni2jt3PKrf6AU6bw==/lib/arm64/libUE4.so (FTexture2DStreamIn_IO_AsyncReallocate::Finalize(FTexture2DUpdateContext const&)+180) (BuildId: 6c875daccdc7e65c57d4cc0664fa4156f17e40d0) 07-27 21:18:42.487 25459 25459 F DEBUG : #07 pc 000000000836aa00 /data/app/com.mai.bodymap-962817ni2jt3PKrf6AU6bw==/lib/arm64/libUE4.so (TRenderAssetUpdate<FTexture2DUpdateContext>::TickInternal(FRenderAssetUpdate::EThreadType, bool)+528) (BuildId: 6c875daccdc7e65c57d4cc0664fa4156f17e40d0) 07-27 21:18:42.487 25459 25459 F DEBUG : #08 pc 0000000008360e3c /data/app/com.mai.bodymap-962817ni2jt3PKrf6AU6bw==/lib/arm64/libUE4.so (BuildId: 6c875daccdc7e65c57d4cc0664fa4156f17e40d0) 07-27 21:18:42.487 25459 25459 F DEBUG : #09 pc 0000000008360f9c /data/app/com.mai.bodymap-962817ni2jt3PKrf6AU6bw==/lib/arm64/libUE4.so (BuildId: 6c875daccdc7e65c57d4cc0664fa4156f17e40d0) 07-27 21:18:42.487 25459 25459 F DEBUG : #10 pc 0000000005b92e58 /data/app/com.mai.bodymap-962817ni2jt3PKrf6AU6bw==/lib/arm64/libUE4.so (FNamedTaskThread::ProcessTasksNamedThread(int, bool)+244) (BuildId: 6c875daccdc7e65c57d4cc0664fa4156f17e40d0) 07-27 21:18:42.487 25459 25459 F DEBUG : #11 pc 0000000005b929d8 /data/app/com.mai.bodymap-962817ni2jt3PKrf6AU6bw==/lib/arm64/libUE4.so (FNamedTaskThread::ProcessTasksUntilQuit(int)+108) (BuildId: 6c875daccdc7e65c57d4cc0664fa4156f17e40d0) 07-27 21:18:42.487 25459 25459 F DEBUG : #12 pc 00000000065d607c /data/app/com.mai.bodymap-962817ni2jt3PKrf6AU6bw==/lib/arm64/libUE4.so (FRenderingThread::Run()+132) (BuildId: 6c875daccdc7e65c57d4cc0664fa4156f17e40d0) 07-27 21:18:42.487 25459 25459 F DEBUG : #13 pc 0000000005c090a0 /data/app/com.mai.bodymap-962817ni2jt3PKrf6AU6bw==/lib/arm64/libUE4.so (FRunnableThreadPThread::Run()+96) (BuildId: 6c875daccdc7e65c57d4cc0664fa4156f17e40d0) 07-27 21:18:42.487 25459 25459 F DEBUG : #14 pc 0000000005b91530 /data/app/com.mai.bodymap-962817ni2jt3PKrf6AU6bw==/lib/arm64/libUE4.so (FRunnableThreadPThread::_ThreadProc(void*)+68) (BuildId: 6c875daccdc7e65c57d4cc0664fa4156f17e40d0) 07-27 21:18:42.487 25459 25459 F DEBUG : #15 pc 00000000000e68a0 /apex/com.android.runtime/lib64/bionic/libc.so (__pthread_start(void*)+36) (BuildId: 21847aa9757f000b0461310a9f5e6e51) 07-27 21:18:42.487 25459 25459 F DEBUG : #16 pc 0000000000084b6c /apex/com.android.runtime/lib64/bionic/libc.so (__start_thread+64) (BuildId: 21847aa9757f000b0461310a9f5e6e51) Any feedback or help would be much appreciated. Thank you!
  7. Hi all, Just posting to look for any guidance about an issue we've recently run into with APKs we're building for the Focus 3 in Unity. A while ago we updated our Editor version to 2020.3.33 from 2020.3.26 and nothing seemed to break. However, I've since realized that APKs we build in anything 2020.3.33 or newer (including 2021.x releases) seem to soft-lock the Focus 3 headset into a black screen if this is the first time an APK with that namespace is being launched on that headset. If we build an APK with the same namespace in 2020.3.26 and launch it for the first time, all of the proper permissions dialogues, folder structures, etc. seem to execute correctly and we are then safe to install APKs built in newer versions of Unity over the previous version. But, if we were to delete the version installed on the headset at any time and then attempt a fresh install with the newer versions, the issue will persist and the only way to regain control of the headset is by cycling the power. If these builds were just for internal-use only it wouldn't be a huge deal to just make note of this going forward and tough it out, but we need to upgrade Unity versions to make use of some of the features in 2021.x soon and any new builds that we try to push out via the VIVE Business Device Management System will break on any headsets we are enrolling for the first time. I'm going to try reaching out to Unity about this as well but was wondering if anyone here had any similar troubles or if anyone from HTC would be able to hazard a guess about what may be going on under the hood and if there may be a way around it. Thanks!
