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  1. Hi All, I am fairly new to VR eye tracking and have run into a block, I am trying to output some data into a file and every time that I test this out Unity seems to freeze up I also get errors with System.IO and I could really use some help. (I have included my code to make it easier) Thank you in advance using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; using UnityEngine; using UnityEngine.SceneManagement; using System; using System.IO; using Valve.VR; using Valve.VR.InteractionSystem; using ViveSR.anipal.Eye; using System.Runtime.InteropServices; using TMPro; public class TrackPlayer : MonoBehaviour { // Object references for use public GameObject playerObj = null; public GameObject attractorRef = null; public Rigidbody attractorrb; public Camera playercamera; // Participant Order public string UserID; public static string participantName; public static string Path = Directory.GetCurrentDirectory(); string File_Path; // Distance between variable public float DistanceBetweenAandB; // Attractor animation controls private float speed = 0f; public Animator deerAnimator; // Eye data variables private static EyeData eyeData = new EyeData(); private static bool eye_callback_registered = false; //Debug text display public TMP_Text uiText; private float updateSpeed = 0; private static float lastTime, currentTime; // Gaze Directon varibales private static Vector3 Eyeposition; // private static UInt64 eye_valid_L, eye_valid_R; // The bits explaining the validity of eye data. private static float openness_L, openness_R; // The level of eye openness. private static float pupil_diameter_L, pupil_diameter_R; // Diameter of pupil dilation. private static Vector2 pos_sensor_L, pos_sensor_R; // Positions of pupils. // Focus information vairables private static Ray testRay; private static FocusInfo focusInfo; // Variables that control how fast to report data back private float nextActionTime = 0.0f; public float period = .08f; private static int cnt_callback = 0; private const int maxframe_count = 120 * 1800; private void Start() { UserID = participantName; SRanipal_Eye_v2.LaunchEyeCalibration(); // Perform calibration for eye tracking just before running actual experiement. File_Path = Directory.GetCurrentDirectory() + "\\Test_" + participantName + ".txt"; Debug.Log(File_Path); if (participantName == "") { participantName = "Blank"; // make sure to fill in particpant ID } if (File.Exists(File_Path)) { Debug.Log("File with the same UserID already exists. Please change the UserID in the C# code."); // When the same file name is found, we stop playing Unity. if (UnityEditor.EditorApplication.isPlaying) { UnityEditor.EditorApplication.isPlaying = false; } } } // Update is called once per frame void Update() { //PlayerPositionTracking(); if (SRanipal_Eye_Framework.Status != SRanipal_Eye_Framework.FrameworkStatus.WORKING) return; if (SRanipal_Eye_Framework.Instance.EnableEyeDataCallback == true && eye_callback_registered == false) { SRanipal_Eye.WrapperRegisterEyeDataCallback(Marshal.GetFunctionPointerForDelegate((SRanipal_Eye.CallbackBasic)EyeCallback)); eye_callback_registered = true; } else if (SRanipal_Eye_Framework.Instance.EnableEyeDataCallback == false && eye_callback_registered == true) { SRanipal_Eye.WrapperUnRegisterEyeDataCallback(Marshal.GetFunctionPointerForDelegate((SRanipal_Eye.CallbackBasic)EyeCallback)); eye_callback_registered = false; } Vector3 GazeOriginCombinedLocal, GazeDirectionCombinedLocal; if (eye_callback_registered) { if (SRanipal_Eye.GetGazeRay(GazeIndex.COMBINE, out GazeOriginCombinedLocal, out GazeDirectionCombinedLocal, eyeData)) { } else if (SRanipal_Eye.GetGazeRay(GazeIndex.LEFT, out GazeOriginCombinedLocal, out GazeDirectionCombinedLocal, eyeData)) { } else if (SRanipal_Eye.GetGazeRay(GazeIndex.RIGHT, out GazeOriginCombinedLocal, out GazeDirectionCombinedLocal, eyeData)) { } else return; } else { if (SRanipal_Eye.GetGazeRay(GazeIndex.COMBINE, out GazeOriginCombinedLocal, out GazeDirectionCombinedLocal)) { } else if (SRanipal_Eye.GetGazeRay(GazeIndex.LEFT, out GazeOriginCombinedLocal, out