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  1. Hi. I have different applications that call themselves through code. I use a launcher that launches an app, the app then launch the launcher, and the launcher calls another app. I am experiencing random crashes and I think it is because i don't quit / call the apps correctly. Is there a way to do it properly through WAVE code ? I am using unity What I want is do it properly : I am in the launcher, i want to quit the launcher, then launch the app. Quit the app, then launch the launcher etc... I need to completely quit my game : the Unity Application.Quit() doesn't "kill the application" so I had to use these lines of codes. Thanks in advance. Here is my code to launch a game : public static void NextGame(string gameName) { AndroidJavaClass up = new AndroidJavaClass("com.unity3d.player.UnityPlayer"); AndroidJavaObject ca = up.GetStatic<AndroidJavaObject>("currentActivity"); AndroidJavaObject packageManager = ca.Call<AndroidJavaObject>("getPackageManager"); AndroidJavaObject launchIntent = packageManager.Call<AndroidJavaObject>("getLaunchIntentForPackage", gameName); ca.Call("finishAndRemoveTask"); ca.Call("startActivity", launchIntent); up.Dispose(); ca.Dispose(); packageManager.Dispose(); launchIntent.Dispose(); } And to stop it : public static void StopGame() { AndroidJavaClass up = new AndroidJavaClass("com.unity3d.player.UnityPlayer"); AndroidJavaObject ca = up.GetStatic<AndroidJavaObject>("currentActivity"); ca.Call("finishAndRemoveTask"); up.Dispose(); ca.Dispose(); }
  2. Hi there! Since today I get this error messages: In my own project: In a blank project running the EyeSample scenes: I have reinstalled my project, re-downloaded and imported the SDK anew and reinstalled Unity and tried the 2021 LTS and 2020 LTS version. The error now also appears in a blank project using only the OpenXR plugin and the SDK for the EyeSample and EyeSample_v2 scenes. I am using: Unity 2020.3.32f1 and 2021.2.11f1 (replicated it on 2021.3.2f1 as well) XR-Plugin Management 4.2.1 OpenXR 1.3.1 SRanipal Runtime SRanipal SDK Windows 11 21H2 Build 22000.675 The DLL is very much in the place expected, though: The error did not appear before today and I also tried to roll back any last changes I made, but the error remained. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Hello We are currently using Vive Focus 3, using LBE Hybrid mode through our test account, and testing the Map Sharing functionality through the attached guide. The function that we want in map sharing is to share one map within the same group, and we are testing whether the users in the shared map recognize each other. Also, I wonder if it can look UI-like if it is recognized. Furthermore, I would like to know if the app made with Unity can be shared and all of them can enter one VR Unity space when map sharing. I think it's like making a multiplayer game. If possible, please let me know how.
  4. Just got the VIVE Focus 3 and am excited to start developing on it. However, I cannot get past the initial set-up as when I get to the part where you have to point a raycast from the controllers to the UI to choose a Wi-Fi network to connect to, the raycasts never show up. I've tried factory resetting the headset, plugging in the controllers, replacing the batteries, but nothing I do will make the controllers' raycast show up for me to complete set-up. The controllers will show up as connected and paired to the headset, but beyond that they don't work. I have a suspicion that the system updates I downloaded through the app before doing the set-up the first time might not have installed correctly and maybe corrupted the software, but really I'm just guessing as to why the controllers won't work. Any suggestions of how to fix this problem or to get a fast repair going would be appreciated.
  5. Alright so this was my first night with the Vive Pro 2 and i have been riddled with issues of tracking loss. So occasionally the screen goes grey and the tracking gets real choppy just at random times but most of the time it comes back after a moment or two of losing focus Sometimes it totally cuts out to a black screen before returning back to the game and back to the grey screen and losing tracking. Though the most troubling issue im having, time to time the screen goes grey and I lose sound before being met with the loudest static noise imaginable Ive tried updating all drivers. I made sure all of my equipment was in order. My PC Specs if needed are : GPU - RTX3080 MSI Gaming xTrio CPU - AMD Ryzen 7 5800x MBD- MSI x570 Ace RAM- 64gb G.Skill Trident Z 2200 Storage- Samsung 970 evo plus 2tb Additional Info : Im using full body tracking as well but I dont see why I wouldnt be able to use this headset and full body tracking..
