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  1. Here is a sample project built using Unreal Engine 4.26 showing how to get started using OpenXR Hand Tracking with Vive Cosmos headsets (Project is attached at the bottom of this page). Please make sure you follow the instructions specified here first to enable OpenXR in the Vive Console Runtime: Sample Project The project comes with 2 pre-installed project plugin: Vive Cosmos Controller Plugin defines input subcategories for Cosmos controllers. OpenXR Vive Cosmos Controller Plugin allows using Vive Cosmos controllers input for your OpenXR applications as it adds the Vive Cosmos controller interaction profile to OpenXR Input (XR_HTC_vive_cosmos_controller_interaction ) We have also enabled the following plugins in the project: OpenXR Plugin since we want to build an OpenXR app. OpenXR Hand Tracking to support the hand tracking extension of OpenXR XR Visualization Plugin allows quickly rendering HMDs,controllers,hand meshes using the relevant data as parameters.This makes it easier to quickly render a representation of a virtual hand based on the information we get about each joint. Of course this is optional and it's not required to use it in your project. Implementation After you open the sample project using Unreal Engine 4.26, please check the Event Graph of the Level Blueprint of the default Level "HandTrackingTest". We use the GetMotionControllerData function passing as a parameter the Left or Right Hand and we get back information about the MotionControllerData that can be used to render virtual hands. After that we use the RenderMotionController function from the XRVisualization Plugin to render a virtual representation of hands. You can also break the MotionControllerData structure and use the data about the hands in a different way depending on your use case. Remember that when asking to "GetMotionControllerData" the C++ side of things will try to get Hand Tracker data via the function "FOpenXRHMD::GetMotionControllerData". While trying to get OpenXRHandTracking data, the engine will get data from the runtime and the .json and .dll files provided as shown below. This is automatically handled after you enable the OpenXR runtime on Vive Console. Here's what you should see after hitting the button Play in VR: OpenXRHandTest.zip
  2. I was playing VRChat when suddenly my screen turned grey and my headset wont turn on anymore. I turn on a game, and I can hear sound, but I keep getting either 001, 200 or C01 errors with no display. The light is on, on the headset, but the fan won't run and the headset will not start... My Device Manager glitches out as my headset appears to be connecting and disconnecting every 5-10 seconds. I've had many issues with this headset since the day I bought it, and it's getting REAL frustrating trying to troubleshoot this headset to no avail 97% of the time. This time, I have reinstalled the software over 10 times with no fix. Overall within 2 years, I have reinstalled the software probably over 50 times. Sometimes I will plug it in USB 2.0 because the 3.0 slots won't work properly, but now the 2.0 slots aren't working with the headset now either. (Every other peripheral and device works fine in these ports) I had just bought and replaced one of my controllers which cost me almost $200, only for my VR to stop working on me in the middle of my gameplay. I have wasted TOO MUCH time and money on this headset and I need a fix NOW! I honestly would like a refund for this VR but most likely wouldn't get one. I think I deserve a refund, despite not having warranty. It has caused me too much stress and I can't afford to keep dealing with this headset nor can I afford a new one and I'd rather not downgrade to an Oculus. I have reinstalled my GPU's drivers. I have refreshed my USB ports through SteamVR. I have tried ALL ports. I have done everything I can possibly do that is mentioned in forums etc. NOTHING is working for me. This headset is the BIGGEST headache out of