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  1. Hello. I've already configured without wireless adaptor. (One room, 2 base station, 4 PCs with each HTC VIVE connected.) I want to change this configuration to wireless. Can each PC always recognize the same HTC VIVE? For example, even after booting. Are you affected by other wireless adaptors? Is there any other problem you can expect? Do you have any guide or reference materials? Data on wireless connections to multiple PCs is hard to find. Thanks.
  2. I've tried to find any solution online and stumbled upon many similar cases over the past 5 years, but never managed to find working fix (haven't tried to reinstall OS yet, but this will be the final solution in my case). My example: https://imgur.com/a/Ah2JDuF (you can nicely see the problem after around 20th second). Another good example from somebody else: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jy9Z-zklXUU Jittering is present in every VR application, not only in H3VR (even in the Steam UI overlay). PC is fully VR compatible, 0 frame drop below 90, frame timing never goes over 11.1ms. - 0 reflecting surfaces around. - Latest Steam/Nvidia/Hardware drivers (that's, in fact, may be the problem). Can this be related to game running from HDD? Please, share your story if you have something similar to my case. SteamVR-2021-11-21-PM_02_59_36.txt
  3. Hello, How do you get HTC vive to work on two screens?
  4. We have a project created on the htc vive first generation, and want to exhibit it through our current htc vive cosmos headset. What info. should I provide, software version number, or ....? I'm not a developer myself, and not sure if this thread is valid, but I've search across the vast internet yielded nothing, and I contacted developer support but no response. If this thread would be removed, I just need some keywords to know what I'm looking for here, what are the tweaks to be made in the project or the headset, file extensions, softwares, etc. .....
  5. Hi @ All! Maybe im a little wrong here in a "developer" forum but the whole reddit vr community couldnt answere this question (or just didnt wanted to) I tried some days now to get someone with the knowledge, even tried the vive support but they dont support modifications. Maybe this Forum can finaly help me to answere this discussion. I posted this already in Vive https://www.reddit.com/r/Vive/comments/hz1wxr/can_you_use_a_2nd_htc_vive_headset_with/ and SteamVr https://www.reddit.com/r/SteamVR/comments/hzfxmr/can_you_use_a_2nd_htc_vive_headset_with/ Original Post: "I currently have a 2nd Headset because it was cheaper to get a used Headset with controllers then buying a new controller to replace my broken one (some Button doesnt work anymore). Got it for 100€ because the base stations are missing. Now i had the idea that maaaaybe i can use somehow the 2nd Headset to track the 3 missing trackingpoints for fullbody. I mean its possible to use controllers as trackers so maybe its even possible to use a 2nd Headset for that. Right?" Points we already know from the Reddit discussion: - We can use the HMD to convert 2 Controllers to Trackers without USB Dongles - Technically it should be possible to make the HMD to a Tracker/Reciever but noone tried it before - We can at least use 3 Controllers with one headset if we use a USB cabel on the free USB slot on the headset to connect the 3th (or more) Controller. I personaly dont have coding skills to find it out myself but maybe this forum can help me and everyone with an old, not used anymore htc vive headset. Thx in advance for any answere you can give me.
  6. I recently, (as a gift to myself) got the HTC Vive VR Headset. It's already tons of fun, and I love it. But thats besides the point. I know that there are a few key things missing that would improve the user experience, however I am still a noob on this topic. Does anybody have a list of the best accessories for the HTC Vive? That would be awesome. Thanks for your support!