GazeDirectionCombinedLocal)) { } else if (SRanipal_Eye.GetGazeRay(GazeIndex.RIGHT, out GazeOriginCombinedLocal, out GazeDirectionCombinedLocal)) { } else return; } Eyeposition = Camera.main.transform.TransformDirection(GazeDirectionCombinedLocal); Focus(); FocusName(); if (Time.time > nextActionTime) { nextActionTime += period; //Debug.Log(nextActionTime); // execute block of code here //uiText.text = Eyeposition.ToString(); //PlayerPositionTracking(); //AddPlayerEYELocationDataToFile(); AddPlayerLocationDataToFile(); AddCueLocationDataToFile(); //Debug.Log(FocusName()); //PLAYER HEAD ROTATION //Debug.Log("Player X ROTATION: " + playercamera.transform.rotation.x); //Debug.Log("Player Y ROTATION: " + playercamera.transform.rotation.y); } } private void OnDisable() { Release(); } void OnApplicationQuit() { Release(); } /// <summary> /// Release callback thread when disabled or quit /// </summary> private static void Release() { if (eye_callback_registered == true) { SRanipal_Eye.WrapperUnRegisterEyeDataCallback(Marshal.GetFunctionPointerForDelegate((SRanipal_Eye.CallbackBasic)EyeCallback)); eye_callback_registered = false; } } /// <summary> /// Required class for IL2CPP scripting backend support /// </summary> internal class MonoPInvokeCallbackAttribute : System.Attribute { public MonoPInvokeCallbackAttribute() { } } /// <summary> /// Eye tracking data callback thread. /// Reports data at ~120hz /// MonoPInvokeCallback attribute required for IL2CPP scripting backend /// </summary> /// <param name="eye_data">Reference to latest eye_data</param> [MonoPInvokeCallback] private static void EyeCallback(ref EyeData eye_data) { eyeData = eye_data; // do stuff with eyeData... while (cnt_callback < maxframe_count) { openness_L = eyeData.verbose_data.left.eye_openness; openness_R = eyeData.verbose_data.right.eye_openness; pupil_diameter_L = eyeData.verbose_data.left.pupil_diameter_mm; pupil_diameter_R = eyeData.verbose_data.right.pupil_diameter_mm; pos_sensor_L = eyeData.verbose_data.left.pupil_position_in_sensor_area; pos_sensor_R = eyeData.verbose_data.right.pupil_position_in_sensor_area; eye_valid_L = eyeData.verbose_data.left.eye_data_validata_bit_mask; eye_valid_R = eyeData.verbose_data.right.eye_data_validata_bit_mask; lastTime = currentTime; currentTime = eyeData.timestamp; //Player location variables and arrays string playerEyeX = Eyeposition.x.ToString(); string playerEyeY = Eyeposition.y.ToString(); string playerEyeZ = Eyeposition.z.ToString(); string playerEyeOpen_Left = openness_L.ToString(); string playerEyeOpen_Right = openness_R.ToString(); string playerEyeDiameter_Left = pupil_diameter_L.ToString(); string playerEyeDiameter_Right = pupil_diameter_R.ToString(); string playerEyePosInSenSorArea_Left_X = pos_sensor_L.x.ToString(); string playerEyePosInSenSorArea_Left_Y = pos_sensor_L.y.ToString(); string playerEyePosInSenSorArea_Right_X = pos_sensor_R.x.ToString(); string playerEyePosInSenSorArea_Right_Y = pos_sensor_R.y.ToString(); string playerEyeValid_Left = eye_valid_L.ToString(); string playerEyeValid_Right = eye_valid_R.ToString(); //string objectBeingLookedAt = FocusName(); string value = playerEyeX + "," + playerEyeY + "," + playerEyeZ + "," + playerEyeOpen_Left + "," + playerEyeOpen_Right + "," + playerEyeDiameter_Left + "," + playerEyeDiameter_Right + "," + playerEyePosInSenSorArea_Left_X + "," + playerEyePosInSenSorArea_Left_Y + "," + playerEyePosInSenSorArea_Right_X + "," + playerEyePosInSenSorArea_Right_Y + "," + playerEyeValid_Left + "," + playerEyeValid_Right + "," + //objectBeingLookedAt + DateTime.Now.ToString() + Environment.NewLine; File.AppendAllText("Test_" + participantName + ".txt", value); cnt_callback++; //string[] playerEYEData = { "\n" + "X = " + playerEyeX + ",", "" + "Y = " + playerEyeY + ",", "" + "Z = " + playerEyeZ + ",", //"" + "Eye Openess_L = " + playerEyeOpen_Left + ",", "" + "Eye Openess_R = " + playerEyeOpen_Right + ",", //"" + "Eye Diameter_L = " + playerEyeDiameter_Left + ",", "" + "Eye Diameter_R = " + playerEyeDiameter_Right + ",", //"" + "Eye Position In Sense Area_Left_X = " + playerEyePosInSenSorArea_Left_X + ",", "" + "Eye Position In Sense Area_Left_Y = " + playerEyePosInSenSorArea_Left_Y + ",", //"" + "Eye Position In Sense Area_Right_X = " + playerEyePosInSenSorArea_Right_X + ",", "" + "Eye Position In Sense Area_Right_Y = " + playerEyePosInSenSorArea_Right_Y + ",", //"" + "Eye Validation Bit Mask_Left = " + playerEyeValid_Left + ",", //"" + "Eye Validation Bit Mask_Rigth = " + playerEyeValid_Right + ",", //"" + "OBJECT = " + objectBeingLookedAt + "," + " " + System.DateTime.Now.ToString() }; // Content of the file // foreach (string playerInfo in playerEYEData) // { //File.AppendAllText(path, playerInfo); //} } } /// <summary> /// Checks for current object in focus. /// </summary> public static GameObject Focus() { if (eye_callback_registered == true) { if (SRanipal_Eye.Focus(GazeIndex.COMBINE, out testRay, out focusInfo)) { } else if (SRanipal_Eye.Focus(GazeIndex.LEFT, out testRay, out focusInfo)) { } else if (SRanipal_Eye.Focus(GazeIndex.RIGHT, out testRay, out focusInfo)) { } else return null; } if(focusInfo.collider.name != "Body Collider") { return focusInfo.collider.gameObject; } else return null; } /// <summary> /// Checks name for current object in focus. /// </summary> public static string FocusName() { if (Focus() is null) return ""; else return Focus().name; } TrackPlayer.cs
  2. I can't get the device to work. There is constant red light on the headset and it displays no image (black screen). Error code I get is 209 which is about the 2.0 usb cable but when my headset was working a few weeks ago it was plugged into the 2.0 ive even used the 3.0 port also. after several restarts it says everything is OK but still no display. The controllers and tracking work fine. I was able to configure the room and when I display the VR view on PC, I can move around the headset and controllers to see proper reaction. When I turn off the Direct Mode in SteamVR settings, headset displays my desktop but it's upside-down. It makes me think that the headset is not broken. After turning Direct Mode back on, I get the black screen back again. When I get a green light and it actually stays on the display in the vr is upside down I then reset the headset and then I'm back to the red light again but in vr view the screen is the right way it should be Sometimes, while booting VR, the LED flashes green for a brief moment, the sound switches to headset's headphones and after a second or two, the LED turns red and the black screen remains. Things I've tried and didn't help: - Updating everything including MOBO drivers, GPU drivers, Viveport, SteamVR, Windows to the newest versions, even tried BETA versions - Disconnecting and reconnecting every cable available - Switching USB and DisplayPort ports - Rebooting both PC and VR headset multiple times - Reconfiguring the whole kit from scratch several times - Reinstalling the whole software from scratch - Changing PC power management - Disabling the firewall and antivirus - Enabling motion compensation I have had a case open but all I'm getting is unistall this reinstall that unplug it and back in getting no where my case number is 50327323 and my trace number is 20210826165129
  3. Hello, After having bought my Vive Cosmos and set it up, it worked fine for a day or two then died out entirely. I've been going back and forth for some time now with Customer service from the place I've bought it and HTC but everytime it came back labelled as "working but it'sbeen now 6 months since i've bought it and it is still not working. I'm not going to say I'm not pissed because I am. I've tried to work this out on my own and here's what I've come up with : I've first reinstalled every piece of software related to Vive, Steam and Steam VR. I thought that maybe I just needed to reconfigure from start the Vive Cosmos for it to work. I was able to merely do all the setup but got stuck when trying to pair the Controllers. I noticed that the Linkbox was turned off which disconected the Vive Cosmos. After restarting the Setup, I couldn't get the Linkbox to stay on, it kept disconnecting after 10-12 seconds. During this brief moment, I could