ANYTHING I had EVER purchased in my WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE and there seems to be no solutions or much discussion AT ALL about this headset online. Please respond to me ASAP as I am slowly but surely losing my mind here.. I didn't spend $1000 to have nothing but issues with this headset... but that's all I'm getting. The headset works great... when it works. But how is it that all of a sudden, during the middle of my gameplay, it stops working, then continues to infuriate me by not turning on at all anymore? Why is there sound, but no display? Why does it say its not detected or HMD not found, when there is in fact power and sound going through? Why does the USB 3.0 have a hard time detecting the USB from the link box? Why does VIVE console keep telling me to update when there is no update, repeating the same update over and over again... and why are there little to no discussions about this headset online? It's a great headset, it would be nice if people actually spent the time to talk about it and troubleshoot it, talking about some of the more complex issues this headset has. One thing I will mention is I spilled beer on my keyboard about a year ago. I've had issues where it seems like my peripherals and USB ports have been short circuited or something. But they still work. And MY VR has worked as well since the spill. (Since the spill, I would use 2.0 ports, because 3.0 ports would eventually cause sputtering>grey screen>crash with sound still on.. and after a while of not using my VR anymore due to a broken controller, 3.0 ports worked perfectly fine when I started using my VR again.) I have a USB expansion plugged in one of the 3.0 ports (Sometimes 2.0) and when ever I move my ps4 controller around, (lose cord), it freezes or turns off my m/kb, and I have to fidget with the USB expansion thingy, or the controller end of the USB cord to get the ports working properly again (power flow). I'm thinking I have to buy a new motherboard, or buy a USB card, would I be correct? Are my USB ports the problem? Where and how can I provide a log for detailed records on my hardware/software? Another thing I'll mention is I typically have 4 external hard drives plugged in, taking up both 2.0 and 3.0 ports. I have too many things that I use so I'm often plugging in/out my devices, switching ports.. etc. PLEASE.... if anyone could help me, it would be greatly appreciated, as I have been dealing with these kinds for issues for 2 years now. This time, it is much more complicated it seems. If USB ports/short circuited MOBO is the issue, that's easy for me. I'll just go and buy a new MOBO when I get the chance.. That beer spill could be the problem, but like I had mentioned, everything still works, but with power flow issues. If anyone has dealt with these issues multiple times like I have, please let me know what your solutions were. VIVE Cosmos GPU: RTX 3070 GAMING OC 8GBCPU: i7-10700kRAM: 16 GB 3200 mhzMOBO: ASUS PRIME Z490M+ Everything is updated. Let me know what other information I should provide. Thank You!
  3. VIVE Software – Beta Release Notes Released January 17th 2022 VIVE Console [General] Added more AMD GPU supports for Vive Pro 2 higher resolution modes. [OpenXR] Allowed developers to choose between VR/MR experience for blending the content with real environment. Added support OpenXR extension “XR_HTC_facial_tracking”. Added support OpenXR extension “XR_MSFT_scene_understanding”. Added supports application depth on D3D11 graphic plugin. Fixed a game engine editor stop crash issue.
  4. VIVE Software – Public Release Notes Released January 14th 2022 VIVE Console [General] Improved on motion compensation quality. Fixed a bug where VIVE console doesn’t appear on the screen. Fixed the crashing issue when exit VR from VIVE console. [OpenXR] Enable XR_MSFT_scene_understanding. Enable XR_HTC_facial_expression for VIVE facial tracker (Experienced release). Fixed rare engine editor crash on releasing hand tracking API layer.
