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VIVE FOCUS 3 controllers inputs do not work in UE4.26 VR template


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I just got my new VIVE FOCUS 3, and was happy with SteamVR gaming. Everything works perfectly, but I found input issues in UE 4.26 VR Template.

I'm using a completely fresh VR Template Motion Controller map in UE 4.26, and it's tracking the position of my Vive Focus 3 controllers properly, but it isn't detecting any of the button inputs.

None of the actual buttons respond when pressed.

So I can't perform teleportation or grab in the VR Template, which works fine with my first-generation VIVE.

Any suggestions?



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@HackPerceptionNeed your help here!

I followed the instruction and downloaded a ZIP file named "wave_4.1.0-preview.5.1_unreal_UE4.26" and unzip it(STEP 1).

Then I copied plunin/Plugins/WaveVR to <project folder>\Plugins\(STEP 2).

Now I am stuck in STEP 3. The instruction says I need to "Copy and Paste ThirdParty to <UE4>\Epic Games\<UE_Version>\Engine\Source\ThirdParty"

But I can't find any folder named "ThirdParty". What should I do to continue? Thanks.



Downloaded Files.jpg

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You can actually skip the 3rd step since you are on 4.1.0 which is greater than 3.1.94.
and this is how your step 2 should look like (UETest is my project name), restart your project after you have done this step.


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