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Found 6 results

  1. @VibrantNebula @Cotta @jagibson @Jad Hello guys, I need some serious help here. Vive Focus is boot looping after a newer installation of developing app. I can only access the boot loader menu and tried factory resetting from it. The system version was 4.0. Is there any way that Vive Focus can be reset/reinstalled or updated? I heard something like flashing using microSD card. Please help!!
  2. I am using VIU's "Examples-> 4. Teleport" with Vive Focus plus. And I'm porting from Vive Focus plus to Focus 3. In Focus3, I changed to jyoistick because there is no pad for the controller, but it didn't work. How can I get "Examples-> 4. Teleport" to work in Focus3?
  3. Hi, I am developing a Unity app for in-car interactions, and want a way to force the Vive Focus 3 to only operate in 3DOF mode, only using the headset IMU and ignoring the tracking cameras, is this possible? There is no option in the menus (even though this is quite common across other headsets), so is there a way to do it from within Unity? Or another way? I'm using the Vive Input Utility v1.14.1, with Unity v2020.3.21f1. Thanks a lot!
  4. How can I temporarily rotate and move the HMD camera by myself in VIU? I wanted to rotate the HMD's camera when an event occurred, so I rotated the ViveCameraRig, but I couldn't get the correct results. I referred to Teleport in Examples. It rotates the x-axis after moving forward, which is not the intended result. I think the cause is the movement of the camera. How can I change the camera transform directly?
  5. Hi, I am working on a 360 video player project on VIVE FOCUS. I am facing a problem where i want to Override (turn off Inside out tracking) which is present default in vive focus. i don't want to use position tracking for my video player. / i want to turn off the pop up displayed when position tracking is lost when front cam of vive focus is covered. im using unity sdk for development.
  6. Looking through the plugin code (using latest 3.20.0 SDK), I can see the 4 basic functions: WVR_StartCamera, WVR_StopCamera, WVR_GetCameraFrameBuffer, and WVR_GetCameraIntrinsic, but there are no examples to learn from. Having searched in the forum I think some people were having camera permission issues which I suppose are solved with setting some Android xml. Are there any blueprint functions to capture frames? Is there any C++ code example that maybe captures some frames and stores them as B&W images? I understand that the Focus is not mean for AR but I want to capture some images with the camera for detecting external trackers. Thanks.
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