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Found 9 results

  1. Hi So this is what happens for me all of the time. I start up vive wireless , windows makes it sounds for usb drives connecting and then i start steam vr... Most of the time the headset is then disconnected and i can start the cycle again and again. When i look in my device manager i see that there is always a "device not recognized"- failed to reset port. Maybe that can lead to the solution. Sometimes it just works and i dont know why. I have allready switched usb ports with no results. Thank you for your help
  2. I was playing VRChat when suddenly my screen turned grey and my headset wont turn on anymore. I turn on a game, and I can hear sound, but I keep getting either 001, 200 or C01 errors with no display. The light is on, on the headset, but the fan won't run and the headset will not start... My Device Manager glitches out as my headset appears to be connecting and disconnecting every 5-10 seconds. I've had many issues with this headset since the day I bought it, and it's getting REAL frustrating trying to troubleshoot this headset to no avail 97% of the time. This time, I have reinstalled the software over 10 times with no fix. Overall within 2 years, I have reinstalled the software probably over 50 times. Sometimes I will plug it in USB 2.0 because the 3.0 slots won't work properly, but now the 2.0 slots aren't working with the headset now either. (Every other peripheral and device works fine in these ports) I had just bought and replaced one of my controllers which cost me almost $200, only for my VR to stop working on me in the middle of my gameplay. I have wasted TOO MUCH time and money on this headset and I need a fix NOW! I honestly would like a refund for this VR but most likely wouldn't get one. I think I deserve a refund, despite not having warranty. It has caused me too much stress and I can't afford to keep dealing with this headset nor can I afford a new one and I'd rather not downgrade to an Oculus. I have reinstalled my GPU's drivers. I have refreshed my USB ports through SteamVR. I have tried ALL ports. I have done everything I can possibly do that is mentioned in forums etc. NOTHING is working for me. This headset is the BIGGEST headache out of ANYTHING I had EVER purchased in my WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE and there seems to be no solutions or much discussion AT ALL about this headset online. Please respond to me ASAP as I am slowly but surely losing my mind here.. I didn't spend $1000 to have nothing but issues with this headset... but that's all I'm getting. The headset works great... when it works. But how is it that all of a sudden, during the middle of my gameplay, it stops working, then continues to infuriate me by not turning on at all anymore? Why is there sound, but no display? Why does it say its not detected or HMD not found, when there is in fact power and sound going through? Why does the USB 3.0 have a hard time detecting the USB from the link box? Why does VIVE console keep telling me to update when there is no update, repeating the same update over and over again... and why are there little to no discussions about this headset online? It's a great headset, it would be nice if people actually spent the time to talk about it and troubleshoot it, talking about some of the more complex issues this headset has. One thing I will mention is I spilled beer on my keyboard about a year ago. I've had issues where it seems like my peripherals and USB ports have been short circuited or something. But they still work. And MY VR has worked as well since the spill. (Since the spill, I would use 2.0 ports, because 3.0 ports would eventually cause sputtering>grey screen>crash with sound still on.. and after a while of not using my VR anymore due to a broken controller, 3.0 ports worked perfectly fine when I started using my VR again.) I have a USB expansion plugged in one of the 3.0 ports (Sometimes 2.0) and when ever I move my ps4 controller around, (lose cord), it freezes or turns off my m/kb, and I have to fidget with the USB expansion thingy, or the controller end of the USB cord to get the ports working properly again (power flow). I'm thinking I have to buy a new motherboard, or buy a USB card, would I be correct? Are my USB ports the problem? Where and how can I provide a log for detailed records on my hardware/software? Another thing I'll mention is I typically have 4 external hard drives plugged in, taking up both 2.0 and 3.0 ports. I have too many things that I use so I'm often plugging in/out my devices, switching ports.. etc. PLEASE.... if anyone could help me, it would be greatly appreciated, as I have been dealing with these kinds for issues for 2 years now. This time, it is much more complicated it seems. If USB ports/short circuited MOBO is the issue, that's easy for me. I'll just go and buy a new MOBO when I get the chance.. That beer spill could be the problem, but like I had mentioned, everything still works, but with power flow issues. If anyone has dealt with these issues multiple times like I have, please let me know what your solutions were. VIVE Cosmos GPU: RTX 3070 GAMING OC 8GBCPU: i7-10700kRAM: 16 GB 3200 mhzMOBO: ASUS PRIME Z490M+ Everything is updated. Let me know what other information I should provide. Thank You!
