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Jerky Image while using wireless: Solved.


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I've been looking for entries on a problem like this, and never found any.  I finally resolved my problem and want to share the solution I found.

The issue is this: While using the wireless adapter, the image is solid when my head is still, but "jerks" every 3 to 5 degrees when turning my head.  I have no problems tracking the controllers, and have the luxury of having 4 base stations  (oh blessed retirement!).  NO issues when wired, but I turn way too much when playing Skyrim VR or Swords and Sorcery, and get tangled up: (at my age, tripping and falling is NOT an option).  I didn't have this issue before, and swapped out drivers and displays, even upgrading to dual 2080RTXes, to no effect.

The problem actually has two components, making it extremely difficult to solve in the first place.  

Issue #1 solution: built-in (motherboard mounted) and add-on bluetooth adapters DON'T WORK.  Like it or not, keep using the Link box, since the software seems to be looking FIRST for that device's bluetooth ID, and interfaces directly with the hardware to get the delay down, then settles for other bluetooth receivers but has to go through the  bluetooth drivers, adding  overhead that is enough to throw off the timing.  Tight Specs, I must say.

Issue #2 solution: Link box CABLES.  I had too many USB A to A cables and seemed to have accidentally used a USB 2.0 speed cable instead of the vive USB 3.0 cable.  It makes sense that if the timing is so critical that going through the standard bluetooth drivers can throw off the timing, using slower cables would have the same effect.  Obvious Warning: not every USB cable with blue plastic is true USB 3.0.  (Like Duh).

I hope nobody else has this problem, but here's the solution that I found.  Hope it helps.


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