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  1. Hi, I have some questions/problem about the Focus3's Wrist Trackers, just got my 2 trackers today, and plan to use those for 'object' tracking questions : -Could we have the geometric tracking ref for those? (rotation centers, and "0" position.... we just need this info instead of 'bad' measurements) -Why provide an object tracker if you can only link 2 trackers to the HMD ? (make no sense to have Hand/controller tracking OR object tracking, cause of course we need both at the same time) -Is there any possible input on those trackers ? (OG vive trackers had some possible connection for buttons/trigger/ect and a possible com link with USB.... At this point, i seen NONE of this on the 'wrist tracker'.... does it mean i have to dev mysel a BT/Wifi board and a complete api in order to get a simple 'button' on a tracked object?) -Is there any 'official' documentation for those trackers ? I'm looking for a 'real' project description for this kind of use case all i find on HTC's website is using 'OG trackers'
  2. I am prototyping for a project and need to know if I can realistically have multiple independent setups in a single space with little to no issue. For example 4 setups have 2 - 4 base stations (2.0), each setup tracking multiple VIVE Trackers (2018). Would I have to link all 2 - 4 base stations together? Do the base stations (2.0) need to face away from the conflicting stations? Should each group of base stations use the same channels (1 - 4)?
  3. Hello, In my Unity project, there is a problem that has been bothering me for some time, and I can't solve it: As you can see. The object I am tracking is upside down. Yet I assure you that the object in real life is right side up. The tracker is also well positioned in relation to real life. However, here is my object in "Scene" mode when I don't launch my game, as you can see, it is right side up: (The red square represents the tracker, as I understood that you shouldn't move the tracker, but move the object to position it on it) : Why is the object upside down? Is it possible that it is the "real" tracker that is upside down? Is there a way to place the trackers? My map is, I think, right side up because the sky is well "up". I'd like to point out that I wouldn't just put the gun upside down in the scene mode. I'd like it to be correctly positioned to facilitate future creation steps. Thank you in advance for your answers.
  4. Hi! I have been using VIVE Pro facial tracker for a while. I want to get the name or the label or weight at least, like the unique data of the facial expression being shown on the screen of Unity Engine when the avatar replicates the facial expression. I have edited the code in the script named as (SRanipal_AvatarLipSample.cs) in line (39). Here are some of the the results in the console- The value '0' is shown when I make no facial expressions, but other values are shown when I am making other facial expressions. Am I doing the right way, if the respective values of the real time facial expressions are being shown or does it show something related to the (Mouth_Smile_Right) expression only? Looking for a kind reply. Thanks!
  5. For the recent SteamVR version, the OpenXR tracker extension as come to be supported. The OpenXR tracker extension is called "XR_HTCX_vive_tracker_interaction". Regarding Unity OpenXR support, will there be a tracker interaction profile for Unity, as it was for the Cosmos controller ? Looking forward to it.
  6. Hello Everyone, In my company QBranch, we are making different tangible devices for AR/VR entertainment and professional training. Following our different customer requests and generally our own needs, we "link virtual and real" with the VIVE technologies and especially the Vive Tracker (3.0 for now) To get some inputs linked to the application, we are used to work with the pogo pins. But now, for our current project, we need some analog inputs that we can't get via pogo pins. So we decided to investigate the USB API to transfer to the PC via the Vive Tracker, all the axis you would find in a classic VIVE Controller. Following my different researches, here is all the different resources i've tried to work on to achieve my goals : https://dl.vive.com/Tracker/FAQ/HTC Vive Tracker 3.0_FAQ_v1.0_01192021.pdf https://dl.vive.com/Tracker/Guideline/HTC_Vive_Tracker_Developer_Guidelines_v1.3.pdf https://www.manualslib.com/manual/1730181/Htc-Vive-Tracker.html http://www.talariavr.com/blog/ https://www.brightdevelopers.com/communication-htc-vive-tracker-android/ https://github.com/matzman666/USBHost And many others, but here is the best I've found. I'm trying to make it running by myself for about 3 weeks now, so I finally try this forum to ask for some help from anyone, as I'm running now out of time to finish the device... We are currently dealing with the device with a development board from Texas instrument : Launchpad TM4C1294XL (an arduino-like board) The USB connection is established, everything is dealing correctly during enumeration phase, we can deal/select/ask with different USB layers and we managed to see different informations of the device. As an example, we managed to get the "Default Config" information, and run the Interface indexed "2" => String description : "Controller" Now we send the final packet with the payload defining the different "Controller inputs" we need to transfer, and nothing happen in SteamVR (tracking, top button and pogo pins are still working, but the USB gives no result in the "Controller Test Panel") Here are some questions to start this topic : - Is the Vive Tracker 3.0 still able to get some inputs informations with this API (like the 2018 version), or is it not working anymore, and this is a copy/paste error on the documentation (which is very similar to the 2018) - Is there a USB test application (on PC or Android) to send some testing inputs to the Vive Tracker, and see if we get something in the other side (in SteamVR inputs) - Is there any technical information I'm missing (Timing to send data, payload tricks, way to send it etc...) as the documentation has some mistakes I've tried to cross many different informations to get something running - Do you have some code samples of an embedded technology doing this (Arduino like or whatever) , I've found only old projects, before 2018. so I'm not sure about what I'm reading... - Is there a specific way to see the "Controller inputs" in SteamVR, as the Tracker inputs shown are only the ones linked to the pogo pins. For now, we cheated in the tracker firmware to have it shown as a VIVE Controller, so we have all the inputs (for my point of view this is more a cheat than a real solution, so I was wondering if there is something better possible) - Is There anybody here facing the same issues, or being able to tell me "hey we had it working!" - Any help please... Hope you will be able to help me and anybody trying to do the same in the world! Thanks for any help, I wish everybody a nice day, hoping we will be able to do nice things with this device soon! Cheers, Quentin MAYET
  7. am using vive tracker without HMD with null driver, my tracker Semmes always breathing (sleeps), opening after 10 seconds its lost tracking, showing unable to track the tracker
  8. Hello there, I'm using an HTC Vive Tracker 3.0 with two base stations 2.0 to track a sphere in my unity project. I must print on screen, like in a HUD, the physic information about the sphere. The sphere is a gameobject with Rigidbody component and the Steam VR_Tracked Object script. I managed to retrieve the position (x,y,z) and the euler angle, but I cannot find a way to retrieve speed (in the three component), angular velocity, acceleration, and all the other physic valus that I can derive form a moving 3D object: in the panel Info of the rigidbody component, speed value always increase up to 40 and then resets itself to 0, velocity stays 0 for X and Z and increase for Y like the speed value, angular velocity never change even if I move the tracker. I there a way, via script o directly form the component, to obtain what I need?
  9. Hiii, so my setup is a Oculus Quest 1 with 2 base stations 1.0 and 3 trackers 2.0. So after I got my second base station it's ocurren a weird issue with my hip tracker, it suddenly goes away and returns back to the position, but this only happens when I have both base stations turn on. I tested everything that I could imagine, change bases places to each other, change tracker position, whatever tracker that I put on my hip that happens. I reinstalled steam vr and others vr programs. Tried to play in the dark. Covered everything reflective. And today I connected the bases station with a cable to sync them. And for the trackers, I tested in all usb of my computer, and I even bought an pci-express card with more usb 3.0. Nothing seens to change. The only one is when I turn only one of my bases, when I do that the tracking works fine, did that with both bases. When I'm using only one base it works fine, but I lose the freedom that 2 bases can give. I would like to know if anyone knows what that can be, and how can I solve it.
