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Found 5 results

  1. How can we make the PassThrough content as a texture streaming like we use a webcam? In other words, I want to render the PassThrough to a plane as a texture. Platform: Unity3D 19, Windows Device: VIVE pro
  2. SteamVR : 1.16.8 SRwork: SRwork Runtime : VivePro When i play Unity ,the error is [SRWorkModule] Initial PASSTHROUGH : 1001
  3. Hello, I'm using the VIVE Pro Eye headset for a project in Unity (version 2019.4.11) in Augmented Reality with the SR Work SDK. To get the outside world through the front facing cameras in pass-through modality I have Imported the SRwork_FrameWork prefab in my Unity Project. I have to obtain the stream video and apply to it some image processing rendering. I suppose I have to search in the scripts related to the SRwork_FrameWork prefab, anyway I can't understand where in these scripts I can get the stream video information and where it is saved. I searched in the previous topics but there was nothing suitable for me. Can someone help me solve this problem? Thank you.
  4. I get compile error with SRWorks 0.9.3 I use Visual Studio 2019 Community Edition on Windows 10 Pro Build 2004, Nvidia GTX 1070 and Vive Cosmos. All drivers are installed. I created an UE4.25 C++ project and move plugins folder to the project's root. After that, I opened .sln file and build solution with UnrealVS (just like Vive Hands SDK) but I got compile error. I can not even open project file. This error also shows up if I just try to open uproject file. I also tried sample project and result was same. But I can use Vive Hands without any problem. So I dont think there is a problem with my configuration. In another topic, I read that there will be a new SRWorks version in the of this month. Will UE 4.25 get support ? @MariosBikos_HTC
  5. I have installed SRWork, when I run the released Demo, the following error appears。My system is win10 @Daniel_Y
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