see on the Vive Console an "Activation" status and heard a USB device plugging-in sound. It's appears that there might be an issue with power, I've figured out it wasn't the linkbox because the box stays on if no helmet is plugged-in. By removing the front panel from the Vive, I have been able to get the Vive Cosmos to startup and activate itself. I was able to gather the helmet's information : SN : FA97PAM00208 Firmware version : / 6000 Cam / DP : 20190804 / 1604 RF version : 3.15.1 / 3.15.1 The Vive Cosmos couldn't start because the front cover was missing. I plugged it in and the Vive continued its activation. It appeared that the video of the Vive was detected and Steam VR started but I couldn't get further as the linkbox and the Vive Cosmos turned off on their own. I've been able to redo this whole process but the helmet still shuts down on his own. If I had to guess, I would say that there is a power issue withing the Vive Cosmos. I'm not able to figure out exactly what but it's power related for sure. I would gladely appreciate some help. Have you ever been having this kind of issues ? It's really really frustrating given the price of this hardware and the real lack of documentation and troubleshooting guides on the website. I've also been having some talks with the support which weren't successful. This hardware is everything but cheap but right now it's useless and it's been like so for 6 months now. The reseller and Vive says it's fine but it's not. It's a real shame in my opinion that I had to try everything by myself and that none of the "professionals" were able to come where I'm standing right now with what's wrong with my Vive. Nevertheless, Thanks in advance if you can help me. If someone is interested in helping me I can even show you the steps I'm following with a video. Maxime. @C.T. @stvnxu @jagibson
  4. I have an MSI laptop with a MiniDP. I used an adapter to connect, recently found out it doesn't support 1.2, and failed. I'm now purchasing the Vive recommended 3 foot 1.2 MiniDP-MiniDP. The laptop I am using is an MSI GP73 Leopard 8RE with the 6gb 1060. I have factory reset my laptop as I have read of driver issues, is there anything else I should do or can do?
  5. Hello I have a full kit htc vive pro and I can not do the update because I have no button on the back and when I go in the settings to update the base station it says "Bluetooh signal from the interconnect box not detected. please check the connections of the interconnect box, then disconnect and reconnect the power supply to reset the box, and finally restart steamVR." I do not know it is station 2.0 of the live pro full kit so if you can help me and if possible I see blur because 1200 euro anyway.
  6. Little background, I just bought the Zephyrus S GX502W enjoying it and the such. However I try to hook up my Vive and as I'm plugging my HDMI into the port, bam blue screen with error: SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED I plug in an external monitor to the HDMI, it works fine. I also tried reinstalling the latest graphics drivers to no avail. I'm honestly not sure what the issue is, if anyone can help I'd greatly appreciate it! Specs: https://www.asus.com/us/Laptops/ROG-Zephyrus-S-GX502/Tech-Specs/
  7. I got my Vive roughly two weeks ago, and have already come across an issue. Starting two/three days ago, upon connecting the power, the light turns green. Good. Then, upon starting up any program, the light goes red, and the display remains black. However, looking through SteamVR's VR view, the tracking is running flawlessly. leaving the headset perfectly still for a while prompts the screen back into life, but moving it shuts it down again. I have: Checked all cables are secure. Updated AND rolled back windows and drivers Attempted various methods of restarting the computer, SteamVR, and the Vive. Re-installed SteamVR AND Viveport and a lot more. I'm unable to check any cable-based issues due to being a jobless, social drop-out 15 year old who's broke after buying the Vive. @Synthesis @VibrantNebula
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