  6. Good day ! Everything was good BUT after May 20th (2021 year) update of Firmware headset to version ( - after this update I have Extremely bad resolution + shimmer (flicker) on contours like any anti-aliasing turned off. I tried everything. Reset VIVE software, Graphics card driver, Graphics card firmware, full re-instal Windows-10, do manually settings in Config\default (turn off auto resolution and other..), settings in SteamVR --- Nothing. No effect. I'm sad and tired. I just exhausted by infinity attempt to fix that. But no one can help me, I had а conversation with VIVE Support Team in Moscow, they can't help me with it if be laconic. I will be glad for any help. GTX 1050TI G1 GAMING GIGABYTE Headset - HTC VIVE Cosmos P.S: also I didn't have Resolution Settings page in VIVE Console at time users with GTX 970 have and can set any resolution.. why ?
  7. I got the Cosmos Elite headset open box by itself, I needed to get the rest of the parts in order to use it. But I'm seeing mixed things - is the Converter cable a requirement, or just the normal Link Box? Or do I need both? I've seen the unboxing videos of Cosmos headsets come with both, but I don't understand which is needed for the Cosmos Elite to work?
  8. So I wanted to use my headset to play but It had an gotten error 201, I then tried to see what was causing said error, so I went into the re-setup area and found out that in said area once I had gotten to the 4th step with setting up the headset it would tell me that the DisplayPort was not having a proper connection towards my computer, I have an msi graphics card so I haven't got a clue how to solve it since everyone else has Nvidia (will show a picture of said graphics card due to me not knowing the model of the thing due to me not being able to find in on their website and me not writing it down when I built the computer) ( think it might have just came with the B450 gaming plus max mother board) but it would be most helpful if anyone could help me figure out this issue, thank you and sorry for needing help in advance and again, Thank you for your help
  9. i have a wireless head set that conncet to the vive console but not steamvr and the console keeps going on error 210 even when restart it is wireless but can not be set back up help
  10. I have had the vive cosmos for 2 days of use the first day the microphone was fine. the next day everyone says that it sounds like rain and no one can hear my voice on it. This was a brand new edition so i did not expect this problem this early vive team pls help or give me something to replace this mic. The rest of it is perfect it is just the mic
  11. Hey folks, I've had the vive pro with wireless since wireless came out, with mostly, infrequent issues. However, I just booted up the vive for the first time in a while and I'm now getting the gray screen disconnect within minutes of starting to play any graphically intensive game. Specifically, I have been testing it with Alyx now because I know it used to work without issue as I played all the way through it when it came out. When I get the gray screen, the screen goes gray (duh), and then there is an animation like an old CRT monitor turning off where everything constricts to black sequentially but quickly. When this happens I DO still have sound, and I DO still have tracking, it's only the video that stops working. The only trend that I've spotted is in resource manager I get a spike on the graphics card usage to 100% immediately before the disconnect. My specs are MSI Z370 SLI + 8700k @ 5.0Ghz EVGA 1080 TI 32GB DDR4-3200 RAM Cl16 Things I have already tried (in no particular order) 1. Resetting all OCs to stock settings 2. Uninstalling and reinstalling the wireless driver 3. Ensuring there is no power management for wireless or pci slots 4. Ensuring everything is set to pci 3 in the bios 5. Ticking enable on the pcieconfig app that comes with wireless 6. Changing the wireless mode 7. Changing pci slots 8. Making sure that the antenna is well above me and pointing down 9. Installing a fan on the wireless in case it was heat related (it wasn't) 10. Trying a new usb cable 11. Trying different batteries 12. Setting the steamvr setting for controller turn off to never 13. Checking the steamvr logs for excessive reflections 14. Ensuring the antenna is screwed in tightly Any help would be greatly appreciated! SteamVR-2020-09-16-PM_11_01_17.txt HtcCU_20200916_222730_25584.txt
  12. Hello i recently had to reinstall my viveport, but when its just about to reach the end it stops. but when a update comes out it fixes it and am able to use the headset could someone help me figure it out what files im missing that the updates are able to fix so i dont have to wait for the next one? vivesport is installed but not the vive console.
