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  1. My HMD doesn't display a picture, it flickers when steam VR is first started for a few frames then it is black, with a red LED( sometimes bright green). Wiggling the headset sometimes flickered an image on the HMD. What I've tried : Double checked all connections are plugged in firmly on HMD,Linkbox and PC. From the linkbox I have tried the usb,hdmi cables. I have successfully used the Linkbox to run a usb pen drive. I have confirmed the long hdmi cable from the link box to the HMD works by using it to run a monitor. I've updated the firmware for every part of the system. Reinstalled steam VR and verified cache. And it's still the same. Updating Nvidia drivers. (GTX 1070, hdmi port tested on a monitor and works fine) The HMD is running firmware 2097504, when I try to manually update it via holding the button on the side of the HMD and going through the update process it says that it "requires a firmware update" completes it and says update successful but the firmware number in "System report" doesn't change. System report here : https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aza4FpBgNxP6Dj43oMgwrbWseUSe7wj5ZqIPzFTQJrA/edit?usp=sharing
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