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Found 7 results

  1. Hello! I'm working on a Vive Focus Plus project using Unity 2018.3. We're trying to build a screensharing feature into our VR application. Currently, we do this by getting the active render texture off of the main camera and using Graphics.Blit to copy its contents to a different, equally sized render texture. That all happens in a Camera.onPostRender callback. Later, we stream the contents of that second texture to the receiver. I'd like to have the second texture (the one that gets copied to) be smaller than the main camera texture so we can save on texture memory, bandwidth, frame time etc. However, if I try to blit the main camera texture to a smaller texture, the smaller texture always ends up black. I've tried changing the filter modes on both textures and come up with similar results. Is blitting to a different sized texture simply not supported on the Vive Focus, or am I missing something?
  2. Hi, As the title implies, I would like to use Unity 2019 (version 2019.3.8f1) for my project, an application which would use hand tracking on the Vive Focus Plus. However, a few seconds after I start the application on the headset, it suddenly freezes and crashes. The same code, on a 2018 version of Unity, works perfectly. I would like to know if anyone had encountered those issues with the Vive Focus Plus and handtracking on Unity 2019, and what steps you took if you did encounter this problem. Have a good day !
  3. Once a Vive Focus Plus headset is running an application in Kiosk Mode, can the .ZIP and .APK file inside of it just be updated on the microSD card to update/change what application will run when the headset is started? Or are different/additional steps for updating the application? Thanks @Cotta @Ken Lee
  4. Hello, Trying to integrate a "passthrough" feature that will emulate the passthrough feature accessed by the double tap on power button on the Vive Focus Plus, so I can use the image to setup the virtual environment for my users. However, we're running into a problem : when the application is launched, if the headset enters power saving mode and the application is paused, the camera doesn't work and update anymore. Unity version is 2018.3.0f2, WaveSDK version is 3.1.94. If anyone has a bit more stability with their camera usage in their application, I would love to know how you made it.
  5. I use VIU to create Vive Focus Plus content. The VIU teleport moves to a position slightly higher than the cursor position. How can I teleport to the height of the cursor position? The attached image has the Vive Focus Plus controller on the floor. It is in a state of floating about 10cm. Is this a problem with Vive Focus Plus? Or is it a VIU problem? @chengnay
  6. I use the following SDK in unity for the development of vive focvus plus. WaveSDK2.0.37 Viu 1.10.3 I was looking for a way to vibrate the controller. ViveInput.TriggerHapticVibration When I ran this API, nothing happened. ViveInput.TriggerHapticPulse (HandRole role, ushort intensity = 500) This API worked, but changing the intensity value doesn't change. Is this a specification? Or is it because the sdk version is low? @chengnay
  7. Hello. What do you use to Miracast with vive focus plus? I was using ELECOM LDT-MRC02 / C with vive focus, Because of 2.4ghz, it can no longer be used with vive focus plus. Does anyone know a 5gzh Miracast receiver that works alone? Thank you.
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