  13. Hello i recently had to reinstall my viveport, but when its just about to reach the end it stops. but when a update comes out it fixes it and am able to use the headset could someone help me figure it out what files im missing that the updates are able to fix so i dont have to wait for the next one? vivesport is installed but not the vive console.
  14. Hello! I'd love some help figuring out if my card will be charged for something that I don't receive in the mail within these next few days. I ordered 3 trackers nearly 2 hours ago, the thank you page was broken after verifying the purchase and I saw nothing on the screen. When I go to check order number / even see if it has been ordered with my email & last 4 digits it says nothing is there. Photos below to help. The second page that states Error originally only had "© 2011-2020 HTC Corporation" above on the top of it.
  15. As the title says, when i plug in my htc vive to my computer windows installs the drivers for the vive but i am never prompted with the "Using a vr headset" prompt from steam. I have tested this with 3 different computers with the same results. I have tried bypassing the link box, ensured I didn't plug the HDMI into the motherboard's HDMI but my graphics card. I tried reinstalling windows 10 and still got the same result. I ensured my drivers were up to date as well. Here are the specs of my PC if that helps. core i7-7700k @ 4.2ghz 32gb of ram Gtx 1080 Windows 10 also tried a PC with a core i7-4770 @3.4ghz 16gb of ram. Gtx 660. Windows 7 Then tried my laptop core i7 something or other. 16gb of ram gtx 1050 windows 10. I have previously had this vive working on my main pc and my laptop but that was 3 months ago. It has just been sitting in storage so i don't know what could have changed. any help would be very much appreciated.
  16. I have an MSI laptop with a MiniDP. I used an adapter to connect, recently found out it doesn't support 1.2, and failed. I'm now purchasing the Vive recommended 3 foot 1.2 MiniDP-MiniDP. The laptop I am using is an MSI GP73 Leopard 8RE with the 6gb 1060. I have factory reset my laptop as I have read of driver issues, is there anything else I should do or can do?
  17. I am about to buy an HTC vive cosmos elite and need it by Friday, is there any shipping and/or delivery delays i need to know about because the Microsoft store is my only other option and there are shipping delays there. I am getting 2 day shipping @jagibson
  18. Anyone know how to fix sdl2.dll because an error messages keeps popping up when i try to open to play vr
  19. 您好! hello! 我现在使用 Unreal Engine 4.24.1 开发Vive Pro 混合现实作品 i'm trying to develop a unreal(4.24.1) build to use it in my research in university. 我按照官方文档上的方法 安装SRWorks(插件 系统显示编译失败 i can't installed the SRWorks SDK( 有什么办法能够解决这个问题 我依照官方文档只能做到这一步 后续无法解决 I need help, and what should I do next 我的系统配置: Intel Xeon W-2145 3.70GHz NVDIA Quadro P5000 32G DDR4 ECC win10 专业工作站版 版本号1903 操作系统版本18362.535 期待您的回复 谢谢! thanks alot Zian @Daniel_Y @Andy.YC_Wang @Sean_Su
  20. Little background, I just bought the Zephyrus S GX502W enjoying it and the such. However I try to hook up my Vive and as I'm plugging my HDMI into the port, bam blue screen with error: SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED I plug in an external monitor to the HDMI, it works fine. I also tried reinstalling the latest graphics drivers to no avail. I'm honestly not sure what the issue is, if anyone can help I'd greatly appreciate it! Specs: https://www.asus.com/us/Laptops/ROG-Zephyrus-S-GX502/Tech-Specs/
  21. I recently received a new Vive Cosmos, but have been unable to use it as the ViveSetup.exe has not downloaded anything. Upon opening ViveSetup.exe, it will say "checking version" then "preparing" then just close itself with no error message. I have already attempted updating drivers and reinstalling various apps, I also do not have any running anti-virus software while I open it. I have not been able to begin the software download at all. @stvnxu
