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Found 25 results

  1. https://www.marchedufilm.com/programs/cannes-xr/veer-future-award/ The Cannes XR 2022 Official Selection will be available on VeeR and Alexandria from 17 to 28 May, 18 shortlisted VR works will be showcased during that period. The award ceremony will be held on 22 May virtually through Alexandria. Access Alexandria on Quest or on Steam for Desktop VR (Accessible only after May 17th). Online Showcase on: VeeR: 6DoF projects compatible with Oculus Quest headsets and 360 videos Alexandria: 6DoF projects compatible with PCVR headsets and 360 videos compatible with Oculus Quest headsets More details on how to access VeeR and how to use Alexandria. Schedule: 17 – 28 May: Cannes XR Online Showcase on VeeR and Alexandria 22 May: Award Ceremony on Alexandria (VeeR Future Award: Best Story & VeeR Future Award: Best Immersive Experience) Early July: Cannes XR Offline Showcase at VeeR in China
  2. SteamVR Home boots up when we stream WebVR/WebXR on Firefox on PC. For instance, if we open Mozilla Hello WebXR on Firefox, SteamVR boots SteamVR Home on the headset. We are developing a GPU-demanding Three.js app that we cannot stream to the Focus headset because of the mentioned behavior. How can we resolve this issue? Due to the GPU demand, hosting the app online and rendering it on the headset is not an option.
  3. When I stream WebVR/WebXR content from Firefox on Windows, SteamVR opens Steam Home instead! I have tested several demos on https://mixedreality.mozilla.org/, and this behavior is persistent. I picked up developping VR with Three.js, so I want to be able to stream VR content from Mozilla Firefox on my workstation. How can I fix this?
  4. VIVE Pro 2 VIVE Console SteamVR 1.18.7 Unity Engine 2021.1.0f1 OpenXR plugin 1.3.1 Open a Scene (can be completely empty) Go to project settings Go to XR Plug-in Management Enable OpenXR Go to OpenXR Set Play Mode OpenXR Runtime to SteamVR (or System Default if SteamVR is the System Default OpenXR runtime) Click the Play button in the Editor Observe crash The crash logs which I am unable to provide indicate a Segmentation Fault. This is a frequent, intermittent issue. Unity generally crashes every 3 play attempts give or take. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  5. VIVE Pro 2 VIVE Console SteamVR 1.18.7 Unity Engine 2021.1.0f1 OpenXR plugin 1.3.1 Open a Scene (can be completely empty) Go to project settings Go to XR Plug-in Management Enable OpenXR Go to OpenXR Set Play Mode OpenXR Runtime to SteamVR (or System Default if SteamVR is the System Default OpenXR runtime) Click the Play button in the Editor Observe crash The crash logs which I am unable to provide indicate a Segmentation Fault. This is a frequent, intermittent issue. Unity generally crashes every 3 play attempts give or take. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  6. Hello, I am trying to build a VR application using Unity 2019.4.1 and Vive Eye Pro. Assume I have a "red" sphere in the scene, I want to check when the user looks at the sphere and change its color to green. Using the following libraries ViveSR.anipal.Eye, ViveSR.anipal, ViveSR I can read and check the data eyeData.verbose_data including gaze direction, gaze origin, eye openness and many more. I would appreciate any guidance and support to implement the example explained above. Thanks.
  7. I have HTC Vive Pro. I am trying to play it in offline mode. I have install Offline SteamVR library from business.vive.com. Headset was detected as a 2nd display for windows10 and I was only able to see through it as a 2nd display. I had to update my nvidia card drivers to make it detect in steamvr. Now headset is detected in seamvr, but not detected as a 2nd display in windows10. when I wear headset, it does get on (blue display gets on). How can I see seamvr media player videos inside headset or anything inside the headset.
  8. I imported SteamVR Plugin and Vive Hand Tracking SDK from the following URL into an empty project I created in Unity Editor 2020.3.19f1. Vive Hand Tracking SDK 1.0.0 : https://hub.vive.com/storage/tracking/unity/setup.html SteamVR Plugin 2.7.3 (sdk 1.14.15) : https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/integration/steamvr-plugin-32647 A When I opened the sample project(Assets/Samples/VIVE Hand Tracking SDK/1.0.0/Sample/Sample.unity) and enter Play Mode it worked fine, but when I exited Play Mode, Unity crashed. Please let me know if there is a way to exit Play Mode normally. Editor used Unity Editor 2020.3.19f1 SDK used Vive Hand Tracking SDK 1.0.0 : https://hub.vive.com/storage/tracking/unity/setup.html SteamVR Plugin 2.7.3 (sdk 1.14.15) : https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/integration/steamvr-plugin-32647 Operation procedure Connect the VIVE Pro and launch SteamVR from Steam. Create an empty project in Unity Editor 2020.3.19f1. Import SteamVR Plugin 2.7.3. Import Vive Hand Tracking SDK 1.0.0. Follow the instructions in the window to complete the settings. Open the sample project(Assets/Samples/VIVE Hand Tracking SDK/1.0.0/Sample/Sample.unity) and enter Play Mode. Exit Play Mode after confirming that virtual hands are displayed. Expected result Exit play mode normally. Actual results Unity Editor crashes.
