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Found 2 results

  1. I seem to be experiencing an audio issue that has plagued others in the past. I do not get bad audio or static, I get no audio what so ever. Hardware: Brand New Vive Pro 2 paired with a new Acer Helios 300, this has a RTX 3070 in it. I have gotten audio out of the headset a few times, but far more often then not everything is mute. If the headset is selected "Vive Pro multimedia Audio" then the system acts like all audio is mute. This includes no indications of audio within the Sound menu. The visual indications are all zero. I have tried the following: 1) Reboot Headset 2) Reboot Machine 3) Remove NVIDIA High Definition audio drivers (including the delete check box) 4)I've completely reinstalled the entire OS on a trial 5) Different combinations of Audio selections from the output device in STEAM menu as well as on the OS side. Any selection of the HMD audio results in mute audio across the board. Even in mirror back to the computer speakers.
  2. can the Headset cable for VIVE Pro 2 be repaired,or if anyone can do it say £50ish im sure someone must,it would be a very profitable buisness,i think a new one is seriously overpriced,and its about 6 inches that need removing. ta graham
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