  5. VIVE Cosmos – Beta Release Notes Released February 5th2021 [Runtime] (BETA) Supported pass-through for Elite (Double click HMD button) [Vive Console] Added button for switching to Cosmos OpenXR Preview mode Cosmos OpenXR Preview mode is still in Beta testing stage and please opt out OpenXR preview or Beta if you found any issues
  6. When I got my VR headset it was working completely fine with a little bit of performance drops. One time I turned it on and it was stuttering a lot. Restarted my computer and worked for about a hour until it started to happen again. I didn't know what the problem was so I assumed it was my pc being underpowered until I looked at the task manager and saw that both my CPU and GPU where fine. After a couple of days I found what the SteamVR performance graph was and turned it on. When observing what was happening I saw that there were a bunch of big pink lines. SteamVR said that these were display errors. So I immediately pointed my fingers at my graphics card and started troubleshooting. I reverted graphics drivers but it didn't work so I went back to the latest update and started messing with the Nvidia control panel. Nothing worked so I performed a clean install of the latest Nvidia driver and Vive cosmos drivers. I also reinstalled Steam, Viveport, and Vive Console. I cleared the tracking data as well. Unfortunately none of that worked. I'm having a really frustrating time trying to problem solve this since I just want to have a good VR experience. This stuttering makes some games unplayable such as Beat Saber. GPU: Nvidia Geforce RTX 2060 CPU: Intel i5-8400 RAM: 16GB DDR4 3200MHz
  7. It seems after the latest update, when i go to use "room setup", and have to draw the border for my play area... the background is no longer the passthrough camera. It's solid white, which makes drawing my play area very hard. I have to use room setup a lot, as my games require 2 different areas. One for sitting games, and one for standing active games. I can't even see the floor to adjust floor height. However I can see all the htc stuff. The VR headset works fine too except this. I have turned on the passthrough camera in Steam VR. I've also tried double clicking the triangle button. Neither seems to help. So 2 questions. 1. how do i fix my HTC cosmos where i can see the passthrough camera again in setup? Does it have anything to do with the headset button on the side or am i missing something? 2. Is there a way to setup "profiles", so i dont have to constantly resetup my room when i switch from standing to seated games? Thanks!
  8. Compositor disconnected, display port not correctly connected, headset display upside down, lagging a ton even though i ran the vive ready test and my pc is vr ready, i cant get past the setup it keeps saying that its not connected properly. I don't know what to do. My screen in the headset only shows whats on the pc monitor and my pc monitor keeps blacking out and coming back on. Can someone please help?
  9. Just wanted to share this https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4124195 HTC Vive Wireless Dual 30mm Cooling Fan. 2x - 30x30x6mm 12v Fans @ 7.5v (Low speed fan resistors I had sitting around) 1x - 1.3 ID x 3.5mm OD DC Jack This was built due to Grey/Blue screen flashes on the HMD, Falling through the world or slowly losing tracking on the Vive Cosmos during wireless play. Looking at logs in C:\ProgramData\Vive Wireless\ConnectionUtility\Log The HTC Vive Wireless would start with temps reporting [2020-01-19 17:36:58 +10 0xB70 INFO LOG] M_Temperature=36, R_Temperature=33 -After 20minutes play time- [2020-01-19 17:56:46 +10 0xB70 INFO LOG] M_Temperature=91, R_Temperature=62 After the modification was performed the log output reported [2020-01-24 14:45:39 +10 0x4394 INFO LOG] M_Temperature=30, R_Temperature=23 -After 20minutes play time- [2020-01-24 15:05:19 +10 0x4394 INFO LOG] M_Temperature=48, R_Temperature=49 Both of these were experienced with the same room temperature of 24c and 20minutes of playtime in Beat Saber. After extended use it originally used to display temperatures reporting [2020-01-07 18:19:42 +10 0x32B0 INFO LOG] M_Temperature=99, R_Temperature=63 [2020-01-07 18:19:52 +10 0x32B0 INFO LOG] M_Temperature=100, R_Temperature=65 [2020-01-07 18:20:22 +10 0x32B0 INFO LOG] M_Temperature=102, R_Temperature=66 With a grey/blue HMD flicker every few minutes. This has cut cut the temperature by half and resulted in no drop outs after hours of use. Cheers
  10. As a supporter and member of the Khronos OpenXR group, HTC is announcing an OpenXR runtime preview for the VIVE Cosmos. The runtime is available as a Vive Cosmos OpenXR developer preview for developers interested in testing OpenXR applications on the VIVE Cosmos. OpenXR enables XR portability across hardware devices enabling developers to focus on the content over porting for each device. HTC submitted to the Khronos group and passed conformance tests so is now officially an OpenXR adopter joining the growing list of companies: https://www.khronos.org/conformance/adopters/conformant-products/openxr To learn more about using OpenXR to develop VR applications, check out the OpenXR 1.0 specification, API reference and quick reference guide. For more information, see the Khronos OpenXR page. Interested developers can join the Vive OpenXR developer forum for details on how to download the OpenXR beta for the Vive Cosmos via the Vive Console. https://forum.vive.com/forum/77-vive-cosmos-developer-faqs/ The HTC Vive developer relations team encourages developers to support the OpenXR standard with this beta runtime for the Vive Cosmos and looks forward to supporting additional devices in the future.
