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Found 12 results

  1. I am prototyping for a project and need to know if I can realistically have multiple independent setups in a single space with little to no issue. For example 4 setups have 2 - 4 base stations (2.0), each setup tracking multiple VIVE Trackers (2018). Would I have to link all 2 - 4 base stations together? Do the base stations (2.0) need to face away from the conflicting stations? Should each group of base stations use the same channels (1 - 4)?
  2. It seems after the latest update, when i go to use "room setup", and have to draw the border for my play area... the background is no longer the passthrough camera. It's solid white, which makes drawing my play area very hard. I have to use room setup a lot, as my games require 2 different areas. One for sitting games, and one for standing active games. I can't even see the floor to adjust floor height. However I can see all the htc stuff. The VR headset works fine too except this. I have turned on the passthrough camera in Steam VR. I've also tried double clicking the triangle button. Neither seems to help. So 2 questions. 1. how do i fix my HTC cosmos where i can see the passthrough camera again in setup? Does it have anything to do with the headset button on the side or am i missing something? 2. Is there a way to setup "profiles", so i dont have to constantly resetup my room when i switch from standing to seated games? Thanks!
  3. Compositor disconnected, display port not correctly connected, headset display upside down, lagging a ton even though i ran the vive ready test and my pc is vr ready, i cant get past the setup it keeps saying that its not connected properly. I don't know what to do. My screen in the headset only shows whats on the pc monitor and my pc monitor keeps blacking out and coming back on. Can someone please help?
  4. Hello, I am trying to create a game in Unity that involves the use of Vive trackers. However, we cannot let others run the Unity project and can only give them a build/executable of the game. There are 3 Vive trackers needed (1 for hip and 2 for feet). Is there a way to have a popup at the start of game that forces users to turn on Vive trackers and assign them to certain game objects in the scene? Thank you! @chengnay
  5. Good Day I have the MSI GP73 Leopard 8re gaming laptop. The htc vive, and wireless adaptor. Is there no way for me to instal the PCIe card externally? or any other method to make the wireless adaptor work with my laptop?
  6. I did many thinks like unplugg the usb and reconnected i did restart my pc but still red on the vr headset idk what to do its so sad and frustrating pls i need help
  7. Where do I get my steam falloutvr code? I had two options they were a subscription or vive or all. I chose all and it gave me a 2 month subscription. I have not yet redeemed it through the viveport because I don't know if a mistake was made.
  8. tldr; Arabic characters in administrator name on device appears to interfere with installation process, resolved by converting name to latin characters. I recently ran into an issue installing viveport software on my primary computer in which, after multiple full uninstalls and reinstillations the application failed to fully initialize on launch. Attempts to launch `Vive.exe ` consistently hung on the message "Initializing, please wait..." screen. Interestingly, I could navigate through the application by rightclicking on the Vive icon in the taskbar and click on the `Viveport`, `Library`, and `Serttings`, but the 'Initializing, please wait..` mask over the application remained. I followed the troubleshooting steps three consecutive times, uninstalling all five vive executables, ensuring my versions of Windows 10 was up to date, adding executables to my antivirus and firewall exceptions and running the setup application as an administrator, all to no avail. For testing purposes, I attempted to install viveport on a secondary Windows 10 laptop and found, to my surprise, that the installation and intialization of the software was succesful. I then proceeded to run diff checks on all the configuration files, but found no suspect differences other than those related to system hardware. The only noticeable difference was the failed initialization on my primary computer, and a hanging service status of `Starting` viewable in services.msc The problem, I decided, had to be environmental. The name of the administrator account on my primary device contained non-latin characters, and for testing purposes, I updated the name to exclude non latin characters then proceeded through the same uninstall/reinstall process again. This time, the application installed and intialized correctly. Everything is working correctly for me now, but I feel this should be documented and investigated for the community. If an engineer from Vive could test whether non-latin (specifically Arabic script) in an administrator name breaks the installation process, I would appreciated hearing back.
  9. So I am using this mod https://github.com/Nibre/MotherVR/releases/ to play alien isolatiuon in virtual reality, and I notice that things close up look fine but things at a distance have that jazzy edges shining and it just ruins the immersion does super sampling apply to non VR game made into a VR game with a mod?
  10. I know fallout 4 is coming out but is there anything with a long story line where you can shoot things and such and explore?
  11. im playing alien isolation using the mothervr mod and its amazing any other games like this where all you need to do is drop 2 files in the game folder then you have a VR game?
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