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Found 7 results

  1. Hi all, I've had the Cosmos for about a week now, and am having some issues with the controller tracking + room setup. The initial setup was mostly fine, and the Headset and Controllers worked okay for the first day or two; not perfect but about what I expected from inside-out tracking. After that, the controller tracking began to drop out frequently, at first they would re-sync after several seconds but that time has taken longer and longer (to the point where it could take several minutes of waving the controllers in front of the HMD to get tracking back.) Often, the only way to get tracking back is to restart everything, and re-do the room setup process. This also seems to be bugged out where around 70% of the time, at some point during the setup process the camera feed from the HMD will cut out and all I can see in the HMD is a white screen with whatever instructions I'm supposed to do. Sometimes moving to a slightly different location will get the camera feed back, but usually it will cut out again before I can finish the setup. The only way to fix this is to restart my machine and try again (sometimes 3-4 times before I can finish the room setup). In the week I've had the Cosmos, I've spent far more time settings it up and troubleshooting than actually playing! Things I've tried to fix the controller dropouts and room setup issues: Installed the Vive beta drivers Reinstalled my nvidia drivers Restarted (Headset, Vive Console, SteamVR, Computer, everything :) Changed lighting conditions: I added a few lamps to increase room lighting at night. But time of day/lighting levels don't seem to affect when these issues occur Disconnected any unnecessary devices from my PC. Only the monitor, keyboard/mouse and Cosmos are plugged in now. System Specs: i5 4590 (stable overclocked) Nvidia GTX1080 16gb USB3 Windows 10 This is all pretty unacceptable for an AU$1300 piece of hardware. If there's no acceptable fix within the week, I'll be taking this garbage back for a refund.
  2. Hi , I'm trying to build VR game from unity to Vive Focus Plus.When build and run on the device, the shadow disappears. They can be shown in editor. It's a simple scene with a couple of objects.Does anyone can help ?Many thanks,Christy
  3. I read somewhere (not sure in Reddit or here) that someone experience that tracking under bright white light is somehow worse than a dimmer, warmer (yellower) light. I use Cosmos in the living room, where my ceiling lights can switch between different modes. So after reading that, I try to switch to a different light mode. And there I have it, super sweet accurate aiming! In case your lights can switch into night mode too, please try it. Or if you don't know if your lights can do so, try switching it on and then off quickly a few times. Feel free to share your experience below. I am not 100% certain if this works for everyone. Hope this helps.
  4. I was thinking about how much of a contributing factor the play area lighting, dimension and environment is to the overall tracking experience. It is likely the biggest factor from person-to-person in how well tracking performs. I believe I've seen some basic guidelines - well-lit (not under or over lit), clear differentiation between walls and floors, presence of some defining features. Is that as far it goes? I would be curious to know how many people bought the Cosmos, had a room that was slightly too bright or dim, and then assumed it was never going to track properly. It would be great if we had some type of specific guidelines (best light color temperature, bulb type, best possible brightness), or even better a utility to help Cosmos owners optimize their play area conditions, thus improving tracking. I've seen both sides of how it is detrimental, too dark and it doesn't see nearly enough, too bright and it washes out the contrast of the light rings. There are warnings in place that notify if the light is too high or too low, but finding the lighting "sweet-spot" is simply trial and error at this point. Just a thought!
  5. One thing I haven't noticed other users bringing up as much - is how much light leaks into the HMD! I am lucky to see any at all on my original Vive - but on Cosmos light leaks from below where the rubber flap is meant to conform to users nose(?) I guess that's what it is meant for. Light leaks in through there from beneath...doesn't on Vive. From top it seems to leak right in onto the LENS?!? how did that get missed? it somehow comes in from behind if there is a light source above and behind you from something like ANY ceiling light you might be standing under or behind you. Has anyone mitigated this somehow?
  6. 1. The inside out tracking of the Focus relies on the cameras to sense edges and distinct points in the environment. A mono-colored wall or a non-textured environment does not make for good tracking conditions. The best tracking will come from an environment that has plenty of distinct points to track against on the floor, ground, and ceiling. 2. Ensure that the environment has adequate lighting (not too dim or direct sunlight). 3. The sweet “focus” spot of the Focus is in the center of the lens. It is recommended to keep the Focus adjustment dial tight (yet comfortable) on your head in order to keep the center of the lens lined up with your eyes. Looking a few tens of degrees beyond the center may start to increase the effect of “swimming”. 4. Although not recommended, the Focus can track outdoors as long as the environment has plenty of distinctive textures. Make sure not to expose the cameras and lenses to direct sunlight. You can turn off the Virtual Safety Wall (at your own risk), but it is recommended to leave the Virtual Safety Wall (2x2m) on. Always make sure that someone is watching out for you while you are in VR.
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