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Missing namespaces Vive Unity plugin when namespaces are present.


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Unity 2019.4.28f1

VIVE Wave XR Plugin 4.1.1

Input Utility 1.13.2


I'm getting feedback that the Google VR scrips (GvrControllerInputDevice) etc are missing from the project, yet they are actually present and accessible by other scripts. These are also not located within a package, and are accessible via the assets directory. 


Is this something anyone else has encountered? I cannot work out how to resolve this, it's a weird one.


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I hit ctrl-enter by accident before finishing.
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Unable to reproduce, but uninstalling the VUI package and reinstalling it seemed to resolve the issue. Possibly some weird metadata. 

I had previously updated from 1.12.x whilst trying to resolve, but it looks like it wanted a full removal process.

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