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  1. Hi All, I am fairly new to VR eye tracking and have run into a block, I am trying to output some data into a file and every time that I test this out Unity seems to freeze up I also get errors with System.IO and I could really use some help. (I have included my code to make it easier) Thank you in advance using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; using UnityEngine; using UnityEngine.SceneManagement; using System; using System.IO; using Valve.VR; using Valve.VR.InteractionSystem; using ViveSR.anipal.Eye; using System.Runtime.InteropServices; using TMPro; public class TrackPlayer : MonoBehaviour { // Object references for use public GameObject playerObj = null; public GameObject attractorRef = null; public Rigidbody attractorrb; public Camera playercamera; // Participant Order public string UserID; public static string participantName; public static string Path = Directory.GetCurrentDirectory(); string File_Path; // Distance between variable public float DistanceBetweenAandB; // Attractor animation controls private float speed = 0f; public Animator deerAnimator; // Eye data variables private static EyeData eyeData = new EyeData(); private static bool eye_callback_registered = false; //Debug text display public TMP_Text uiText; private float updateSpeed = 0; private static float lastTime, currentTime; // Gaze Directon varibales private static Vector3 Eyeposition; // private static UInt64 eye_valid_L, eye_valid_R; // The bits explaining the validity of eye data. private static float openness_L, openness_R; // The level of eye openness. private static float pupil_diameter_L, pupil_diameter_R; // Diameter of pupil dilation. private static Vector2 pos_sensor_L, pos_sensor_R; // Positions of pupils. // Focus information vairables private static Ray testRay; private static FocusInfo focusInfo; // Variables that control how fast to report data back private float nextActionTime = 0.0f; public float period = .08f; private static int cnt_callback = 0; private const int maxframe_count = 120 * 1800; private void Start() { UserID = participantName; SRanipal_Eye_v2.LaunchEyeCalibration(); // Perform calibration for eye tracking just before running actual experiement. File_Path = Directory.GetCurrentDirectory() + "\\Test_" + participantName + ".txt"; Debug.Log(File_Path); if (participantName == "") { participantName = "Blank"; // make sure to fill in particpant ID } if (File.Exists(File_Path)) { Debug.Log("File with the same UserID already exists. Please change the UserID in the C# code."); // When the same file name is found, we stop playing Unity. if (UnityEditor.EditorApplication.isPlaying) { UnityEditor.EditorApplication.isPlaying = false; } } } // Update is called once per frame void Update() { //PlayerPositionTracking(); if (SRanipal_Eye_Framework.Status != SRanipal_Eye_Framework.FrameworkStatus.WORKING) return; if (SRanipal_Eye_Framework.Instance.EnableEyeDataCallback == true && eye_callback_registered == false) { SRanipal_Eye.WrapperRegisterEyeDataCallback(Marshal.GetFunctionPointerForDelegate((SRanipal_Eye.CallbackBasic)EyeCallback)); eye_callback_registered = true; } else if (SRanipal_Eye_Framework.Instance.EnableEyeDataCallback == false && eye_callback_registered == true) { SRanipal_Eye.WrapperUnRegisterEyeDataCallback(Marshal.GetFunctionPointerForDelegate((SRanipal_Eye.CallbackBasic)EyeCallback)); eye_callback_registered = false; } Vector3 GazeOriginCombinedLocal, GazeDirectionCombinedLocal; if (eye_callback_registered) { if (SRanipal_Eye.GetGazeRay(GazeIndex.COMBINE, out GazeOriginCombinedLocal, out GazeDirectionCombinedLocal, eyeData)) { } else if (SRanipal_Eye.GetGazeRay(GazeIndex.LEFT, out GazeOriginCombinedLocal, out GazeDirectionCombinedLocal, eyeData)) { } else if (SRanipal_Eye.GetGazeRay(GazeIndex.RIGHT, out GazeOriginCombinedLocal, out GazeDirectionCombinedLocal, eyeData)) { } else return; } else { if (SRanipal_Eye.GetGazeRay(GazeIndex.COMBINE, out GazeOriginCombinedLocal, out GazeDirectionCombinedLocal)) { } else if (SRanipal_Eye.GetGazeRay(GazeIndex.LEFT, out GazeOriginCombinedLocal, out GazeDirectionCombinedLocal)) { } else if (SRanipal_Eye.GetGazeRay(GazeIndex.RIGHT, out GazeOriginCombinedLocal, out GazeDirectionCombinedLocal)) { } else return; } Eyeposition = Camera.main.transform.TransformDirection(GazeDirectionCombinedLocal); Focus(); FocusName(); if (Time.time > nextActionTime) { nextActionTime += period; //Debug.Log(nextActionTime); // execute block of code here //uiText.text = Eyeposition.ToString(); //PlayerPositionTracking(); //AddPlayerEYELocationDataToFile(); AddPlayerLocationDataToFile(); AddCueLocationDataToFile(); //Debug.Log(FocusName()); //PLAYER