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Found 7 results

  1. Hi. Is it possible for foucus3 devices to use hand tracking with exe files by using VIVE Business streaming? Or is the hand tracking of focus3 only available as apk? If there is a way to run it on PC, we would like to know. For example, is it possible to use Wave Unity SDK and build it for PC and use hand tracking, or is it possible to use Vive Hand Tracking SDK and build it for PC and use hand tracking? Thank you for your time.
  2. VIVE Business Streaming Software 1.05.1a – Beta Release Notes Released October 15th 2021 VBS Console – 1.05.1 [General] Fixed a microphone noise issue on rare conditions
  3. VIVE Business Streaming Software 1.05– Beta Release Notes Released October 7th 2021 VBS Console – 1.05 [General] Support microphone Fixed an issue where console not exit in some conditions VBS Client - (update through Vive Business App Store) Support microphone
  4. VIVE Business Streaming Software 1.03.5 – Beta Release Notes Released August 12th 2021 VBS Console – 1.03.5 [General] Fixed a bug where VBS console does not completely minimized into system tray Fixed a bug where VBS console showed empty title in windows taskbar [Server] Fixed an issue could cause black screen with SteamVR 1.17.8 or order due to invalid FOV value VBS Client - (update through Vive Business App Store) Improved prediction accuracy on controller rotation movement
  5. VIVE Business Streaming Software 1.03.4 – Beta Release Notes Released July 28th 2021 VBS Console – 1.03.4 Improved performance and stability Direct to VBS tech Forum from clicking the version number on VBS console Welcome to raise any issues and suggestions on the forum VBS Client – 1.0.4 (update through Vive Business App Store) Fixed a bug where virtual boundary could show up unexpectedly after resume
  6. VIVE Business Streaming 1.03.3 – Beta Release Notes Released July 16th 2021 Wireless Streaming Reduced stuttering and improved frame rate in wireless mode SteamVR Supported Steam VR FOV scale function Fixed a bug where SteamVR monitor will show inconsistent icon color in some cases Console Supported error code page redirection when clicking the error message on console Fixed a bug where VBS console cannot be completely minimized Content Experience Refined controller vibration levels for OpenVR contents (Be sure to update the VBS app first by sign in using your HTC Account and update VIVE Business Streaming when you see the update notification appear on the VIVE Business Streaming tile)
  7. Here is how to report an issue step by step, and noted that: Only report one issue per report. This allows us to identify and track each issue uniquely. Please identify the issue, what you were doing, when the issue occurred, what happened as a result, and what you instead expected to happen. Both Wireless VBS and Wired VBS solution will need to connect the headset to PC through USB cable in the first step. Click setting via Vive Business Streaming console -> ⚙️ Settings -> About -> Report issue -> Report Select Report (If you don't have valid internet access at the moment, you can click "save log" to save the log locally) Fill the information in the field and report issue. Once the issue is upload successfully, you will get a trace number.
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