  8. Direct preview doesn't preview in the Focus 3 headset. The preview works but only in the Unity editor window. The headset view says connecting... Is this an intended behavior? or Am I missing anything here?
  9. Direct preview + Focus 3 works but Main Camera pose is inaccurate. It is way low than where it should be. But when I build, the camera position is at a good height. Am I missing anything?
  10. Hello, I have a Focus 3, and I want to develop on it using Unity. The only issue now is that I cannot use the headset directly in Play Mode, and building everytime I want to test something is tedious. I tried the Direct Preview, over Wifi and USB, and the connection always Timeout. I tried using Vive Business Streaming over SteamVR as well but to no avail (using SteamVR as the OpenXR execution environment). I use: - Unity 2020.3.29f1 with OpenXR and WaveXR checked in the XR Management System. SteamVR being the Play Mode OpenXR Runtime. - VIVE Wave XR Plugin - Essence 4.4.0-r.8 GPU: NVidia Quadro P5200 (in the nvidia control pannel, all of steam, vive and unity softwares are already set to use the GPU only) CPU: Intel i9-8950HK How can I do to dev and test pleasantly ? Thanks and have a nice day, cheers.
  11. Hello. On previous headset models (tested on Focus plus), the Unity Monobehaviour method "OnApplicationPause" was called when taking off & putting back on the headset. It seems to not be the caseanymore with the Focus 3. Same thing for "OnApplicationFocus". Is there another way to know when the user is taking off the headset?
  12. Apk downloads normally, but when installing starts, 2d system window pops up so i can't do anything. How it can be fixed? Help please This is installing script. AndroidJavaClass unityPlayer = new AndroidJavaClass("com.unity3d.player.UnityPlayer"); AndroidJavaObject currentActivity = unityPlayer.GetStatic<AndroidJavaObject>("currentActivity"); AndroidJavaObject unityContext = currentActivity.Call<AndroidJavaObject>("getApplicationContext"); string packageName = unityContext.Call<string>("getPackageName"); string authority = packageName + ".provider"; AndroidJavaClass intentObj = new AndroidJavaClass("android.content.Intent"); string ACTION_VIEW = intentObj.GetStatic<string>("ACTION_VIEW"); AndroidJavaObject intent = new AndroidJavaObject("android.content.Intent", ACTION_VIEW); int FLAG_ACTIVITY_NEW_TASK = intentObj.GetStatic<int>("FLAG_ACTIVITY_NEW_TASK"); int FLAG_GRANT_READ_URI_PERMISSION = intentObj.GetStatic<int>("FLAG_GRANT_READ_URI_PERMISSION"); AndroidJavaObject fileObj = new AndroidJavaObject("java.io.File", apkPath); AndroidJavaClass fileProvider = new AndroidJavaClass("androidx.core.content.FileProvider"); AndroidJavaObject uri = fileProvider.CallStatic<AndroidJavaObject>("getUriForFile", unityContext, authority, fileObj); intent.Call<AndroidJavaObject>("setDataAndType", uri, "application/vnd.android.package-archive"); intent.Call<AndroidJavaObject>("addFlags", FLAG_ACTIVITY_NEW_TASK); intent.Call<AndroidJavaObject>("addFlags", FLAG_GRANT_READ_URI_PERMISSION); currentActivity.Call("startActivity", intent);
  13. Hi everyone Are there any models available for the Vive Focus 3 controllers. Ive checked the Steam VR controllers folder: steamapps\common\SteamVR\resources\rendermodels Searched through the Wave SDK. Looked around this forum and the broader internet. The only Focus 3 model I can find is on TurboSquid. Are there any official models we can use for the controllers? Maybe in one of the other SDKs? Thanks
  14. Hi, i am trying to use the hand tracking in Focus 3 in my UE4 (4.26) project built for Steam VR. Before i start streaming form PC via cable, tha handtracking works well in the lobby, the blue hands move smoothly. Also when packaging the project for Android the tracking works well. But when i am streaming (using the ViveHandTrackingGameMode with the ViveHandTrackingPawn or the WaveVRPawn) it looks like there isn't any hand detection. Please help - how should i set it up? Thanks, Piotr
  15. So I have a VIVE Focus 3 and I wanted to develop an app using the Wave SDK for Unreal. The problem is, that when I plug in the VIVE into my PC, my PC doesn't recognize it. What I've tried: - Turning on "USB Compatibility Mode" - Using different USB cables - Using different USB ports - Using different Computers Is this a common issue? How do I solve it? PS: Using other standalone VR headsets like the Pico Neo 3 or the Oculus Quest works just fine.
