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Found 2 results

  1. Use a small phone to type with a keyboard on a big screen in VR. Focus to type email, read email, morning to do list, or write to concentrate in the flow. Bluetooth Keyboard paired with phone can type while mirroring app to flow. Move phone as mouse like laser pointer clicking menus, bold text, scroll. Open google docs, chrome, type in app while mirroring. Bluetooth mouse paired with phone will not work. Mouse click not recognized cursor, moves but cannot click. Only phone works as mouse. Mirroring latency when typing but get used to. Scroll jumps down a certain length. Select text with keyboard but not phone as mouse. Can switch horizontal or vertical app view using flow menus. Less screendoor than quest 1 text a little easier to read but not as clear as a computer screen. Turn on blue light filter on the flow helps reduce the bright white background while typing. Phone samsung a42 5g. Posted this while wearing the flow, mirroring chrome, typing on a keyboard. Use phone apps while using the flow.
  2. Day one with the elite was a win! Family and I had a blast with saber, but how much better would it be for those not playing to watch on the big screen! Advice on the best way to mirror/project Vive view & sound to the TV? Laptop: GU502LW Sound: HEOS through Marantz receiver. TV: LG C8PUA 4K HDR Smart OLED TV w/ AI ThinQ®
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