  22. Hello folks, I am running into a problem interfacing with the OpenVR SDK when using two trackers with one controller. Specifically, the IVRCompositor::WaitGetPoses( ) function will sometimes return incorrectly transformed matrices to my C++ application. I was wondering if anyone has experienced a problem like this before, or if there is a known solution. The scenario: I place two VIVE trackers about 1 foot apart from one another, facing the same direction. I would expected that the matrices of each tracker (stored in TrackedDevicePose_t -> mDeviceToAbsoluteTracking) will be very similar. If I power up in this order - Tracker 1 On, Tracker 2 On, Controller On - the matrices of both trackers are indeed almost identical. However, if I power on in a different order - Controller On, Tracker 1 On, Tracker 2 On - The matrices of one of the trackers will be rotated exactly 90 degrees from what I would expect. The other tracker still retains the correct values/orientation as before. So now, even though both physical trackers are sitting in similar positions and orientations in the real world, their matrices returned by the VIVE SDK's WaitGetPoses( ) are different. In the same session, I can power on/off the controllers in different orders to change whether I get the correct or incorrect matrix values from the tracker. I am certain this is not a problem with my tracked device indices, nor a problem with overflowing array bounds, because the XYZ Position of the "Bad" Tracker is always correct - it is only the rotation of the tracker about that position in space that changes. So at least one value in every row in the matrix is what I expect. The correct Tracker[index == 3] 4x4 matrix (left) vs. the incorrect Tracker[index == 3] matrix (right) [ -0.99, 0.00, -0.17, -0.20 ] [ 0.99, -0.05, -0.12, -0.20 ] [ 0.00, 1.00, 0.00, 0.72 ] [ -0.01, 0.00, -0.99, 0.72 ] [ 0.01, 0.00, -0.99, 1.38 ] [ 0.05, 0.99, 0.00, 1.38 ] [ 0.00, 0.00, 0.00, 0.00 ] [ 0.00, 0.00, 0.00, 0.00 ] To specify the configuration I am using, my OpenVR SDK is version 1.0.10, my VIVE trackers are the newer model with the blue triangle, and my base stations are the older model. If anyone knows of a fix, workaround, or simply something to try, I would be very grateful for the help! Right now I am thoroughly stumped! Thanks! @chengnay
  23. Recently i got into vr, and really consider buying a vive. So, earlier today, i found a listing on amazon with a vive that was used, like new for 330 dollars. It was sold by Markt-AZ But i am afraid that it is not legit. Please reply if you have any experiences with buying from them, and if you think they are legit. Really excited to get VR!
  24. I recently bought the htc vive and I played it non stop for 2 days, I got out of vr about 2 days ago and nothing feels the same, when I grab my phone or try to unwrap foods it feels like I’m doing it in VR most things feel numb also as if they were in vr. For the first day of getting out of it my hands felt and looked like the rate of the VR hands, it seemed as if I was still in VR, now going into the second day of no VR and STILL feeling like everything is delayed and out of place and like I’m still in VR I’m getting a bit worried, when will it end and what is it, also has anybody else experienced this
  25. Hopefully this isn't a duplicate So I purchased 3 Vive Trackers a few months ago or so and everything seemed to be fine until recently. I've noticed when I'm in the SteamVR home area (Where you can look at settings, desktop and steam) I keep seeing the tracker around my waist freaking out. For example: tracker starts to float away, tracker starts to show signs of vibration and shaking a lot when standing completely still, etc. It's only the one that I put around my waist. I've seen that covering the tracker completely makes it behave that way but it still happens regardless. Things I've done- - Tucked shirt in and made sure nothing is covering/around the tracker -Switched the trackers around to see if it was just that one tracker -Updated them to the current versions -Moved around the noggle things (forgot the name) And about the update, It seems as though whatever version they were on previously seemed to be better before updating them. Not sure if it's just the timing or if it really did something. I also live in a flat matte style room with no reflective surfaces, not even tiny areas. As well as playing at night so my window is covered (heard that was an issue for some people before). If anyone could provide any help or suggestions It'd be greatly appreciated. Thanks @VibrantNebula @jagibson
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