  11. I have gray screen issue after 20 mins gaming time, it can be best describe as floating,moving with my head, loss of tracking, and image is freezing when I switch to reality surrounding environment! AT FIRST I thought is was a software bug, after I tried everything I can do to troubleshooting and tried contact support team then follow their advice step by step,.not to my surprise, nothing fix this issue, then I thought it might be my cable, bcs it is tangled up, but when after I saw some discussion of very same issues , I thought I got a hardware issue, I decided to sent it back and have it repaired. I HAVE SOME QUESTIONS: 1.DO I need to cost extra dollar to fix it? there is a date followed by S/N number which is 2019/08, NOT SURE it is still in warranty 2.I have sent out a report with vive console, trace number is 20200826032700, and how can i track progress? 3. how long it will take me to get it back? I am in US nowSteamVR-2020-08-25-PM_12_16_01.txt
  12. Hello i recently had to reinstall my viveport, but when its just about to reach the end it stops. but when a update comes out it fixes it and am able to use the headset could someone help me figure it out what files im missing that the updates are able to fix so i dont have to wait for the next one? vivesport is installed but not the vive console.
  13. I have had the chance to play with both systems as I own both of them. The last few days I have been comparing the two HMDs in VR. Tracking aside, because we all know inside out will never compare to Light House tracking, here are some of the major differences, pros, and cons between the two HMDs. Despite the Cosmos having a larger screen resolution over the Index, the Index image quality is much better. Not only is the Image in the index sharper, I also prefer the colour reproduction in the Index over the Cosmos HMD. This disparity was very noticeable in Dirt Rally 2 2 when I was playing. In Dirt Rally 2 the Cosmos has blurry edges and it looked like I was looking through a Vaseline smeared lens, the colours where also washed out. DIrt Rally 2 in the Index was nice and crisp and the colours were crisp and natural. The detail was welcome in the Index, it allowed me to spot cars in the side mirror, I couldn't do that in the Cosmos. The Dirt Rally comparison was kind of the worst case scenario. Other games the difference is less noticeable. Note that for both HDMs I run the resolution @ 150% scale. Maybe the above is due to the lens differences between the two VR headsets. I run the refresh rate on the Index @ 120hz, Cosmos @ 90Hz. For most games this is not a big deal, but there were a few instances where the fresh rate mattered, usually fast paced games. Overall I would say 90Hz is fine though. The Index has a lot of God rays, I mean a ton lot. It's on par with the original HTC Vive, which I used to own as well. It's fine in a brightly lit setting but when there is a dark scene on the Index the God rays are very noticeable. The screen door effect is less noticeable in the Index I know the panels have some sort of coating in the Index. Having said this the Screen door effect is not very noticeable in the Cosmos either. IPD adjustment is way easier to dial on on the Index, it's more precise. However the IPD slider is not as secure on the Index as on the Cosmos. Violent and jerky motions, like in boxing games, I have experienced the IPD adjustment slide on the Index, not so much on the Cosmos. Lens distance can be adjusted on the Index, not so much on the Cosmos. This is a nice feature, especially for immersion in VR. Cosmos lens positions is a bit further back vs the Index, this is probably to accommodate people with glasses. On the Index I have my lenses as close to my face as I can without touching any part of my face. Overall comfort, I prefer the Index, not a fan of the halo strap, the sweet spot is much harder to achieve on the Cosmos. I like how secure the Index feels on my face. In games where you have to crawl around the Cosmos feels like it's going to fall off my head, this is not the case for the Index. This is a bitter sweet thought, because I do like the ability of flipping up the Cosmos HMD when I need to, but for more active games the Cosmos halo strap is a no go. I find that the Cosmos resting on your forehead allows for too much slippage and you loose your sweet spot too easily. And loosing the sweet spot leads to more eye strain for me. I find in order for the Cosmos to sit firmly on my face I really have to dial in the halo strap, this can become uncomfortable and cause