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Vive Pro 2 - black screen / ghost images / audio buzzing on both wired & wireless.

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I have an open case with HTC. My Vive Pro 2 is due to be collected by UPS in a couple of days. 1st time ever having to RMA a product and I've had a lot of tech over many years.

I managed to grab a photo of a ghost image in the left eye, using my mobile phone. I've had ghost images before, but didn't take photos of them. It has been a few weeks since seeing one, but finally managed to get an example to show the HTC technicians.


My issues:-

• Red / Green vertical lines, but these have gone now.

• Horizontal black lines in the left eye have gone for now. Has happened twice so far.

• Stuck ghost image in the left eye has gone for now. Has happened a few times, ghost image stays for many hours or a few days.

• Audio buzzing noise in both ears has always been there and still is.

• Black screen for 5 seconds once in every VR session, this has always been the case and can be replicated after 2 - 30 minutes. When it happens, the screen goes black and will normally come back on and be absolutely fine again.

• Black screen for 5 seconds, but the screen flipped horizontally and the colours changed. That was the only time it ever did that.



29th August 2021

Upgraded from GTX 1080Ti to a RTX 3080Ti. I now have the Vive Pro 2 wired into the graphics card (not using HTC wireless). The black screens are still very common in every VR session, however they are a lot worse. The black screen stays all the time until I restart SteamVR.

I also got a ghost image again for the first time in weeks. I managed to get a photo of it this time. I always turn off my Link Box and VR base stations when not using them. I have had ghost images whilst on HTC wireless too, this is with the Link box not even turned on or plugged in at all.

Examples of previous problems with the screen (see attached)…





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17 minutes ago, C.T. said:

Feel free to try out your repaired vive pro 2, but I think you device should be good now.  

Of course I will try it, just don't know what any of that means. I'm hoping they fixed all the issues I listed not just the part about "switches off".

Audio buzzing fixed too hopefully.

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21 hours ago, C.T. said:

Feel free to try out your repaired vive pro 2, but I think you device should be good now.  

RMA only took 1 week, that is record timing. It has come back and it's not working at all.

I connected it with the cable and it said there is a firmware update. It completed the firmware.

It is not working. Getting error 200 all the time. I have tested different USB and Display Ports.

I have reinstalled the USB drivers for the link box.

Reset all settings in Vive Console.





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My Vive Pro 2 came back from repair because I always had display issues, black screen, mostly with the left eye such as black horizontal lines, black vertical lines, display flipped horizontally, green/red vertical lines and the audio buzzing in both headphones.
Reset / Reinstalling USB Drivers (Vive Console)
Reset Headset (Vive Console)
Uninstalled SteamVR BETA
Uninstalled Vive Console BETA
Uninstalled Vive Wireless
Uninstalled VivePort
Restarted PC
Installed SteamVR BETA
Installed Vive Console BETA
I have 3 monitors. I removed 2 of them
Tested Vive Pro 2 with different DisplayPorts (I have 3 Display Ports on my 3080Ti Founders Edition)
My Vive Pro 2 was working before. It would produce a display. After it was repaired, I plugged it in and I cannot get rid of this Error 200 code.
SteamVR detects the Vive Pro 2, there is no display.
steamvr failed initialization with error code VRInirror_IPC Compositor Connect Failed
I have tested this with the Linkbox, power off and on, unplugged so there is no power.
I have tested this with HTC Wireless, which is a short cable to the Vive Pro 2. This means I am not using my Linkbox or long cable to the Vive Pro 2 from the Linkbox.
You have my SteamVR report and Vive Console Report.
I am out of ideas and I spent a lot of time doing tests. I just want a Vive Pro 2 that works please.
I think it's time you have this Vive Pro 2 back and I have a replacement.
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