HEAD ROTATION //Debug.Log("Player X ROTATION: " + playercamera.transform.rotation.x); //Debug.Log("Player Y ROTATION: " + playercamera.transform.rotation.y); } } private void OnDisable() { Release(); } void OnApplicationQuit() { Release(); } /// <summary> /// Release callback thread when disabled or quit /// </summary> private static void Release() { if (eye_callback_registered == true) { SRanipal_Eye.WrapperUnRegisterEyeDataCallback(Marshal.GetFunctionPointerForDelegate((SRanipal_Eye.CallbackBasic)EyeCallback)); eye_callback_registered = false; } } /// <summary> /// Required class for IL2CPP scripting backend support /// </summary> internal class MonoPInvokeCallbackAttribute : System.Attribute { public MonoPInvokeCallbackAttribute() { } } /// <summary> /// Eye tracking data callback thread. /// Reports data at ~120hz /// MonoPInvokeCallback attribute required for IL2CPP scripting backend /// </summary> /// <param name="eye_data">Reference to latest eye_data</param> [MonoPInvokeCallback] private static void EyeCallback(ref EyeData eye_data) { eyeData = eye_data; // do stuff with eyeData... while (cnt_callback < maxframe_count) { openness_L = eyeData.verbose_data.left.eye_openness; openness_R = eyeData.verbose_data.right.eye_openness; pupil_diameter_L = eyeData.verbose_data.left.pupil_diameter_mm; pupil_diameter_R = eyeData.verbose_data.right.pupil_diameter_mm; pos_sensor_L = eyeData.verbose_data.left.pupil_position_in_sensor_area; pos_sensor_R = eyeData.verbose_data.right.pupil_position_in_sensor_area; eye_valid_L = eyeData.verbose_data.left.eye_data_validata_bit_mask; eye_valid_R = eyeData.verbose_data.right.eye_data_validata_bit_mask; lastTime = currentTime; currentTime = eyeData.timestamp; //Player location variables and arrays string playerEyeX = Eyeposition.x.ToString(); string playerEyeY = Eyeposition.y.ToString(); string playerEyeZ = Eyeposition.z.ToString(); string playerEyeOpen_Left = openness_L.ToString(); string playerEyeOpen_Right = openness_R.ToString(); string playerEyeDiameter_Left = pupil_diameter_L.ToString(); string playerEyeDiameter_Right = pupil_diameter_R.ToString(); string playerEyePosInSenSorArea_Left_X = pos_sensor_L.x.ToString(); string playerEyePosInSenSorArea_Left_Y = pos_sensor_L.y.ToString(); string playerEyePosInSenSorArea_Right_X = pos_sensor_R.x.ToString(); string playerEyePosInSenSorArea_Right_Y = pos_sensor_R.y.ToString(); string playerEyeValid_Left = eye_valid_L.ToString(); string playerEyeValid_Right = eye_valid_R.ToString(); //string objectBeingLookedAt = FocusName(); string value = playerEyeX + "," + playerEyeY + "," + playerEyeZ + "," + playerEyeOpen_Left + "," + playerEyeOpen_Right + "," + playerEyeDiameter_Left + "," + playerEyeDiameter_Right + "," + playerEyePosInSenSorArea_Left_X + "," + playerEyePosInSenSorArea_Left_Y + "," + playerEyePosInSenSorArea_Right_X + "," + playerEyePosInSenSorArea_Right_Y + "," + playerEyeValid_Left + "," + playerEyeValid_Right + "," + //objectBeingLookedAt + DateTime.Now.ToString() + Environment.NewLine; File.AppendAllText("Test_" + participantName + ".txt", value); cnt_callback++; //string[] playerEYEData = { "\n" + "X = " + playerEyeX + ",", "" + "Y = " + playerEyeY + ",", "" + "Z = " + playerEyeZ + ",", //"" + "Eye Openess_L = " + playerEyeOpen_Left + ",", "" + "Eye Openess_R = " + playerEyeOpen_Right + ",", //"" + "Eye Diameter_L = " + playerEyeDiameter_Left + ",", "" + "Eye Diameter_R = " + playerEyeDiameter_Right + ",", //"" + "Eye Position In Sense Area_Left_X = " + playerEyePosInSenSorArea_Left_X + ",", "" + "Eye Position In Sense Area_Left_Y = " + playerEyePosInSenSorArea_Left_Y + ",", //"" + "Eye Position In Sense Area_Right_X = " + playerEyePosInSenSorArea_Right_X + ",", "" + "Eye Position In Sense Area_Right_Y = " + playerEyePosInSenSorArea_Right_Y + ",", //"" + "Eye Validation Bit Mask_Left = " + playerEyeValid_Left + ",", //"" + "Eye Validation Bit Mask_Rigth = " + playerEyeValid_Right + ",", //"" + "OBJECT = " + objectBeingLookedAt + "," + " " + System.DateTime.Now.ToString() }; // Content of the file // foreach (string playerInfo in playerEYEData) // { //File.AppendAllText(path, playerInfo); //} } } /// <summary> /// Checks for current object in focus. /// </summary> public static GameObject Focus() { if (eye_callback_registered == true) { if (SRanipal_Eye.Focus(GazeIndex.COMBINE, out testRay, out focusInfo)) { } else if (SRanipal_Eye.Focus(GazeIndex.LEFT, out testRay, out focusInfo)) { } else if (SRanipal_Eye.Focus(GazeIndex.RIGHT, out testRay, out focusInfo)) { } else return null; } if(focusInfo.collider.name != "Body Collider") { return focusInfo.collider.gameObject; } else return null; } /// <summary> /// Checks name for current object in focus. /// </summary> public static string FocusName() { if (Focus() is null) return ""; else return Focus().name; } TrackPlayer.cs