pressure spots on your head. WIth the Index design I don't have to do this and can wear the HMD a little looser on the head due to the fundamental design difference between how you wear the two HMDs. I have a big head and the Cosmos face plate/cushion has a better fit for my large round head. Also the nose flaps are better on the Cosmos, they let in a lot less light in between your nose and the HMD. These flaps are almost non existent on the Index. Built in Audio is great on both HMDs. However with the Cosmos headphones I find it is harder to dial in the sweet spot, it's a very small spot. I am also experiencing an issue where one of the side headphones keeps popping up on me, this could be a defect on the Cosmos though, not sure about that. With the Cosmos headphone you are immersed and you can not hear any of the outside world. The Index headphones sit a bit away from your ears, the sound is great, and the sweet spot for the audio is quite large. I like the idea of hearing a little more of my surroundings with the Index and the distance provides a nice level of comfort and you don't sweat on the headphones. The HMD cable is lighter and thinner on the Cosmos, you might not thing this is a big deal but it does make a difference during game play. A lighter and thinner cable is much easier to manage and handle during Vr sessions. The Index cable is thick and heavier, not saying it's hard to manage, but it does bunch up more, and handling it during game play is nto as easy as it is with the Cosmos. Breakout cable connector seems a little flimsy on the Index. I feel like I'm going to break the connector on the HDM side every time I plug the index into it's breakout cable. The Cosmos does not give me this anxiety. The Index cable feels more secure in it's breakout cable connection, not sure yet if that is a good or a bad thing. All in all both HMDs have their Pros and Cons.
  14. I have had this Cosmos for about a week now. I have an overclocked RTX 2080S paired with a Ryzen 3700X and 16GB of 3600MHz ram. Here are some of the things I have encountered: SteamVR Motion Smoothing or Reprojection does not work with this headset, so if you have any dropped frames below 90 it will reproject without smoothing and it feels bad. I have random stutters even in games that are running well below 11.1ms of the 90Hz (please see pictures on link below for graphs). I have no idea what to do as it breaks the immersion pretty badly (and I have tried all I can, nothing seems to make a difference even sub sampling). The example of the link is while just waiting on the dark room (even without opening a game), the rest of the pictures are from playing Boneworks (other games have the same problem anyway). https://imgur.com/a/3aU6xpx Can anyone help with this? Thanks!
  15. Hello dear reader! (And VIVE Employees!) It has come to my attention that in the game Boneworks. The glitch of flying out of the map with a windy screen is not on the developers of the game, Stress Level Zero's fault. After I talked with developers of Boneworks, this glitch is not fixable on their part. Instead, it is on VIVEPORT'S part. For some reason the software of VIVEPORT wants to fling your character 10,000 meters away from the origin point where you respawn, thus causing you to go into an endless void with wind noises. A quote from one of the developer's was "the vive cosmos was reporting a starting location of (0, 0, 10,000) meaning the viveport tracking setup is bugged by ten thousand meters on the z axis". Apparently this problem is present because Boneworks uses a different style of tracking that is called skeletal system tracking (I think it has to do with the special physics of your character within the game). It has been the lack of compatibility on VIVEPORT's end with SteamVR, so in order to fix this problem, VIVEPORT just needs to update their system to accept this skeletal system tracking. Hopefully my explanation was good enough, I'm trying my best to explain the situation, but some concepts I may have not nailed one-hundred percent. Please correct me if needed. To the Employees at VIVE. Have you guys noticed this problem before, for the VIVE Cosmos? If so, how is the progress on the compatibility of this Skeletal System Tracking? Also here is my output log of the error. Hopefully this helps! output_log.txt
