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(Unity) Developing SteamVR app for use with Vive Focus 3 (via streaming)


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I'm currently developing a SteamVR app (with Unity) but aim to mainly use it with the Vive Focus 3 (using the Vive Business Streaming app). I would like to display the Vive Focus's controllers instead of the regular Vive Wand controllers inside VR, is there any way of doing so?

Also are there any other considerations I should take into account when developing a SteamVR app but with it mainly being used with the Vive Focus 3 via wired streaming?

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Thanks for the reply, but how do I get access to the controller 3D models for the Vive Focus to put in-game? Do you mean the game will auto detect that I'm using a Vive Focus 3 through VBS and show the right controller? (I'm still waiting for my Vive Focus 3 to get delievered so can't test it myself yet)

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