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An issue with sound and audio


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Since the day before yesterday i've had this issue that wasn't a problem before. And has only become one since that day. I went to use my headset, and the audio coming through the headphones connected via its audio splitter is distorted. Not to mention the only mic it's picking up is the headset's internal one. I've tried using a different headset as well and come with the same issue. I've also unplugged the hdmi cords and audio splitter cords connected to the headset and it's still the same. I've also tried uninstalling the needed drivers via steamvr's developer settings, the audio was fine for a few moments then returned to what it usually was. The things i noticed with this change was that the speakers had a new device called "HTC-Vive NVIDIA High Definition Audio" before reinstalling. The audio that comes from it is crystal clear, but that option isn't available for the mic. After reinstalling, the devices themselves are now usb-5 instead of 4. I've been trying to fix this and asking other people but can't find any answers even on google.

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