  9. Hello! I am trying to set up my Vive Pro Eye but am not able to move forward after room set up. My hardware gets paired and is working fine. However, eye calibration does not start automatically. When I try to run eyecalibration.exe located under SRanipal -> tools -> eye_calibration, I get the message "Initialization failed". I am not sure if this is a Vive or a steam VR issue. I read that this can be done through the dashboard in the VR by pulling it up using the system button on the controller. However, my system button does nothing. I tried to see if the dashboard was somehow disabled but the settings optin in the SteamVR status pane doe not open either. I tried to go through the tutorial in steamVR but there too, I cannot proceed because my system button doe not work. It is also curious that when I try to open SteamVR properties from Steam, I am again not able to do this and all it shows me is a black screen. Is this a SteamVR version issue? My computer is definitely VR compatible.
  10. I was doing some more testing trying to improve performance of MSFS and wondered if the "Throttling Behavior" feature in SteamVR worked with the VP2 so changed to Fixed but did not to seem to work as some tutorial videos shown for the Valve Index. So is this another feature of SteamVR that does not work with the VP2 like Motion Smoothing? I really like the headset but wonder why it does not fully support all of the SteamVR features. Thanks For your time Bill
  11. Function has a new playtest available! Function is a Steam-based VR fitness game. No Steam Key needed, just click the free playtest link on the store page. The playtest has 3 challenge levels where the player does full body exercises in timed challenge levels. Try it out and reply back with advice for or against the concept. Appreciate it! Steam page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1052140/Function/ Function Discord: https://discord.gg/ugtAEDTV
  12. Hi whenever i try to load up my steamvr app it loads up but then crashes and says "steamvr fail Oh no steamvr has encountered an unexpected problem" every time does anyone know a solution to fix this?
  13. My supersampling settings in FPSVR, SteamVR, or OpenVR Advanced Settings has no effect on the in-game performance or image quality. A year ago when I got my 1070 I set the overall resolution to 1.3, with all per-app values at 1.0. Now, when I try to modify the resolutions for more demanding games, there is no difference no matter what resolution steam says it's running at. I briefly managed to change the value in Assetto Corsa a while back by moving from beta to the main branch of steamvr, but the issue has popped up again. All in-game supersampling sliders work. So far I have tried reinstalling steamvr, restarting PC, restarting games + SteamVR after changing values, uninstalling ReVive + old version of OpenVR Advanced Settings. I'm using the Vive wireless adapter if that matters, but the issue has persisted since before I got it.
  14. Dear all, we were using webxr a lot either by Google Chrome or by Edge. Fire Fox currently does not support WebXR. Currently we are facing the fact that both Edge and Chrome (83) return "VR not supported", although the HTC Vive is connected and SteamVR and "Viveport VR" manually started do run and show a scene. Does anyone else face the same issue? Example: https://threejs.org/examples/?q=webxr#webxr_vr_cubes
  15. One of my base stations currently has a red blinking light and one of the laser emitters (laser0) is not lit up. SteamVR log (vrserver.txt) is full of this message: "lighthouse: Base 5C564AE7 (modelid: 9) transmitting faults +laser0 (00000004)". I have tried power-cycling multiple times but it hasn't helped. The affected base station is not tracking (tested by occluding controller so that the working base station can't see it). Will I need to send the base station in for repairs? It is quite hot where I live, so maybe the base station simply overheated? I have attached the latest system report. SteamVR-2019-07-26-AM_02_46_40.txt
  16. Hello. Because of my room environment, I mounted the VIVE BaseStations(2.0 / 4ea) upside-down. So, the LEDs of basestations face to the floor Now. After the STEAMVR Room Calibration, only two of basestations seem to be in place in VR. The others seem to be connected to STEAMVR, but they are not in place in VR. Do I have to make sure to mount the basestations upright?