  2. Hi, I am unable to receive eye data at 120 Hz. On several Vive Pro Eye headsets I am getting very low data report rates using the C++ SRAnipal API. Using the C++ sample project included the SRanipal SDK (link), I print out gaze data once every 120 samples. The data reports at a rate much slower than 120 Hz: ~30Hz when executing ViveSR::anipal::Eye::GetEyeData in a loop ~60Hz when executing callback My SRanipal runtime and tobii platform information is attached. Vive software and drivers are up to date.
  3. So i am just trying to find out without a doubt two things. One if VivePort is needed to be installed to use the Vive Cosmos Elite and why is it that when i use Viveport that when i exit a game it causes my PC to freeze completely. I am able to turn the headset on, play a game and etc. but as soon as i exit a game or try to exit VR my PC just freezes completely. I have checked all sources to make sure that i have nothing in the background running that could cause any issues. It is literally ONLY happening when i use my Cosmos Elite but when using my Quest 2 via Link or Virtual Destkop. Literally no issues AT ALL. This is baffling and completely annoying and makes me want to toss this headset out the window.
  4. My cosmos used to work perfectly but now whenever i plug in my headsets HDMI it says "Setting up device QUSB_BULK then says "Drivers unavailable" and then proceeds to not work and have 108 errors for steamvr and 001 errors for vive console. Any help would be appreciated i have tried wiping all data and uninstalling vive console and steamvr and all other reccomened options. Thanks!
  5. I got my vive a couple of months ago and I had it working fine with my laptop (alienware m15) and I booted it up yesterday and it was incredibly laggy. The ms was hitting 111ms at its high and then swinging back down to 6. I shut everything down and tried again and it would work for one song of Beat Sabre and then just start lagging again. I don't really know what the issue could be... Alienware m15 Intel Core i7-8750H CPU @ 2.20GHz 2.21 GHz 16gb of RAM Windows 10 intel(r) uhd graphics 630
  6. I have the Vive cosmos with the link box and all the original cable and I am getting error code 210. I'm not using ANY adapters, it is straight from the card to the link box. I reinstalled all of the vive software, updated my drivers, updated vbios, looked at the nvidia control panel. Nothing has worked. I also looked through the forums here and found people with similar problems but none of the solutions worked for me. I have a RTX 2080, Intel I-7, 16gb ram. @C.T. @stvnxu
  7. I've updated my Vive base stations when I first got it, and it worked completely fine. Ever since that first update in August of last year, updates NEVER work. There's always a new problem, hardware failure blinking lights that gets fixed when I roll back to original updates, the base station completely not turning on, etc. The worst part is that whenever I roll back, the tracking is terrible, constant grey screening. I can't stand it anymore. Why is it that NEW firmware updates completely break the product? Shouldn't the product keep improving with updates? I didn't expect this company to be like Apple with the whole killing the battery thing. I shouldn't have to buy new 2.0 base stations just to get the same tracking that I had when I first bought my Vive. 500 dollars going to waste because updates prevent sensors from working, what a load of B.S. Has anyone else experienced this problem before? Please let me know your solutions and stories.
  8. So a while back my base station randomly stopped working after an update. It had a blinking red light and steamvr showed a nondescript error code which I couldn't find any information on. Couldn't send it back to HTC as it was past the 90-day period. Fast forward a few months and I found a video stating that if you connected the base station to your computer and rolled back the firmware to factory default it could fix some of the errors and thats what i did. Successfully installed the old firmware in the base station and it no longer had a blinking red light and was no longer showing an error code, but still would not track at all (tested with other base station off) and If I attempted to update the base station again, it would behave the same way. Does anyone have a possible fix?
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