  10. I want to track a robot in an indoor room of 20*7m and want to put Htc Vive tracker 3.0 on it and use the basestation 2.0 to track the Robot .How can I make this work? Is vive a good idea? does any one knows the acccuracy of the product ??? Thank you
  11. Vive trackers are shaking in specific places in a room. Sometimes they shake, sometimes they don't. Knuckles controllers are tracking perfectly. Video of the problem: https://streamable.com/g0533w Steam log files are attached. What can be causing this problem? Maybe it's bad USB 2.0 slot quality? I read that it's recommended to buy some Inateck USB controllers. I need to connect 8 Vive trackers. What USB PCIe card is recommended? Maybe my room has IR reflective walls? What material should I use to cover the walls so IR signal won't be reflected? I tried to cover one wall (only a part of it) with bedsheet, but did not notice any improvement in tracking accuracy. I noticed that when I have only two base stations turned on - tracking is much more stable. Maybe Index and Vive Pro base stations are incompatible with each other? (although they look the same visually). --- My setup: Wi-fi is turned off. Room is about 5 to 4 meters and roomscale is setup to 4x3 meters. Room has white PVC wall and ceiling panels. Four base stations (two Valve Index Base Stations (bought seperately) plus two SteamVR Base Station 2.0 from Vive Pro bundle) Vive Pro + VIVE Wireless adapter ( https://www.vive.com/eu/accessory/wireless-adapter/ ) Eight Vive trackers 2.0 connected to USB 2.0 powered 10-ports hub + eight USB 2.0 extender cables (so dongles are apart from each other at 1 meter distance). Latest SteamVR beta. --- Downloads.rar
  12. Hello, As the title says, I'm having trouble figuring out how to get the input feedback from the tracker POGO pins. After a lot of research, I've come across mostly solutions for Unreal Engine but I need to use Unity... they removed the SteamVR_Controller a few years ago and I've been unable to find a tutorial that doesn't include SteamVR_Controller or UE. So far, what I've managed to do is just track the tracker pucks location. :( In case you ask, I have been looking through the steamVR docs but... It's kinda going over my head. (I'm new to VR in general) So while I leave this here, I will continue to peruse the documentation.
  13. Hi, whats the best way to calibrate a tracker 2018? I want the z-axis value to be zero when the tracker is on the floor. Calibrating with the HMD and SteamVR, where i put both controllers on the floor, is not accurate. Sometimes up to 5-10 cm... (btw. do both Basestations have to be on same height level?) Calibrating only with the tracker and a Basestation is better, but I have to substract the height of the Basestation... Error is about 2-5 cm... I am confused, do I always have to fix this manually? Thx
  14. Hello, I am trying to create a game in Unity that involves the use of Vive trackers. However, we cannot let others run the Unity project and can only give them a build/executable of the game. There are 3 Vive trackers needed (1 for hip and 2 for feet). Is there a way to have a popup at the start of game that forces users to turn on Vive trackers and assign them to certain game objects in the scene? Thank you! @chengnay
  15. Hi, I've got a Vive Tracker 2018 and a Sony Alpha 7. The shoe on top of the camera is capable to trigger an attached flash light. My Question: Is it possible to use this electrical trigger signal with the Pogo Pins? This way the camera trigger would not only create a picture but also send a trigger signal with the Tracker simultaneously! Any ideas to implement this technique is appreciated! Thx.
  16. Can the Vive Tracker be used independently of the rest of the kit? I would like to use it to track camera movements in a virtual set. I would avoid buying what is not needed ... thank you!
  17. Hello folks, I am running into a problem interfacing with the OpenVR SDK when using two trackers with one controller. Specifically, the IVRCompositor::WaitGetPoses( ) function will sometimes return incorrectly transformed matrices to my C++ application. I was wondering if anyone has experienced a problem like this before, or if there is a known solution. The scenario: I place two VIVE trackers about 1 foot apart from one another, facing the same direction. I would expected that the matrices of each tracker (stored in TrackedDevicePose_t -> mDeviceToAbsoluteTracking) will be very similar. If I power up in this order - Tracker 1 On, Tracker 2 On, Controller On - the matrices of both trackers are indeed almost identical. However, if I power on in a different order - Controller On, Tracker 1 On, Tracker 2 On - The matrices of one of the trackers will be rotated exactly 90 degrees from what I would expect. The other tracker still retains the correct values/orientation as before. So now, even though both physical trackers are sitting in similar positions and orientations in the real world, their matrices returned by the VIVE SDK's WaitGetPoses( ) are different. In the same session, I can power on/off the controllers in different orders to change whether I get the correct or incorrect matrix values