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  1. PC VR contents could now enjoy Focus 3 hand tracking via OpenVR Skeleton Input API or OpenXR hand tracking extension. No additional porting effort is required. VBS leverages Focus 3 which easily switch between controller and hand interaction by simply pick up or put down controllers. VBS also supports pinch gesture as controller trigger button, so that you could play various VR contents with just hands. Such as The Lab: Xortex. VBS hand tracking for developers There are two open SDKs that VBS supports to bring Focus 3 hand tracking to PC contents. Developers can adopt open standard SDK to implement his hand tracking contents without being locked in proprietary hand tracking SDK. · OpenVR Skeleton Input https://github.com/ValveSoftware/openvr/wiki/SteamVR-Skeletal-Input · OpenXR hand tracking https://www.khronos.org/registry/OpenXR/specs/1.0/html/xrspec.html#XR_EXT_hand_tracking OpenXR hand tracking Tutorial: · Unity: https://developer.vive.com/resources/openxr/openxr-pcvr/tutorials/unity/how-integrate-hand-tracking-data-your-hand-model/ · Unreal: https://developer.vive.com/resources/openxr/openxr-pcvr/tutorials/unreal-engine/integrate-hand-tracking-data-your-hand-model/ To enable/disable nature hand tracking data from AIO headset: Go to VBS > Settings > Preferences > Tracking ☑️Hand tracking Nature hand tracking enabled. VBS will emulate a controller for each hand to SteamVR and translate pinch gesture to trigger event. Therefore, contents which don’t support hand tracking can still work. Simple put down controller to switch to nature hand, pick up controller to switch back to controller mode. 🟦Hand tracking (Uncheck) Suppress nature hand tracking data VBS will still emulate hand poses (eletric hand) based on controller input status. Therefore, contents requires hand tracking can still work but not having nature hand poses. ☑️Hand tracking ☑️Hand tracking and controller at the same time With Focus 3 June FOTA update, VBS (1.08) supports nature hand tracking and controller tracking at the same time. Hence, you can use one controller and one nature hand at the same time for particular VR experience. ☑️Hand tracking ☑️Use VIVE Wrist Tracker for hand tracking VIVE Wrist Tracker will be not be a tracked device to SteamVR, instead it will be used for enhanced hand tracking. Therefore, you won’t see VIVE Wrist Tracker device in SteamVR. ☑️Hand tracking 🟦Use VIVE Wrist Tracker for hand tracking(Uncheck) VIVE Wrist Tracker is used as a tracked device, and VBS will emulate as VIVE Tracker to SteamVR. You will see device icon on SteamVR monitor. More detail: VBS for Developers - hand tracking.pdf VBS for Developers - VIVE Wrist Tracker.pdf
  2. VIVE Business Streaming Software - 1.07.13a – Release notes Released May 26th, 2022 Release Highlights More Bitrates options available Support Bitrate up to 200Mbps, with new UI behavior which allows you to adjust the bitrates to fit your network setup. VBS Console – 1.07.13a Support more Bitrate settings and change the UI for better UI behavior. Support Vive Wrist Tracker to connect to accessories and provide button event raw data in Tracker mode (set to hand role). Fixed a potential launch issue on some computers due to a 2022-4 Windows updates for W10. Fixed a bug where unity sometimes could not start show correct scene due to invalided IPD value. Fixed several minimize behavior issues. Fixed a bug where sometimes SteamVR cannot restart while updating VBS. Fixed an issue which could cause VBS unable to uninstall. Finetuned VBS installation error handling to avoid stopping from a bug from windows. VBS Client ( - Be sure to update through VIVE Business App Store, some of the changes require the latest client version Improved Wrist Tracker stability when using as tracker mode. Support Vive Wrist Tracker to connect to accessories and provide button event raw data in Tracker mode (set to hand role). Stability fine-tuned. Fixed open dashboard and connection type toast overlay message could show incorrect size. Fine-tuned the fixed IP connection behavior. Fine-tuned Focus 3 controller trigger clicking event.
  3. Hey, I've been trying to get hand tracking working on my Vive Focus 3 in Unity while using VBS. These are the docs I'm currently using Setup — Vive Hand Tracking SDK 1.0.0 documentation. I've not been able to get SteamVR to detect the cameras on the headset through VBS, am I right in assuming that is not supported by VBS currently and that hand tracking is Android only? Thanks in advance for any responses.
  4. VIVE Business Streaming Software 1.05.1a – Beta Release Notes Released October 15th 2021 VBS Console – 1.05.1 [General] Fixed a microphone noise issue on rare conditions
  5. VIVE Business Streaming Software 1.05– Beta Release Notes Released October 7th 2021 VBS Console – 1.05 [General] Support microphone Fixed an issue where console not exit in some conditions VBS Client - (update through Vive Business App Store) Support microphone
  6. VIVE Business Streaming Software 1.04.0 – Beta Release Notes Released August 31st 2021 VBS Console – 1.04.0 [General] Fixed an issue which VBS fail to launch on some AMD gaming laptops Improved controller joystick movement in wireless condition [Server] Supported multiple IP display on VBS console when detecting more than one network adapters. VBS Client - (update through Vive Business App Store) Improved content compatibility by refining the grip and skeleton actions such as Pavlov / CDC Traininglab/ Traffic Jam Improved the performance when enable “always show floor bound” on Focus 3 Fine-tuned on controller low frequency vibration events, for example, Angry birds VR
  7. VIVE Business Streaming Software 1.03.5 – Beta Release Notes Released August 12th 2021 VBS Console – 1.03.5 [General] Fixed a bug where VBS console does not completely minimized into system tray Fixed a bug where VBS console showed empty title in windows taskbar [Server] Fixed an issue could cause black screen with SteamVR 1.17.8 or order due to invalid FOV value VBS Client - (update through Vive Business App Store) Improved prediction accuracy on controller rotation movement
  8. VIVE Business Streaming Software 1.03.4 – Beta Release Notes Released July 28th 2021 VBS Console – 1.03.4 Improved performance and stability Direct to VBS tech Forum from clicking the version number on VBS console Welcome to raise any issues and suggestions on the forum VBS Client – 1.0.4 (update through Vive Business App Store) Fixed a bug where virtual boundary could show up unexpectedly after resume
  9. VIVE Business Streaming 1.03.3 – Beta Release Notes Released July 16th 2021 Wireless Streaming Reduced stuttering and improved frame rate in wireless mode SteamVR Supported Steam VR FOV scale function Fixed a bug where SteamVR monitor will show inconsistent icon color in some cases Console Supported error code page redirection when clicking the error message on console Fixed a bug where VBS console cannot be completely minimized Content Experience Refined controller vibration levels for OpenVR contents (Be sure to update the VBS app first by sign in using your HTC Account and update VIVE Business Streaming when you see the update notification appear on the VIVE Business Streaming tile)
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