  3. So I have a VIVE Focus 3 and I wanted to develop an app using the Wave SDK for Unreal. The problem is, that when I plug in the VIVE into my PC, my PC doesn't recognize it. What I've tried: - Turning on "USB Compatibility Mode" - Using different USB cables - Using different USB ports - Using different Computers Is this a common issue? How do I solve it? PS: Using other standalone VR headsets like the Pico Neo 3 or the Oculus Quest works just fine.
  4. Hello Everyone, In my company QBranch, we are making different tangible devices for AR/VR entertainment and professional training. Following our different customer requests and generally our own needs, we "link virtual and real" with the VIVE technologies and especially the Vive Tracker (3.0 for now) To get some inputs linked to the application, we are used to work with the pogo pins. But now, for our current project, we need some analog inputs that we can't get via pogo pins. So we decided to investigate the USB API to transfer to the PC via the Vive Tracker, all the axis you would find in a classic VIVE Controller. Following my different researches, here is all the different resources i've tried to work on to achieve my goals : https://dl.vive.com/Tracker/FAQ/HTC Vive Tracker 3.0_FAQ_v1.0_01192021.pdf https://dl.vive.com/Tracker/Guideline/HTC_Vive_Tracker_Developer_Guidelines_v1.3.pdf https://www.manualslib.com/manual/1730181/Htc-Vive-Tracker.html http://www.talariavr.com/blog/ https://www.brightdevelopers.com/communication-htc-vive-tracker-android/ https://github.com/matzman666/USBHost And many others, but here is the best I've found. I'm trying to make it running by myself for about 3 weeks now, so I finally try this forum to ask for some help from anyone, as I'm running now out of time to finish the device... We are currently dealing with the device with a development board from Texas instrument : Launchpad TM4C1294XL (an arduino-like board) The USB connection is established, everything is dealing correctly during enumeration phase, we can deal/select/ask with different USB layers and we managed to see different informations of the device. As an example, we managed to get the "Default Config" information, and run the Interface indexed "2" => String description : "Controller" Now we send the final packet with the payload defining the different "Controller inputs" we need to transfer, and nothing happen in SteamVR (tracking, top button and pogo pins are still working, but the USB gives no result in the "Controller Test Panel") Here are some questions to start this topic : - Is the Vive Tracker 3.0 still able to get some inputs informations with this API (like the 2018 version), or is it not working anymore, and this is a copy/paste error on the documentation (which is very similar to the 2018) - Is there a USB test application (on PC or Android) to send some testing inputs to the Vive Tracker, and see if we get something in the other side (in SteamVR inputs) - Is there any technical information I'm missing (Timing to send data, payload tricks, way to send it etc...) as the documentation has some mistakes I've tried to cross many different informations to get something running - Do you have some code samples of an embedded technology doing this (Arduino like or whatever) , I've found only old projects, before 2018. so I'm not sure about what I'm reading... - Is there a specific way to see the "Controller inputs" in SteamVR, as the Tracker inputs shown are only the ones linked to the pogo pins. For now, we cheated in the tracker firmware to have it shown as a VIVE Controller, so we have all the inputs (for my point of view this is more a cheat than a real solution, so I was wondering if there is something better possible) - Is There anybody here facing the same issues, or being able to tell me "hey we had it working!" - Any help please... Hope you will be able to help me and anybody trying to do the same in the world! Thanks for any help, I wish everybody a nice day, hoping we will be able to do nice things with this device soon! Cheers, Quentin MAYET
