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Business Streaming Range - Focus 3


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Hi, please can you guide me to any documentation on this feature - I'd like to know range of this (I know there will be factors involved) plus have any tests been conducted where you have 3 users with 3 PCs in a single room?

Many thanks.

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  • Range is mostly dependent on you WiFi hardware. For instance, some people have mesh router setups. Networking is a black hole - there are so many options and solutions.
    • Focus 3 has WiFi 6e. Having a 6e router gear is best practice.
  • I don't think we have any guidance on multi-user setups. I'll mention this topic to the team.
    • Everybody in Taiwan who worked on VBAS is currently working from home - Taiwan's lockdown is much stricter than western countries. I'd imagine that would make it extremely difficult for them to test on current versions of the client for the time being. Our US and EU teams are also all remote - it's been wacky. I have enough computers to test at home but not enough F3 devices.
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