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Found 5 results

  1. Mr. HTC Company I complain to you that we who have used your company live in another country. And like your mobiles. Now that we have come to Pakistan, your mobiles are not in the market here. Why?
  2. I'm not able to get any of Debug.Log messages from the device. When I run following command 'adb logcat -d > logcat.txt' I get all the logs except Unity logs. I have also tried 'WVR_Log.Log.d' but still no log messages. How can I log the messages?
  3. Hello, I am using the Unity XR SDK in my project. I need to implement the exit to the main menu when the user takes off the helmet, before the helmet goes into standby mode. I tried to track the moment of withdrawal using the XR API, here is an example implementation: InputDevice headDevice = InputDevices.GetDeviceAtXRNode (XRNode.Head); if (headDevice.isValid == false) return; bool userPresent = false; boolean presenceFeatureSupported = headDevice.TryGetFeatureValue (CommonUsages.userPresence, out userPresent); but it turned out that this option is not supported by my helmet model (HTC Vive Focus Plus). Are there any other ways to track the moment the user's helmet is removed? @Tony PH Lin
  4. BHello everyone, we have been struggling with this for a few days now and perhaps someone can enlighten us or had similar problems. We use a HTC Vive Focus Plus and want to stream the display to an external device (e.g. Smart TV or Chromecast). In our actual case we use a Samsung Series 7 55" Smart TV which supports Miracast (working from other devices like windows pcs) and a Google Chromecast 3rd Gen. (assumed it might work as standard Android streaming works with it). All devices are connected to a 5Ghz wireless network and can be seen by other devices (Android devices, Windows PC as wireless displays in case of the Smart-TV or via Chrome screen sharing in case of the Chromecast) We cannot get the Vive Focus to stream anything to any of the devices. Although the Smart-TV shows up in the lit of available devices it does not connect or stream (nothing shows up on the TV itself). As we relied on the statement screen casting would work from the Vive Focus and state the same to a customer of ours we now try to find a solution which would allow us and our customer to mirror the Vive Focus' display to an external device. My questions now are: Does anyone have a working solution to stream to an external device (ideally using an separate dongle instead of a complete TV/Display, but any info would help)? What might be possible issues with out current setup which prevent it from working? I'm aware that this might be an issue to contact support, but the last time we've contacted official germen htc support it took ages and didn't solve the problem at all as they didn't seem to understand our issue. Thus I do not tend to request their 'help' again as the forum and some HTC staff here was able to help my in an instant. If any additional information is required please let me know, so I can provide them asap. Best regards Tobias @Tony PH Lin @Cotta
  5. Hi! We use a Vive Focus in Kiosk mode, and we need to keep our headsets ON with an application running, while they are charging. Unfortunately we noticed that when a headset is charging and displaying an image, its battery decreases faster than it increases. In that regard, we thought we could charge the headsets in sleep mode. However, sleep mode seems to pause the application which is running, and cuts all connections to our server. Is it possible to keep the headset connected to the socket while it is in sleep mode? And Is it possible to keep the application running in sleep mode? Thanks! Damien @Tony PH Lin @Cotta
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