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Wireless adapter sound cuts out constantly


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When using my Vive Pro with the wireless adapter, the sound sometimes cuts out constantly. This is difficult to describe, so here's a video:


And here's my SteamVR console output when this happens:


For some reason, it either has the problem constantly during gameplay, or it doesn't. In other words, if it doesn't happen to be doing it, I can play for an entire session with no problems. But if it is acting up, it will not resolve itself.

This is not CPU-dependent, either. I played No-Man's Sky yesterday at settings that were way too high for my system, and it was reprojecting terribly. When this was going on, the audio never cut out.

I really like the wireless system, and have been dedicated to trying to find a solution. I actually have three sets of wireless adapters that I've mixed and matched parts with. I have gone as far as replacing all the parts, but the problem remains, so I am almost certain that it's software-related at this point.

In addition to replacing the system, here are the things I've tried with no success:

- Adding fans
- Setting process priorities
- Putting the wireless card into different slots
- Reinstalling software and drivers
- Restarting
- Changing modes in the adapter settings
- Disabling the camera
- Disabling audio devices I am not using
- Setting the audio devices to different bit rates and depths
- Changing various settings in the BIOS

I am so overwhelmed by this problem. It's so incredibly frustrating. VR is unplayable with the audio behaving like this.

Is there anything I should inspect or try?

Edit: This seems to be related: https://forum.vive.com/topic/6291-vive-pro-wireless-jitter-stutter-every-3-seconds/

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Can you share more information? like PC Spec

It's an old i3770K with a 1070.  Although it's old, it does perform flawlessly on occasion, even when under high load, so I don't think it's related to specs.  If it was, it seems like the problem would be consistent, because the specs are consistent.


and SW settings? maybe a msinfo

There are quite a few settings in here.  Is there something specific that you're looking for?


and or wireless logs?

I would love to know where these are!  I just run the Vive wireless client, and everything else is a black box to me.  Where are the logs?


I think I also read about by removing some razer or gigabyte performance tool help the vr performance. worth to try. 

The only tool I use is MSI Afterburner to overclock the graphics card with software.  I have also attempted VR without this tool, but the problem persists.

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