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Found 6 results

  1. Recently I had an issue where green, red, and blue dots started showing across my right screen. This hurts the image and not sure how to fix. I have tried multiple different HDMI cables and bypassing the link cable box to no avail. Was a bit hard to get accurate pictures of the issue, but the photos below should depict the issue. The left image you can see my left screen and it is clear. The right image you can see the red green and blue dots and it is quite blurred. Any suggestions on how to resolve this, anything else I can try? Left screen with no issue Right screen where you can see the lines
  2. I'm trying to display a UI element in the position of the gaze collision. I found out that just using: Camera.main.WorldToScreenPoint(collision.position, Camera.MonoOrStereoscopicEye.Left); does not fully work for the "LeftEye" display - there seems to be some screen-cropping going on (about 15% on each side). Does anybody have a way how to reliably obtain a screenpoint from world point in SteamVR in Unity please? @Daniel_Y @Corvus
  3. cosmos headset is less than a week old and every time i play, the screen randomly goes completely black and the sound cuts out for like 5 seconds then comes back. this happens frequently and usually always comes back, every now and then it doesn't come back and i have to restart my computer and headset. any ideas what the go is? its all connected, no damage etc
  4. Hello guys. I recently became an owner of Vive pro, got it from a VR club with an issue with the left screen. I was planning to buy a (pricey) screen replacement until I started testing it: turning on/off the headset, steamvr and PC and after another launch dead pixels were gone, for about 2 minutes. Another time I was using video player and these 'lines' became black which are much less vissible. So I thought, maybe these pixels aren't dead and it is an issue with the cable or linkbox or display connector inside the headset which needs cleaning or readjusting. I would appreciate any diagnostic help. No one in my city repairs VR headsets and I am too afraid to send it across the country to unofficial service center.
  5. I'm working on an asymmetric 2-player Steam VR experience, in which one of the players uses an HMD, while the other one controls their experience with a mouse and a screen. The non-VR user is shown a complicated UI, in which the central frame is supposed to show the VR user's perspective. I know I can do it by: 1. Using a UI canvas in 'Screen Space - Overlay' mode, and overlaying the UI on top of regular non-VR user display. This way, the regular VR feed can be shown through the UI, in the parts that I leave transparent. However, that's not what I want. I want to see the full VR user's view in a scaled frame, without losing the peripheral elements which would be covered by the UI in this case. 2. Using an additional camera, that is parented to the Head object and renders to a RenderTexture. This RenderTexture is then displayed in a RawImage UI element. Yes, but this is very costly to do in good quality. 3. Using a post-process effect, to blit the VR user's feed into a RenderTexture. Yes, but the image is then fish-eye distorted (which is later corrected by HMD's lens). I could use a shader to undistort it, which is currently my best bet, but I'm thinking: Isn't there a simpler and less expensive way? For example, do you know a way I can access the final texture displayed as a VR user's stream for 2d screens? The thing that's behind my UI in Option 1 is all I need, if I can only scale it to show fully in a UI element.
  6. This happened to me before, that when I start up my Vive, the contrast is turned down drastically as if Night Mode is enabled. I didn't touch anything including this mode and I have no idea how to fix this. Restarting, reconnecting the cables etc. doesn't work at all. It's very hard to see everything. When I turn on Mirror mode, everything looks perfectly fine. It's only dark when I look through my headset. I hope someone can help me with this issue because I'm becoming desperate!
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