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Found 6 results

  1. am using vive tracker without HMD with null driver, my tracker Semmes always breathing (sleeps), opening after 10 seconds its lost tracking, showing unable to track the tracker
  2. I want to get the position of the headset in order to decide if someone nodded or shaked his/her head. Anyone has any idea how I get the position data/values of the headset? Do I need any specific gameObjects?
  3. Hi! I just reached out the VIVE support service about the topic in the tittle, to be able to setup the base stations and the vive trackers without having to use the HMD. From what they told me its not possible to do that but they said that maybe there is a way. My purpose with this is to track the movement of a real object with the vive trackers and then save the data to simulate the movement in a virtual object. Apparently SteamVR won't be able to connect to those devices without the HMD but I found a way (link) to make the app think the HMD is connected and still can't make the rest of the devices to work, since it won't allow me to activate or deactivate bluetooth, I'm guessing because the HMD has to be the one and only to connect to the devices. Also, which headsets are compatible with VIVE base stations and VIVE trackers? I don't have access to the VIVE headset but maybe I do with the Valve Index, can I use those to setup the devices? And do I need the headset for everytime I will use the trackers and stations? Thanks in advance! @Synthesis @VibrantNebula
  4. I have recently received a htc cosmos and I tried to connect it to my laptop, a Dell XPS 15 7590. Problem is that the laptop does not recognize the monitor and I keep getting error 208 (headset detected over usb but monitor not connected). I think the problem is that because the usb port in which the DisplayPort cable is plugged in is not connected to the DGPU. Beyond this, my DGPU itself is not all that great, a GTX1650. So I am thinking of buying an eGPU to not waste the headset 馃槥 Have yall ever tried a to run a htc with eGPU? Will it even work? If it does, any recommendations? I know a laptop is not great for VR setup, but I'm trying to make do with my situation. And since an eGPU is not too cheap, I really hope to do this right. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I really would appreciate any help! My PhysX Configuration:
  5. Focus and Focus Plus Firmware Update Released: October 27, 2020 VIVE Focus Plus ROM: 4.14.623.1 VIVE Focus ROM (Global version): 3.13.623.1 VIVE Focus ROM (China version): 3.13.1405.1 Great news! We have a big firmware update packed with new features that just released today. Please read below for the highlights and full list of features: When you鈥檙e ready to upgrade your device(s) - From the Viveport Home Menu > Settings > System Update to upgrade. HIGHLIGHTS: 路 Show non-VR apps (e.g. Mobile Device Management) in the Library. 路 Record VR experience with Screen Recording. 路 Adjust casting screen ratio from 1:1 to 16:9. 路 Support VPN connection in More Settings. 路 Activate Kiosk mode by default. 路 Upgrade WAVE SDK to version 3.2. FEATURES: 1. Support two MDM solutions, AirWatch and MobileIron. Note: In this update, the Launcher > Library will show 2D apps installed by users. (apps in data partition) 2. Adjust casting screen ratio from square (1:1) to rectangular (16:9). Note: Any app rebuilt with WAVE SDK 3.1.94 can support 16:9 casting. (even it runs on older ROM version) In-house apps (ex: Launcher) will support 16:9 casting in this SU update. 3. Support debugfs and atrace for developers to perform app profiling. 4. Support screen recording. User can start/stop screen recording via Quick Menu. The ratio of video is 1:1, and will be saved in internal storage. 5. Enhance screen share experience. Add 鈥淐asting鈥, 鈥淪creenshot鈥 functions to Quick Menu. 6. Support MediaProjection permission for app developing. 7. Add Wi-Fi domain setting into COTA configuration. Enterprise customer can batch configure Wi-Fi connectivity with domain setting via COTA. 8. Lower the volume of boot animation. 9. Support VPN function in More Settings. The same UI and settings of VPN function in smartphone. 10. Make Tutorial app visible in Library. 11. Upgrade to WAVE SDK v3.2. 12. Activate Kiosk mode by default. Thank you again for your patience and support. Cheers, The VIVE Team
  6. One thing I haven't noticed other users bringing up as much - is how much light leaks into the HMD! I am lucky to see any at all on my original Vive - but on Cosmos light leaks from below where the rubber flap is meant to conform to users nose(?) I guess that's what it is meant for. Light leaks in through there from beneath...doesn't on Vive. From top it seems to leak right in onto the LENS?!? how did that get missed? it somehow comes in from behind if there is a light source above and behind you from something like ANY ceiling light you might be standing under or behind you. Has anyone mitigated this somehow?
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