  16. Just got the VIVE Focus 3 and am excited to start developing on it. However, I cannot get past the initial set-up as when I get to the part where you have to point a raycast from the controllers to the UI to choose a Wi-Fi network to connect to, the raycasts never show up. I've tried factory resetting the headset, plugging in the controllers, replacing the batteries, but nothing I do will make the controllers' raycast show up for me to complete set-up. The controllers will show up as connected and paired to the headset, but beyond that they don't work. I have a suspicion that the system updates I downloaded through the app before doing the set-up the first time might not have installed correctly and maybe corrupted the software, but really I'm just guessing as to why the controllers won't work. Any suggestions of how to fix this problem or to get a fast repair going would be appreciated.
  17. I design and develop VR Training apps for the Health sector in the UK and have developed a test version of a new app using the XR Interaction Toolkit using Unity 2020.3.25f1 LTS which I can build and run on both Quest2 and Pico Neo 3 VR headsets without any problem. However after following all of the documented Vive instructions - installing the Vive Wave XR Plug-in with recomended Player settings, the resulting APK installed following the https://business.vive.com/uk/support/focus3/category_howto/installing-apk-on-headset.html instructions, the VR app just shows as a black landscape block and then a portrait transparent block with the Exit/Close X on the bottom. Also happens for a simple scene with just a camera and cube in. I was hoping to run a comparision on the new app across the three headsets and it will be a shame if I can only do with the Quest 2 and Pico Neo 3 headsets for which the VR app runs really well, there are much more detailed and simpler instructions and I experienced no issues. Here are screengrabs showing the issue and Unity settings.
  18. Has anyone successfully installed MobileIron MDM on Focus 3 and used it yet? We tried to install the MDM app following Focus 3's batch configuration process, but in the end we can't find any MDM Setup option in Advanced Settings. We do see that the app is installed when we check storage in settings, as shown in the attached image. But there is no MDM Setup option in Advanced Setting menu.
  19. Hi all, What is the best practice in updating an Focus 3 enterprise app that is installed through batch configuration? We want to avoid asking our enterprise users to create personal Vive accounts, but it is looking like a Vive account is required to update Focus 3 from store. Installing the updated app by going through the batch configuration process again seems to be the only way to install an app update without using Vive accounts, but this is not scalable. Is there an viable alternative to update Focus 3 enterprise app without using a Vive account?
  20. Hi, Having issues with the Focus 3 packaging in Unreal. Using UE4 (4.26) and I've tried both Latest version and 4.0.0 of the Wave plugin with no luck. I can't preview and when I try to build or package to headset I'm met with this line that I would assume is causing the issue. LogPlayLevel: Error: C:/Users/Name/Documents/Unreal Projects/SDK400/Plugins/plugin/Plugins/WaveVR/Source/WaveVR/Private/WaveVRRender.cpp(329,62): error: operator '?:' has lower precedence than '|'; '|' will be evaluated first [-Werror,-Wbitwise-conditional-parentheses] I'll attach the rest of the output log. Anyway currently trying to use UE4 (4.26) and Wave Plugin version (4.0.0) I've double triple checked the install but, could use a little guidance, saw an article about VS 2017 being better for compiling so I'm also currently using 2017. Oh also using a USB cable. Any guidance or help would be appreciated. Thank you. SDK400.log
  21. Unity Version - 2020.1.17f1 URP - 8.3.1, Single Pass Vive Wave XR - I've attempted all of them. 4.0.0 - r28, r39 and 4.1.0-preview 5.1 Vive System Version - 3.0.999.124 Wave SDK Version - 4.1.0-u4 Everything now renders as pink due to removed shaders. Deployment to device provided no issues until Monday afternoon(probably deployed .apk to device over 20 times without issue and shaders/materials rendered properly). To my knowledge, I made no changes to any graphics settings, shader stripping, etc. 2021/07/21 15:16:38.725 10355 10393 Error Unity Unable to find libGfxWXRUnity 2021/07/21 15:16:44.781 10355 10393 Debug Unity Shader 'Universal Render Pipeline/Particles/Lit': fallback shader 'Universal Render Pipeline/Particles/SimpleLit' not found 2021/07/21 15:16:44.781 10355 10393 Debug Unity WARNING: Shader 2021/07/21 15:16:44.781 10355 10393 Debug Unity Unsupported: 'Universal Render Pipeline/Particles/Lit' - All subshaders removed 2021/07/21 15:16:44.781 10355 10393 Debug Unity WARNING: Shader 2021/07/21 15:16:44.781 10355 10393 Debug Unity Did you use #pragma only_renderers and omit this platform? 