  5. persistent error 222 and error 009 as well. The headset continually disconnects and then reconnects with error 222. The internal screens of the headset rarely but sometimes get power. I've uninstalled and reinstalled vive, steam vr, all USB drivers (both 3.0 and lower), made sure my GPU and BIOS are up to date. Tried every port possible for the DisplayPort and usb 3.0 for the converter. made sure the headset cable is plugged in all the way on either end. Is it possible the converter is failing? SPECS Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-9700k CPU @ 3.60GHz RAM: 16GB System: x64 GPU: EVEA NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Super Motherboard: Micro-Star Z390-A PRO (MS-7B98)
  6. Hello, I'm writing a translator. Please understand. I am a Cosmos Elite user. The first time I connected it to the computer, the headset lit red. I got a red light even when I connected to vr. (The guide did not detect a USB connection.) A few days later, when I reinstalled the Vive software with Steam, When I connected to SteamVR, the green light came on, so I played well. (USB connection was made in the guide.) Again, a few days later, connect to the console and SteamVR, The console says 'Connected to SteamVR' and the headset is switched off. The screen was black, and when I moved the headset, it turned white. I reinstalled and reinstalled the Vive software. A few days later, the same thing happened. If you delete Steam and Vive software and reinstall it, The console says 'Connected to SteamVR' and the headset turns off. (The guide did not detect a USB connection.) Sometimes error 001 appears on the console. Restarting will result in 'Connected to SteamVR' and the headset will turn off. The screen is black and white when you move the headset. Why isn't USB connection detected? Is there a problem with the USB port? Or is it a chipset problem? Installing the graphics driver does not solve the problem. Even now, if I check the guide connection, I can't detect the USB connection. Please, I want to solve it. Please help me. (Attached file is a photo that does not detect USB connection in the guide. I also attached a console photo with the words SteamVR and 'Connected to SteamVR'.) I'll post a post and go to bed.
  7. So i got a HTC Vive Cosmos Elite on cyber monday, but it appears i dont have a USB 3.0 port on either of my 2 laptops. everything else is good, plugged in. is there a adapter or converter that could allow me to access my motherboard without using a USB 3.0? goal is to skip the USB 3.0 port since i dont got one. i might need a converter to try any VR unless i get a higher end desktop PC, which i could do but that's very high cost just for VR. the plug i need is marked L2 model 2Q2R500 INPUT:12VDC= 2.5A pc specs for the better laptop: MSI GS63VR-6RF stealth pro laptop windows 10 intel (R) HD graphics 530 intel (R) core (TM) i7 6700 HQ CPU @2.60 Ghz (8 cores) 64 bit Steam VR performance test says: your system is running well enough for recommended high quality VR! average quality: 7 (high) 0 frames below 90FPS customer support said: "To be honest with you, the USB 3.0 is pretty important to make the vive work, and we can not recommend a converter since it can affect the device performance. I have seen cases where there's no display at all. or just not a good resolution, tracking issues.. the USB you are missing is a USB 3.0" i can return this up till December 30th so i guess the question is: Is there a adapter or converter device that would allow me to use my VR headset without buying a desktop pc?
  8. I am trying to connect my Vive Pro to a Dell G5 SE laptop, but the Vive will not display anything. The Laptop is not compatible with DisplayPort, so I am using a J5Create DisisplayPort to USB-C adapter. There are no SteamVR errors. The status light is green when the headset is on standby, but it turns red as soon as you pick it up.
  9. Excitedly i got myself the HTC Vive Cosmos and tried to get it all connected to my pc yesterday. however i have discovered my tower does not have a dataport. I can easily change the monitors cables to free the hdmi port and of course there are multiple usb ports. Can anyone recommend anything?! please
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