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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, HTC Vive Pro, i have successfully used SRWorks SDK to call the front-facing cameras of HTC Vive Pro Eye, the video stream shown in my unity is clear with high resolutoin, while in my headset it is very fuzzy with many particles. Is this caused by the device itself or do i need to adjust the camera? Could you tell me how to fix that? Thank you a lot! @Daniel_Y @reneeclchen
  2. Hello, I'm using Vive Pro Eye headset with Unity and SR Works SDK for an Augmented Reality project. I would like to get the stream video experienced through the front facing cameras and then apply to it some processing tecnique to have a real time modified aspect of the real world. Do you know where I can get the video stream and how I can use it? I have already read the documentation provided by SRWorks and the previous topics but I didn't find a solution. Thank you!
  3. Hello, I'm using the VIVE Pro Eye headset for a project in Unity (version 2019.4.11) in Augmented Reality with the SR Work SDK. To get the outside world through the front facing cameras in pass-through modality I have Imported the SRwork_FrameWork prefab in my Unity Project. I have to obtain the stream video and apply to it some image processing rendering. I suppose I have to search in the scripts related to the SRwork_FrameWork prefab, anyway I can't understand where in these scripts I can get the stream video information and where it is saved. I searched in the previous topics but there was nothing suitable for me. Can someone help me solve this problem? Thank you.
  4. Dear community, When I use the Vive Pro as the see-through mode working on the Plugin-Unity-, the horizontal plane is leaned. The Experience-Unity- has a mode to calibrate the front cameras, and the settings may be saved to a registry for the Vive Pro using ViveSR_DualCameraCalibrationTool. But, I think that the settings are not be loaded in my project working on the Plugin-Unity- Please let me how to enable the calibration on the Plugin-Unity- My setup is as follows: ・Windows 10 64bit ・SRWorks v. ・Nvidia RTX 2080 Thanks in advance for all your help. @Daniel_Y @reneeclchen
  5. Hey, I'm trying to get SRWorks working on Unity so I can access the front cameras on an HTV Vive Pro. After I import the SRWorks package, open the sample scene and hit play, my Unity editor stops responding. Occasionally when I reopen the project there'll be an error suggesting there was a memory overflow (not to mention my memory rocketing to 96% lol). I'm running this on Unity 2019.2.10f1. Has anyone seen this problem before, or know how I can solve this and get SRWorks working? Thank you @Daniel_Y @Corvus
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