  16. Good time of day. Faced the following problem: I have been working with the HTC Vive Cosmos headset for 3 months, and today there is a problem called "Error 108". Vive Console sees everything and determines everything. SteamVR enabled safe mode, then notified of this error, and the device detection panel was empty. The helmet screen has a grayish screen(probably a safe mode screen). If you disable the helmet by clicking on it, the image will be shown by the cameras. There is a sound in the headphones. All this happened after launching the program Whirligig (free version), which I have already used repeatedly, but it hung(everything in the VR helmet hung) when I chose where to play the video file and had to complete the process through task disspetcher. After that, the problem described above started. All the ways to fix this problem that the standard instruction advises, as well as the ways that the steam community advises-unfortunately, did not help. The situation worsened after I made a reset of the helmet settings via the vive console. The program began to require setting the parameters of the room, and then reports that the helmet was not found-restart it. I am sending statistics in the hope that you can help solve this problem. PC parameters: GeForce GTX 1070 Ryzen 2600x 5 AMD six-core 32 Gb Ram I write with the help of a translator, I apologize in advance for the syllable. I'm duplicating a similar message sent to Steam support in order to fully try to solve the problem. I also thank you in advance for your time =) Steam user, htc vive cosmos, Apxumekmop =) SteamVR-2020-03-14-PM_09_47_32.txt
  17. Want to pass along some feedback as a consumer, Vive Pro owner, Vive Cosmos owner(just got it and started trying it out since last week), Oculus Quest owner and business owner. First, let me start off by saying that the Vive Pro has been great, in many regards. The biggest strong point of the Vive Pro over other gear is the outside-in tracking which is super reliable. If I had to compare the Oculus Rift with the Vive Pro, it would be like comparing an Squier guitar with a Fender. Fender's are high precision quality and what someone wants, when budget isn't an issue. If you plan to perform or you play guitar often, Fender is your only option. While an Squier makes for a nice beater guitar. Squier is entry level only. It would be a mishap for Fender to try and compete in the Squier market. HTC taking on inside-out tracking was exactly that with the Vive Cosmos. As a business owner, one thing I've realized after owning many businesses is that you want to own your strengths and make them stronger. Market those. Don't try to compete on someone else's home turf. The inside-out tracking is what it is. Whether it's the Oculus Rift or the Vive Cosmos with the beta patches, it's only 90-95% accurate. For someone like myself who has really enjoyed games requiring exercise, accuracy, speed, etc. such as Beat Saber or Sairento VR, that super accurate tracking of the Vive Pro is great. Going backward is just not an option once I've gone Pro. That should be the first thing you put forward in any marketing campaign. It is why someone should choose the Vive over some other model. Let me ask you a question. Why do people spend $1500+ for a high end gaming PC? A lot of people do. It's because they tried out the $800 one from WalMart and found that wasn't good enough for the PC games they enjoy. They like gaming and so they find they need something that's more than 90-95% accurate. They want something that's 99.5% accurate. So AlienWare or MSi pick up that market. I realize you've got a mask coming out for the Vive Cosmos so it can do outside-in tracking, and that's great. But what I'm getting at here is marketing and development strategy. Oculus is laying the groundwork for you, introducing people to VR. They are actually doing you a favor. Now all you have to do is market yourselves correctly and you'll get a big chunk of those to upgrade into an HTC Vive or Vive Pro. Cheers, Jeremiah Johnson
  18. Went to beta release last night to check and see if the tracking is improved, can confirm it is not! The headset will not track my hands when playing boxing games, the boxing gloves drift in front of my vision obscuring what I can see. The tracking is also way too slow, when the HMD looses tracking of the controller often times when it reorients the gloves it's too slow and I miss my target. There is also too much drift in this HMD device, this is especially noticeable when playing games and standing still. Both the controllers and the HMD drift when standing still. Coming from the original Vive I know what is possible, this is a terrible state to be in, hire somebody if you can't figure this out.
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