2021/07/21 15:16:44.781 10355 10393 Debug Unity WARNING: Shader 2021/07/21 15:16:44.781 10355 10393 Debug Unity If subshaders removal was intentional, you may have forgotten turning Fallback off? 2021/07/21 15:16:44.781 10355 10393 Debug Unity WARNING: Shader 2021/07/21 15:16:44.781 10355 10393 Debug Unity Unsupported: 'Universal Render Pipeline/Particles/Lit' - All subshaders removed 2021/07/21 15:16:44.781 10355 10393 Debug Unity WARNING: Shader Unfortunately, the file upload is not working. Graphics links below. forward renderer https://www.dropbox.com/s/kpervnhrciptb5b/forward_renderer.png?dl=0 graphics https://www.dropbox.com/s/nt39gci0cjfog8r/graphicssettings.png?dl=0 urp https://www.dropbox.com/s/4lpwx04quj98jlp/urp-renderer.png?dl=0 wave sdk https://www.dropbox.com/s/ys6c6yjpibwslu4/wavesdk_settings.png?dl=0
  22. VIVE Focus 3 Software 3.0.999.172 –Release Notes Released September 8th 2021 What’s new Sideload APKs to internal storage or SD card and install them through Settings > Storage > File browser Added support for more USB chipsets by adding USB compatibility mode in Settings > Advanced *Enable this mode only when your PC can’t detect the headset via USB Enhancements and fixes Made the power menu always accessible when pressing and holding the Headset button Fixed a bug where keyboard wouldn’t open during sign-in Applied bug fixes to screen recording function and out of boundary detection Hand tracking (for developers) Improved hand tracking gesture recognition, including pinch and cross hands Software customization service Added options to disable menus, notifications, and button events Added support for customizing tracking systems Added support for MDM client installation via specific batch configuration by HTC *Enterprise customization options will be available soon on a trial basis. For details, please contact HTC sales through https://business.vive.com/ *You can get a trial version of your customized VIVE Focus 3 software after signing an evaluation agreement with HTC. Your VIVE Focus 3 software also needs to be configured first using HTC's enterprise tool.
  23. VIVE Focus 3 Software 3.0.999.152 – Release Notes Released August 18th 2021 What’s new Added a quit content button in the VIVE menu Added functionality to quickly re-center the Library and dashboard when they’re out of bound Added USB Media Transfer Protocol support for both PC and Mac *Mac users will need to install the Android File Transfer tool first. File browser now supports file transfer between external storage and internal storage, as well as viewing of screenshots, and playback of screen recordings directly from Settings > Storage > Capture Added USB On The Go support for external storage devices Enhancements and Fixes Improved controller tracking and optimized performance when controllers are close to the sides of the headset Fixed an issue where controller sometimes could not reconnect during headset setup after factory reset Fixed an issue where screen recording time wasn’t displaying correctly Fixed an issue where casted screen appeared upside down briefly while switching between apps Fixed an issue where charging indicator showed incorrect status when the power adapter was unplugged Updates in Wave SDK 4.1.1 (for developers) Supported 2-stage pipeline Set render thread to low when display is off Added new button animation for touch/press/trigger events Added a new API to set screen protection [Overlay] Allow developers to show pass-through underlying scene in Mixed Reality applications
  24. I've got a project that I am deploying to Focus 3, but I cannot get the controllers to render in device (rendering occurs in editor). I've tried overriding the RenderModelHook but nothing seems to be working. Input works and both the reticule and guideline are rendering correctly. Using Unity 2020.3.11 Using VUI 1.13.2 'Empty' project with reproduced error available. Is Focus 3 just not supported yet for this feature?
  25. VIVE Focus 3 Software 3.0.999.134 – Release Notes Released August 4th 2021 Enhancements Improved headset tracking Optimized fan curve of the headset Hand tracking (for developers) Added a reminder to turn on hand tracking in connectivity settings when launching VR titles that support this feature Improved hand tracking, including pinch and finger occlusion Fixes Fixed the interface to show the correct screen recording icon after resuming from sleep mode Fixed a potential issue that sometimes occurred wherein pass-through showed a black screen when users resume the device from a different play area
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