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Is it possible to change 'Tracker Role' and 'Hand' of vive tracker in unity using c# scripts?


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Thank you for reading this.

'Tracker Role' can be changed at 'MANAGE VIVE TRACKERS' of 'StreamVR Settings'.

If role is 'HELD IN HAND', you can choose 'Hand'. 

image.png.e1edf3dc838755a041a534add4eb06c8.png   image.png.62faa286e5a273301ec68fff6b6944fd.png


Then, How can I change it in unity using c# script.

I used 'VIVE input Utility' and searched google many times,

but I can't find the way changing 'Tracker Role' and 'Hand'  in unity using c# scripts.


I am waiting for a little help.




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