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Trouble at listening gestures (ControllerButton) via ViveInput


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@Naukri In SimulatorModule.cs,

Change the deviceClass to TrackedHand instead of Controller.

BTW, Simulator cannot control via your hand, just like controller cannot control by your controller too.

What's your main purpose of using Simulator? Do you just want to run your project with Unity Editor while using Focus 3? Like a PC VR?

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@chengnay Is that means that I have to modify SimulatorModule.cs in the VIU package?

I want to map my hand into unity editor, so that I can get hand joint info more easier when I create gesture data.


After I modify it,  unity won't render anything either trackedhand or controller.

Edited by Naukri
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@chengnay I edit all of Enum VRModuleDeviceClass.Controller to VRModuleDeviceClass.TrackedHand.

And the lines 252, 422, 441, and 811 got change.

I just restore the changes of line 252 and 811 be it still not rendering.

by the way I got a warning :

The package cache was invalidated and rebuilt because the following immutable asset(s) were unexpectedly altered:Packages/com.htc.upm.vive-input-utility/VRModule/Modules/SimulatorModule.cs 

So maybe I don't have permission to edit this file?

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