  17. Good time of day. Faced the following problem: I have been working with the HTC Vive Cosmos headset for 3 months, and today there is a problem called "Error 108". Vive Console sees everything and determines everything. SteamVR enabled safe mode, then notified of this error, and the device detection panel was empty. The helmet screen has a grayish screen(probably a safe mode screen). If you disable the helmet by clicking on it, the image will be shown by the cameras. There is a sound in the headphones. All this happened after launching the program Whirligig (free version), which I have already used repeatedly, but it hung(everything in the VR helmet hung) when I chose where to play the video file and had to complete the process through task disspetcher. After that, the problem described above started. All the ways to fix this problem that the standard instruction advises, as well as the ways that the steam community advises-unfortunately, did not help. The situation worsened after I made a reset of the helmet settings via the vive console. The program began to require setting the parameters of the room, and then reports that the helmet was not found-restart it. I am sending statistics in the hope that you can help solve this problem. PC parameters: GeForce GTX 1070 Ryzen 2600x 5 AMD six-core 32 Gb Ram I write with the help of a translator, I apologize in advance for the syllable. I'm duplicating a similar message sent to Steam support in order to fully try to solve the problem. I also thank you in advance for your time =) Steam user, htc vive cosmos, Apxumekmop =) SteamVR-2020-03-14-PM_09_47_32.txt
  18. If you can’t disable safe mode and find headset is not connected on steam VR monitor at SteamVR 1.10.28. Please follow the instructions below for short term solution. 1. Please close SteamVR and update to beta 1.10.30 version. *How to update SteamVR beta 1.10.30 · Find SteamVR app on Steam game list and launch properties after closing SteamVR. · Select “beta – SteamVR Beta Update. · Close Steam VR monitor to trigger auto update 2. After updating to SteamVR beta 1.10.30, click unblock to ViveVR in “manage add-ons” page. 3. Switch on ViveVR status and restart SteamVR. 4. After restarting SteamVR, you will find the HMD successfully connected, and you may also dismiss the “Add-on blocked” message
  19. Hello I bought vive pro eye to do eye tracking at unity. But, when I start eye tracking calibration in steamVR. adjust the headset up and down to fit the frame. Even if the headset up and down, the image does not change. and I can't go next step...just stop ; - ; In addition, the camera in SRruntime is not recognized. (And I connect my vive port to graphics card connected to the monitor.) I reinstall several times after deleting all the program(steamVR, SRruntime, etc,,,). SteamVR also 'Camera communication failed.' I think it is a problem with the headset recognition or camera recognition. No matter how many time I search, I can't get the result. Please help me,,, T ^ T (I'm already do this : ) I'm using the following desktop computer: GeForce Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti 11GB VRAM Intel Core i5-4670 CPU 16 GB RAM Windows 10 pro (64bit)
  20. I've contacted steam support and they said it was a vive software issue. Then I contacted vive support and they said the resolution couldn't be changed. I've completely reinstalled and uninstalled steam vr and even reset my headset. Is there any way my super sampling can be improved?
  21. Just received my Vive pro yesterday and the setup was flawless and without problems. The controllers and the HMD was updated by STEAM VR to their latest firmware - so all looked fine. But while playing around with the Chaperone, i noticed that my Dual Front Cameras are not working or at least can not be enabled. I always get a "Camera Communication Error" in STEAM VR when testing the CAM So here is the setup and description for everything. All the info is also provided with the attached screenshots. I am using Win10 64 BIT ( win10_1909_build_18363.535) and STEAM VR Version 1.9.16 Windows Device Manager shows the Vive Pro Multimedia Camera (Driver Version 10.0.18362.1 dated 21.06.2006) and the device has the VID/PID 0BB4&PID_030E and it is connected to a USB 3 SuperSpeed Port. I also disabled the power management for this port (as instructed in the VIVE online documentation) The Windows USB Drivers for the SS USB Hubs are up-to-date (Version 10.0.18362.1 dated 18.03.2019) Also attached is the LOG File from the STEAM VR Developer module. I also checked the Windows 10 Privacy Settings for Cameras (everything enabled but no special entry for Vive or Steam can be found there) but to make sure, i tested if the cam is visible/available to other windows applications. And yes, the cam gets detected as a device in e.g. Corel Video Studio but i could not capture something - but that could be normal/OK. So, what can be done or are there any tools or progs where i can test/see if the cam is just "dead" or if that is only a Software issue, or any things i could try in addition? Best regards and TY for all help - much appreciated. Steam_VR_LOG.txt
  22. Hi, I am trying to create a steam vr driver for vive hand tracking - emulate index controllers, but it seems like there is a loop that takes over steam vr - so i can't make the tracking work in background process. Are there any plans to implement this on your side? To be able to use hands instead of controllers? Thank you.
  23. Seems everytime i start my Vive cosmos, i have to fight with the following cycle: vive console loads steam vr loads steam vr crashes steam vr restarts in safe mode steam vr works but now vive console does not restart both and same issue just repeats. after several attempts, reinstalls of steam vr, file validations, or just trying repeatedly it just magicially decides to work. I've noticed it prefers to launch in steam VR home to be stable. Which I actually prefer to the viveport. so questions. Is there a way to fix this? I've tried beta, stable release, reinstalls, same issues. is there a way with the cosmos to set it to just use steam vr home instead of the viveport? Viveport seems to have an issue finding all my games anyways, so i prefer Steam VR home. @stvnxu
  24. Hi all - I'm trying to integrate two Vive trackers into my Unreal project, but I'm not able to get the trackers to consistently register in SteamVR. When I hover over the tracker in the SteamVR window, it shows it "Searching" most of the time rather than actively tracking. When I open my project, the mesh I have matched with the tracker only appears every so often when it's actively tracking Does anyone have advice about how to get a consistent track? I have the Tracker Dongles plugged in to my PC and resting over a foot away from it. Thanks!
  25. hi i wanted to know if anybody knew how to fix this problem. https://youtu.be/Np4cks62jxI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9PgP0UCnXt0&feature=youtu.be https://youtu.be/XHCPZ4FF5iI its really wierd...
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