from the tracker. I am certain this is not a problem with my tracked device indices, nor a problem with overflowing array bounds, because the XYZ Position of the "Bad" Tracker is always correct - it is only the rotation of the tracker about that position in space that changes. So at least one value in every row in the matrix is what I expect. The correct Tracker[index == 3] 4x4 matrix (left) vs. the incorrect Tracker[index == 3] matrix (right) [ -0.99, 0.00, -0.17, -0.20 ] [ 0.99, -0.05, -0.12, -0.20 ] [ 0.00, 1.00, 0.00, 0.72 ] [ -0.01, 0.00, -0.99, 0.72 ] [ 0.01, 0.00, -0.99, 1.38 ] [ 0.05, 0.99, 0.00, 1.38 ] [ 0.00, 0.00, 0.00, 0.00 ] [ 0.00, 0.00, 0.00, 0.00 ] To specify the configuration I am using, my OpenVR SDK is version 1.0.10, my VIVE trackers are the newer model with the blue triangle, and my base stations are the older model. If anyone knows of a fix, workaround, or simply something to try, I would be very grateful for the help! Right now I am thoroughly stumped! Thanks! @chengnay
  18. Hello, We're having issues with our older Vive Trackers where they pair with SteamVR but aren't tracking despite being in clear view of the lighthouses, and also near Vive Controllers that are being tracked. Things we've tried to fix the issue: Restarting the machine Restarting SteamVR Rebooting every connected device Unplugging/Replugging the Tracker dongle Changing SteamVR to Beta Plugging in the tracker via USB did allow the Vive Tracker to be tracked. We are using a Vive Pro Headset. Any thing we can do to fix this? @VibrantNebula
  19. Hello. I have seven trackers. I tagged each tracker with a numbered sticker. I realized that is not possible to identify what icon belongs to each tracker. So is it impossible to check battery level of the trackers in a proper way, because it will be not a good solution to turn off all the trackers and reconnect one by one... Do I miss something ? THANKS
  20. We use VIVE Pro and Trackers. And try to track bat swing trajectory , but when swinging the tracker at high speed, the position / posture data is disturbed. In case of low speed, data is clean. When we try to at another enviroment ,even with high-speed swings, the data was clean. I don’t know what’s different. Are there anything to check?
  21. Hi all - I'm trying to integrate two Vive trackers into my Unreal project, but I'm not able to get the trackers to consistently register in SteamVR. When I hover over the tracker in the SteamVR window, it shows it "Searching" most of the time rather than actively tracking. When I open my project, the mesh I have matched with the tracker only appears every so often when it's actively tracking Does anyone have advice about how to get a consistent track? I have the Tracker Dongles plugged in to my PC and resting over a foot away from it. Thanks!
  22. I'm trying to track a webcam streaming live video using a vive tracker puck in unrealengine. I got most of it to work but because there is some delay in the video feed I need to delay the tracker data by an equal amount (several frames) so the tracker data will match up with the video. Is there a way to do this? @Jad @Dario @foo
  23. Hello, I'm having trouble with tracking when I have more than 2 VIVE TRACKERS connected. Tracking becomes very poor, I experience a lot of jitters. It''s actually unusable. I think it has something to do with bluetooth connection quality and I seek any helpful tips how to improve it. Here is what I have already tried: 1. I have no reflective surfaces in the room. I've even had to replace my wardrobes as those had reflective doors :-). My windows are completely covered. 2. I have tried a couple of setups with base stations. I used 2x VIVE Base Stations 2.0, 4x VIVE Base Stations 2.0, 2x VALVE Index Base Stations 2.0 and finally 4x VALVE Index Base Stations 2.0. Multiple positions were tested. The results didn't vary much. After connecting 4 - 5 VIVE Trackers, I get very poor performance on some of them. And of course - it's random - most of the times one or two trackers has tracking issues, sometimes the controllers start to jitter. 3. I've noticed that when I connect 2 VIVE Trackers wireless with dongles and 3 VIVE Trackers with USB cables, tracking is good or perfect even. To connect the tracker with an USB cable, you need a little trick - first you have to plug in a dongle to an USB port, pair the tracker to that dongle and then remove the dongle and connect the tracker to the same port with USB cable. 4. I've tried turning off my WIFI router as it sends 2,4 GHz signal and can interfere with Bluetooth connections (at least in theory). 5. The trackers aren't placed near any metal objects that could interfere with their antennas. I use the TrackStraps and TrackBelt from the VIVE US store. Do you have any ideas or tips, what else I could test to have good quality, full wireless tracking with two controllers, and 5 VIVE Trackers?
  24. hi i wanted to know if anybody knew how to fix this problem. https://youtu.be/Np4cks62jxI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9PgP0UCnXt0&feature=youtu.be https://youtu.be/XHCPZ4FF5iI its really wierd...
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