  7. ENGLISH : (sorry if there's some mistakes im french) Hi ! I bought an HTC Vive a long time ago (~2 years) and I was pretty happy about it, it worked well. I got some problem after like, 1 month of use, it started to do really weird things : one of the lenses was flashing and sometimes the video signal was disconnected for like 1~2 secs. Also, when the lenses were too much close from each other the video signal was disconnected. It was still working after this but after few days, the HTC Vive was not usable anymore. And the problem appeared : The HTC Vive was recognized by the Steam VR, and after like 10 secs, it wasn't recognized anymore. I contacted the support 3 times and sent the HTC Vive 3 times to them, and after each support interventions the HTC Vive worked.... For 1 day. I was thinking it was a problem during the confection of the HTC Vive but the support told me that my GPU had a problem. I got tired of it and gave up so I didn't used for like a year. But I recently had a new PC with a really good GPU and CPU, so I tried the Vive on it and : It still doesn't work. But now I'm motivated to make it work again. Can anyone help me make this HTC Vive work again ? Here is all the informations about my problem : My HTC Vive is recognized on Steam VR but when I turn on the controllers, the HTC Vive is'nt recognized anymore. There is nothing which is shown on the HTC Vive lenses. The sound works sometimes, I don't know why, (I got the Premium Audio Vive thing, I don't know if it causes problem). When the HTC Vive was still working : when lenses were too much close from each other the video signal was disconnected but when the lenses were separated, the signal came back. Those issues started when one of the lenses started to flash. Everything is up to date (Steam VR and drivers for Controllers or Link Boxes). Any help is appreciated even if it is only minor information __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ FRANCAIS : Salut ! J'ai acheté un HTC Vive il y a longtemps (~2 ans) et j'en étais plutôt content, il fonctionnait bien. J'ai eu un problème après un mois d'utilisation, il a commencé à faire des choses vraiment bizarres : une des lentilles du HTC Vive clignotait de toutes les couleurs et parfois le signal vidéo était déconnecté pendant 1 à 2 secondes. De plus, lorsque les lentilles étaient trop proches l'une de l'autre, le signal vidéo était inexistant (écran noir). Le HTC Vive fonctionnait toujours après ça, mais après quelques jours, il n'était plus utilisable. Et mon problème est apparu : Le HTC Vive était reconnu par Steam VR, et après environ 10 secondes, il n'était plus reconnu. J'ai contacté le support 3 fois et leur ai envoyé le HTC Vive à chaque fois, et après chaque intervention du support, le HTC Vive fonctionnait.... Pendant 1 jour. Je pensais que c'était un problème lors de la fabrication du HTC Vive mais le support m'a dit que mon GPU (carte graphique) avait un problème. J'en ai eu marre et j'ai abandonné, et je n'ai pas utilisé pendant un an. Mais j'ai récemment eu un nouveau PC avec un très bon GPU et CPU (processeur), alors j'ai essayé le Vive dessus et : Il ne fonctionne toujours pas. Mais maintenant, je suis motivé pour le faire fonctionner à nouveau. Est-ce que quelqu'un peut m'aider à faire fonctionner ce HTC Vive à nouveau ? Voici toutes les informations concernant mon problème : Mon HTC Vive est reconnu sur Steam VR mais quand j'allume les contrôleurs, le HTC Vive n'est plus reconnu. Il n'y a rien qui s'affiche sur les lentilles du HTC Vive. Le son fonctionne parfois, je ne sais pas pourquoi (j'ai le truc Premium Audio Vive, je ne sais pas si ça pose problème même si ça m'étonnerais). Quand le HTC Vive fonctionnait encore : quand les objectifs étaient trop proches les uns des autres, le signal vidéo était inexistant mais quand les lentilles étaient éloignées de nouveau, le signal revenait. Ces problèmes ont commencé quand l'une des lentilles a commencé à clignoter. Tout est à jour (Steam VR et drivers pour les contrôleurs ou les Link Boxes). Toute aide est appréciée, même s'il ne s'agit que d'informations mineures.
  8. Hi everyone, I want to be developer of HTC VIVE product. However ı haven't made a decision yet. Which one is bettter? HTC VIVE PRO or HTC VIVE COSMOS? In addition to all SDK's shared by HTC, does it apply to all products? Best Regards.
  9. Hi folks ! When I run Room setup and pull triggers, i need to scan my surroundings. My problem is that "Scanning" is stuck at 0% no matter where i look. It happened after last update (approx 2 hours ago) and I can't continue. Help me please
  10. I've been waiting for it to be back in stock for the past few weeks now, and i'm starting to second guess myself. Is the Deluxe audio strap out of stock? if not, whats happening that's making it out of stock for this long?
  11. Hi everyone, The last week i bought a HTC Vive Focus plus with the Vive Entreprise Advantage for Focus Plus. To test it, i download on unity the WaveVr SDK with Samples scenes, but i can not build or export this example on my HTC Vive Focus Plus. Can you help me solve this problem please? @Cotta @Tony PH Lin
  12. I ordered my HTC Vive on Friday 16th of August 2019 and I got an order confirmation email. It says my order should be shipped within 3 working days. It's now Tuesday (20/08/2019) so shouldn't I have a dispatch email by now? I'm in the UK if that helps. I just would like to know about my order and where it is. Thanks.
  13. I can't find anything on this so far. My Vive Pro has been rock solid, and then starting last night, having this issue; Start SteamVR, and it says the headset is tracking and looks ok, drivers up to date. Lenses are black, but then flash white 3 times, and go black again. I tried re-plugging in cables, different video port on video card, rebooted windows, restart Steam, hitting the button on the left side of the HMD - no change. However, if I let the headset sit, it does go into standby mode. If I leave it alone for a few minutes, suddenly the headset just turns on, stops flashing, and works as normal. I turn off SteamVR, turn it back on, it goes back to flashing white 3 times in a row, and I have to wait a few minutes for the lenses to come on and work again. Anyone have a clue on this? It's a 3 flash pattern every time, which must have a meaning? -Windows 10, full updates. -GTX1080ti, patched to current drivers. -Full Vive Pro setup, including the 2.0 controllers and lighthouses. My original standard Vive never did this in the 2 years I had it. I don't know if the Pro HMD is going out, if it's needing time to warm up, a driver issue, etc.
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